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russia / ukraine / belarus / miscellaneous / press release Friday February 14, 2014 04:08 by Ilan S.
The Ukraine is in the throes of a popular uprising, against its regime, which is becoming ever more repressive. Much of the mainstream media presents the image of a confrontation taking place between the two statist political factions in Ukraine: The governing coalition, led by President Yanukovich, which has recently backed away from a trade agreement with the EU, and is developing a close subservient relationship with Russia; and the smaller nationalist opposition, headed by the parties called the Blow, Homeland and Freedom, opposing this development and seeking to attach Ukraine more strongly to the EU. ---- This image is far from representing reality. The nationalist opposition is attempting to ride the wave of popular protest, which has broken out due to measures taken by the Ukrainian state. read full story / add a comment
russia / ucraina / bielorussia / antifascismo / comunicato stampa Sunday February 02, 2014 17:12 by Автономна Спілка Трудящих   image 1 image
Le leggi che sono state approvate il 16 gennaio dimostrano come la fazione della classe dominante che ora controlla il governo è pronta ad instaurare una dittatura borghese e reazionaria sul modello dei regimi latinoamericani degli anni '70. Le "leggi dittatoriali" criminalizzano ogni protesta e limitano la libertà di parola; inoltre introducono il reato di "estremismo". [Русский] read full story / add a comment
Ρωσία / Ουκρανία / Λευκορωσία / Λαϊκοί Αγώνες / Ανακοίνωση Τύπου Monday January 27, 2014 17:15 by Αναρχοαυτόνομη Ένωση Εργατών Κιέβου   image 1 image
Οι νόμοι που ψηφίστηκαν πρόσφατα στις 16/1/2014 έδειξε με τον πιο καθαρό τρόπο ότι η παράταξη της άρχουσας τάξης είναι έτοιμη να εγκαταστήσει μια στυγνή δικτατορία, παρόμοια με το μοντέλο των καθεστώτων της Λατινικής Αμερικής την δεκαετία του 70.Οι χουντικοί νόμοι περιορίζουν κάθε μορφή διαμαρτυρίας και ελευθερίας του λόγου. Επίσης θέλουν να θεμελιώσουν την ποινικοποίηση κάθε διαμαρτυρίας ως "εξτρεμισμό". read full story / add a comment
russia / ukraine / belarus / community struggles / policy statement Sunday January 26, 2014 22:41 by Автономна Спілка Трудящих   image 1 image
Сегодня мы являемся свидетелями и активными участниками самого массового и радикального общественного протеста на территории постсоветской Украины. Баррикады на центральных улицах столицы, ожесточённые уличные бои между протестующими и внутренними войсками режима, десятки городов, в один момент ощетинившиеся собственными майданами, и сотни тысяч демонстрантов изменили представления людей о силе народного восстания и соотношении сил между государственным режимом и низовой самоорганизацией людей. read full story / add a comment
russia / ukraine / belarus / anti-fascism / press release Sunday January 26, 2014 22:19 by Автономна Спілка Трудящих   image 1 image
Принятие на Украине законов 16 января показало, что контролирующая правительство фракция правящего класса готова к тому, чтобы реализовать план по установлению в стране реакционной буржуазной диктатуры по латиноамериканским образцам 70-х годов прошлого века. «Законы о диктатуре» криминализуют любой протест и ограничивают свободу слова, так же они устанавливают ответственность за “экстремизм” . [English] [Italiano] read full story / add a comment
russia / ukraine / belarus / anti-fascism / press release Sunday January 26, 2014 22:11 by Autonomous Workers Union   image 1 image
The laws which were passed on January 16th showed that the faction of the ruling class which now controls the government is ready to install a reactionary bourgeois dictatorship on the model of the Latin American regimes of the 1970s. The "dictatorship laws" criminalize any protest and limit the freedom of speech; also, they establish responsibility for "extremism". [Русский] read full story / add a comment
russia / ukraine / belarus / community struggles / interview Sunday January 26, 2014 21:38 by Revolution News   text 1 comment (last - wednesday january 29, 2014 02:36)   image 1 image
Asheville Fm radio, based in western North Carolina, aired a fascinating interview with an anarcho-syndicalist named Denys, from the Autonomous Worker's Union in Ukraine. In the interview, Denys debunks many of the myths surrounding the Euromaidan protests in Ukraine, and explains motives behind the stories and propaganda being circulated around the protests. read full story / add a comment
russia / ucraina / bielorussia / storia dell'anarchismo / opinione / analisi Sunday January 26, 2014 16:46 by Tokologo African Anarchist Collective   image 3 images
Il mvomento di massa "Makhnovista" (anarchico) emerse nel 1917 in Ucraina, un paese coloniale dell'Europa dell'Est che fino ad allora era diviso tra l'Impero Russo e quello Austriaco (o Austro-Ungarico). I Makhnovisti fecero una rivoluziona anarchica. Gli anarchici erano una forza centrale durante la guerra d'indipendenza ucraina tra il 1917-1921. Combatterono per la decolonizzazione attraverso una rivoluzione anarchica, nel senso che un'Ucraina indipendente sarebbe stata ricostruita secondo il programma anarchico: autogestione e partecipazione democratica, uguaglianza senza gerarchie e dominazione, proprietà collettiva, abolizione del sistema di classe, del capitalismo e dello Stato. Erano chiamati "Makhnovisti" dal nome del leader e militante anarchico ucraino, Nestor Makhno. Egli proveniva da una povera famiglia contadina, aveva fatto l'operaio agricolo ed era stato un prigioniero politico. [English] read full story / add a comment
Ρωσία / Ουκρανία / Λευκορωσία / Αναρχική Ιστορία / Νέα Tuesday January 21, 2014 17:08 by Dmitri (republishing)   image 1 image
Κυκλοφορεί το βιβλίο του Ρώσου αναρχικού Πιότρ Αρσίνοφ “Δύο αποδράσεις (Απομνημονεύματα ενός αναρχικού, 1906-09)” από τις Εκδόσεις Λερναία Ύδρα.
Μετάφραση του αυτοβιογραφικού έργου του Αρσίνοφ που εκδόθηκε στα ρωσικά το 1928 στο Παρίσι.
(Το pdf βρήκαμε εδώ: read full story / add a comment
russia / ukraine / belarus / history of anarchism / opinion / analysis Wednesday January 15, 2014 23:51 by Tokologo African Anarchist Collective   image 3 images
The mass “Makhnovist” (anarchist) movement emerged in 1917 in Ukraine, a colonial country in East Europe that was until then divided between the Russian and Austrian (or Austro-Hungarian) Empires. The Makhnovists made an anarchist revolution. The anarchists were a central force in the 1917-1921 Ukrainian War of Independence.

They fought for decolonisation through anarchist revolution, meaning the independent Ukraine should be reconstructed on anarchist lines: self-management and participatory democracy, equality not hierarchy and domination, collectively-owned property, and the abolition of the class system, capitalism and the state. They were called “Makhnovists,” after the leading Ukrainian anarchist militant, Nestor Makhno. He came from a poor peasant family, had been a factory worker, and former political prisoner. [Italiano] read full story / add a comment
Μαχνοβίτικο κίνημα: Αυτοοργάνωση στην εκπαίδευση και στο θέατρο - Από το βιβλίο Ιστορία του Μαχνοβίτικου Κινήματος 1918-1921, Πέτρος Αρσίνωφ,σελ.134-136 read full story / add a comment
russia / ukraine / belarus / history of anarchism / review Thursday October 31, 2013 17:04 by Paul Petard   image 1 image
The Kate Sharpley Library and Alexander Berkman Social Club collectives have recently produced a beautiful book containing complete facsimile reprints of the Bulletin of the Joint Committee for the Defense of Revolutionists Imprisoned in Russia, and the Bulletin of the Relief Fund of the International Working Men’s Association for Anarchists and Anarcho-Syndicalists Imprisoned or Exiled in Russia, which were originally published from 1923-1931. read full story / add a comment
russia / ukraine / belarus / repression / prisoners / opinion / analysis Sunday August 18, 2013 13:47 by Pyotr Silaev   image 1 image
On 22 August 2012, the anti-fascist Pyotr Silaev was arrested in Grenada. He is an activist in anti-governmental protests, and the author of the book “Exodus” (published in Finland, Greece, Italy and Germany), under the pseudonym DJ Stalingrad. Pyotr took part in the infamous protests in Khimki, which for some protestors ended in jail or hospital (as it did for the renowned journalist Oleg Kashin, who was attacked with baseball bats near his home). read full story / add a comment
Alexey Sutuga
russia / ukraine / belarus / repression / prisoners / appeal / petition Monday June 03, 2013 16:30 by Avtonomnoe Deistvie   image 1 image
Autonomous Action member, anarchist Alexey Sutuga, has been on remand for more than a year. The police have intentionally delayed the investigation: they only worked on the case for the first 2-3 months after his arrest but since then the investigation has stalled. read full story / add a comment
rússia / ucrânia / bielorússia / história do anarquismo / debate Thursday March 28, 2013 23:31 by Nestor Makhno   image 1 image
Como qualquer anarquista, rechaço a autoridade em geral, sou um adversário de toda a organização baseada no centralismo, não reconheço nem o Estado nem seu aparato legislativo, sou um inimigo convencido da democracia burguesia e do parlamentarismo – considerando esta forma social um obstáculo para a liberação dos trabalhadores – em outras palavras, me levanto contra qualquer regime baseado na exploração dos trabalhadores. read full story / add a comment
Alexei Polikhovich
russia / ukraine / belarus / repression / prisoners / press release Thursday March 07, 2013 17:15 by .   image 1 image
Ahead of the March 5 court appearance by anarchist Alexei Polikhovich, a joint meeting of the Central Councils of the Navy Social Movements and Unions have issued a call for his release. Polikhovich, 22, who is a retired Northern Fleet conscript sailor, was detained in July 2012 on suspicion of participation in the May 6, 2012, clashes with police during a rally in Moscow's Bolotnaya Square. According to his supporters, Polikhovich dragged to safety one of his fellow protesters who was being beaten by several police officers, whom he pushed off. He is being held in Butyrka pre-trial detention centre. read full story / add a comment
russia / ukraine / belarus / repression / prisoners / news report Tuesday March 05, 2013 19:34 by Alternative Libertaire   image 1 image
When he was in Moscow on Thursday 28 February last, the day when the trial of 19 militants from the Russian Socialist Movement (revolutionary Marxists and Trotskyists), the Left Front of Russia (in opposition to the Communist Party) and Autonomous Action (libertarian communists) started, François Hollande kept quiet in the name of the superior interests of French companies who do business with Russia. [Français] read full story / add a comment
russie / ukraine / biélorussie / répression / prisonniers et prisonnières / nouvelles Tuesday March 05, 2013 18:14 by Alternative Libertaire   image 1 image
Hollande qui était à Moscou jeudi 28 février, alors que s’ouvrait le procès de 19 militants du Mouvement socialiste russe (marxistes révolutionnaires et trotskystes), du Front de gauche de Russie (oppositionnels du Parti communiste) et d’Avtonomia Devstie (communistes libertaires) s’est tu au nom de l’intérêt supérieur des entreprises françaises commerçant avec la Russie. [English] read full story / add a comment
russie / ukraine / biélorussie / environnement / opinion / analyse Wednesday December 26, 2012 21:52 by Antoine Concil   image 1 image
L’arctique, la banquise, les ours, d’un côté, les géants pétroliers de l’autre: cohabitation impossible. Profit pour les uns, péril pour les autres. Mise en bouche d’un sujet qui deviendra l’un des plus grands enjeux écologiques des années à venir. read full story / add a comment
Alexey Sutuga
russia / ukraine / belarus / repression / prisoners / appeal / petition Friday December 07, 2012 17:54 by Avtonomnoe Deistvie   image 1 image
Anti-fascists Alexey Sutuga and Alexey Olesinov have already been in the "Butyrka" prison in Moscow for more than half a year. Investigator Y. Egorov, who is conducting the investigation, is expected to modify the criminal case into a more serious one. The current criminal case was instituted in April 2012 under section 213 part 2 of the Russian Criminal Code (hooliganism motivated by political enmity, performed by an organised group). Now it will be modified under section 30 part 2 and section 105 (these two sections together are called "murderous assault") which presumes more serious responsibility/punishment. Instead of 1 or 2 years the two anti-fascists could be sentenced to between 7 and 8 years of prison. read full story / add a comment
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