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italia / svizzera / economia / documento politico Wednesday March 19, 2014 06:10 by Consiglio dei Delegati FdCA   image 1 image
Il governo Renzi raccoglie le scommesse sul 27 maggio, giorno della distribuzione dei pani e dei pesci. L'annuncio di un miracolo da €10 mld si colloca in un percorso di continuità di azione governativa: non c'è nessun intervento di spostamento e redistribuzione della ricchezza e questo tranquillizza tanto la BCE quanto gli imprenditori italiani ed i detentori di patrimoni milionari. I 10 mld sono il segnale di mobilità di risorse sul mercato interno che la UE attendeva da tempo. read full story / add a comment
southern africa / anarchist movement / policy statement Monday February 17, 2014 14:37 by Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Front   image 1 image
Zabalaza means struggle, the continual struggle of the working class to access real freedom. We mean freedom from the repression of the state, and oppression by multi-national as well as local companies. Too long has a small elite been in control. Workers and their communities have risen up many times in the past but have always been crushed by the police forces of the state. In the past the working class – including the poor and unemployed – has protested but often lost: social movements have burnt out and trade union leaders have made bad deals with the bosses.
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russia / ukraine / belarus / community struggles / policy statement Sunday January 26, 2014 23:41 by Автономна Спілка Трудящих   image 1 image
Сегодня мы являемся свидетелями и активными участниками самого массового и радикального общественного протеста на территории постсоветской Украины. Баррикады на центральных улицах столицы, ожесточённые уличные бои между протестующими и внутренними войсками режима, десятки городов, в один момент ощетинившиеся собственными майданами, и сотни тысяч демонстрантов изменили представления людей о силе народного восстания и соотношении сил между государственным режимом и низовой самоорганизацией людей. read full story / add a comment
italia / svizzera / la sinistra / documento politico Saturday December 21, 2013 21:00 by FdCA - Consiglio dei Delegati   image 1 image
Aumenta incontrastata la pressione del Capitale europeo nei confronti delle classi subalterne del continente, che in una fase di contrazione produttiva e di conseguente riduzione delle risorse, concentra la sua attenzione famelica su più fronti. Sul fronte del lavoro assistiamo al continuo restringimento delle conquiste e dei diritti acquisiti in decenni di lotte dai lavoratori e dalle lavoratrici, con lo scopo evidente da una parte di ridurre all'osso i costi produttivi, a favore del profitto, e dall'altra di contrastare la risposta, se pur ancora insufficiente, della classe lavoratrice, con il tentativo di espellere dalle fabbriche qualsiasi forma di reale dissenso, specialmente se esso veste i panni rappresentativi dell'autorganizzazione e dell'autonomia di classe. read full story / add a comment
indonesia / philippines / australia / anarchist movement / policy statement Wednesday November 13, 2013 20:04 by MACG   image 1 image
This document is to be read as a supplement to the Aims & Principles of the Melbourne Anarchist Communist Group. Agreement with the positions in this document is a condition of membership. read full story / add a comment
Fall Congress participants and observers smile for the camera
scandinavia / denmark / iceland / repression / prisoners / policy statement Saturday October 26, 2013 03:57 by Adrien A. Wilkins   image 1 image
The 19th and 20th of October, Motmakt (Counterpower) held its fall congress in Oslo. This congress was slightly different from previous congresses we have had. For the first time representatives from three local chapters were gathered, and the question was how we were to coordinate these chapters moving forward. The Second day of the congress Counterpower was formally founded as a federation. It's only proper that we explain what we mean by it and why we have chosen this way of organizing. [Norsk] read full story / add a comment
Syrian banner, “I am truly free when all human beings, men and women, are equally free.” – Mikhail Aleksandrovich Bakunin. Man, Society, and Freedom (1871)
western asia / imperialism / war / policy statement Monday September 09, 2013 00:13 by Christy Alasdair   text 6 comments (last - tuesday september 17, 2013 17:13)   image 1 image
At the moment, the Middle East (taken broadly, that is, the area from North Africa to Pakistan) is the part of the world experiencing the greatest political instability and undergoing the most rapid change. At the center of the turmoil is Syria, now in its third year of civil war with no sign of any resolution in sight. Given the centrality of Syria to global politics, it is essential that anarchists understand what is going on there and develop a critical attitude toward the events that are unfolding. Unfortunately, we are not experts on the history and current dynamics of Syria and of the Middle East as a whole. The following theses are therefore presented with humility. We would greatly appreciate input from others, particularly those with greater background in the area, especially anarchists living in the region, in the development of our position. read full story / add a comment
italy / switzerland / history of anarchism / policy statement Monday September 02, 2013 19:00 by Italian anarchists   image 1 image
The anarchist comrades held in confinement in Ventotene, after various meetings participated in by comrades from all parts of Italy, both organizers and anti-organizers, having examined the tragic situation created for the Italian people with the advent of fascism which, with its dictatorial and imperialistic reactionary policies, brought about the most terrible of wars that history will remember, causing destruction, ruin, death and misery to the country and to the people. read full story / add a comment
ireland / britain / workplace struggles / policy statement Tuesday August 27, 2013 05:01 by Zabalaza Books   image 1 image
Zabalaza Books is pleased to make available – in PDF – this classic text, by the (Platformist) Anarchist Workers' Group (AWG), active in Britain from 1988-1992: In Place of Compromise: Why We Need a Rank and File Movement (Huddersfield, Anarchist Workers Group, 1988). It deals with issues of anarchist strategy in relation to orthodox unions, provides an important analysis of the nature of trade union bureaucracies, and draws on the earlier history of rank-and-file syndicalism, notably the Workers' Committee Movement in Britain in the late 1910s. The AWG emerged from a split in the syndicalist Direct Action Movement (now the Solidarity Federation, or SolFed). It presented a strategy for militant work within the existing unions, rather than for building new pure (and tiny) alternative unions, or for boycotting or otherwise ignoring the existing unions. It must be noted that the AWG collapsed in 1992, and several of its former members moved to Leninism - a fact that has sometimes been absurdly used to suggest that platformism leads to Leninism. The choices of these individuals do not detract from the value of this pamphlet. For a balanced view of the fate of the AWG, see and for other AWG texts, see read full story / add a comment
L'Unità scrisse: "Gloria eterna all'uomo che più di tutti ha fatto per la liberazione e per il progresso dell'umanità".
italia / svizzera / storia / documento politico Monday July 29, 2013 02:01 by GAAP   image 1 image
60 anni fa moriva Josif Stalin, Segreterario Generale del Partito Comunista dell'Unione Sovietica. Rileggiamo, senza mutare una sola riga, quanto scrissero nel 1953 all'indomani della sua morte i GAAP-Gruppi Anarchici di Azione Proletaria sul loro organo L'Impulso.
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Ελλάδα / Τουρκία / Κύπρος / Εκπαίδευση / Επίσημα Κείμενα Monday July 08, 2013 19:33 by Συνέλευση για τη Δημιουργία Ελευθεριακών Σχολε^   image 1 image
H συνέλευση για τη δημιουργία ελευθεριακών σχολείων (ΣΔΕΣ) λειτουργεί με μία ανοιχτή διαδικασία, στην οποία μπορούν να συμμετέχουν όλοι όσοι αποδέχονται και σέβονται στην πράξη τις αξίες του εγχειρήματος. Αυτές διαμορφώνονται συλλογικά και ξεκάθαρα μέσα από τη δυναμική μιας διαρκώς εξελισσόμενης διαδικασίας, που εμπεριέχει τον αναστοχασμό, χωρίς όμως να αναιρείται το περιεχόμενο και η ουσία των αξιών αυτών. read full story / add a comment
italia / svizzera / economia / documento politico Thursday June 27, 2013 00:11 by Anarchici marchigiani   image 1 image
Chiudono ospedali, reparti, posti letto, riducono servizi e prestazioni, si allungano i tempi d'attesa, aumentano i costi diminuisce la qualità e la sicurezza. read full story / add a comment
italia / svizzera / lotte sindacali / documento politico Wednesday June 19, 2013 23:39 by Commissione Sindacale FdCA
Siamo completamente immersi in una dimensione politica ormai affermata che sancisce i limiti della democrazia e che mette l'accumulazione al posto di comando in una cornice di potere politico fortemente gerarchizzato ed autoritario. Quanto vi è stato nel passato - il compromesso sociale sgretolatosi negli ultimi vent'anni - non è più ricomponibile e praticabile, vista la mutata condizione della classe e la sua scomposizione sotto gli attacchi della borghesia. read full story / add a comment
Ιδρυτική Διακήρυξη της Ελευθεριακής Πρωτοβουλίας Θεσσαλονίκης - Α. Ιστορική κληρονομιά, Ιδεολογικό Περιεχόμενο, Σύγχρονο Αναρχικό Κίνημα, Κρίση & Πολιτική Συγκυρία, Αναρχική Οργάνωση, Μέσα. read full story / add a comment
grecia / turquía / chipre / movimiento anarquista / policy statement Tuesday April 02, 2013 00:38 by Termitas   image 1 image
Texto del Grupo Anarquista de Corinto “Τermitas”, escrito con motivo del llamamiento a la creación de una organización política anarquista a nivel nacional hecho conjuntamente por varios colectivos anarquistas. read full story / add a comment
italia / svizzera / la sinistra / documento politico Monday March 11, 2013 19:43 by Consiglio dei Delegati FdCA
All'indomani delle elezioni apparentemente più inutili della storia repubblicana, si aprono gli scenari più fantasiosi in un presente drammatico. Tutti si sono dimenticati del paese reale, quello delle fabbriche che continuano a chiudere, i bollettini ISTAT che parlano di un paese ormai alla canna del gas hanno assunto carattere di ritualità, i suicidi dei disoccupati e le stragi per finanziamenti negati sono in cronaca. Gli attori sociali tacciono, i media cicalecciano in attesa di capire quale coniglio uscirà dal cappello istituzionale. read full story / add a comment
iberia / education / policy statement Saturday March 09, 2013 07:00 by Frente Estudiantil y Social   image 2 images
Desde que, en 1999, el Espacio Europeo de Educación Superior estableciera los acuerdos de Bolonia, estamos asistiendo a la adopción de un sistema educativo basado en el modelo neoliberal de producción, es decir, que mercantiliza y encarece la educación mientras prepara al estudiantado para un futuro de trabajo temporal y precario y pérdida de salarios y derechos laborales.

En este contexto el Estado español prepara dos nuevas reformas educativas siguiendo los dictados de la burguesía europea: la Ley para la Mejora de la Calidad de la Educación (LOMCE) en primaria y secundaria y una reciente Propuesta para la Reforma Universitaria.
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argentina/uruguay/paraguay / género / policy statement Friday March 08, 2013 08:08 by Frente de Estudiantes Libertarios de Argentina   image 1 image
“No deseo que las mujeres tengan poder sobre
los hombres, sino sobre sí mismas”

(Mary Wollstonecraft) read full story / add a comment
bolivia / peru / ecuador / chile / education / policy statement Tuesday March 05, 2013 21:00 by Frente de Estudiantes Libertarios   image 1 image
El Estado ha naturalizado el proyecto educativo de la clase dominante del país, que entiende la educación como bien de consumo, orientado a satisfacer las necesidades del modelo que hace primar los intereses empresariales por sobre los populares. Nos damos cuenta que nuestras demandas estructurales ponen en alerta a la clase a cuyos intereses responde la actual educación de mercado, por lo que necesitamos un pueblo fuerte, capaz de quebrar efectivamente el modelo para vencer. [English] read full story / add a comment
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