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russie / ukraine / biélorussie / répression / prisonniers et prisonnières / nouvelles Tuesday March 05, 2013 18:14 byAlternative Libertaire   image 1 image
Hollande qui était à Moscou jeudi 28 février, alors que s’ouvrait le procès de 19 militants du Mouvement socialiste russe (marxistes révolutionnaires et trotskystes), du Front de gauche de Russie (oppositionnels du Parti communiste) et d’Avtonomia Devstie (communistes libertaires) s’est tu au nom de l’intérêt supérieur des entreprises françaises commerçant avec la Russie. [English] read full story / add a comment
mashriq / arabia / iraq / community struggles / news report Tuesday March 05, 2013 18:02 byIlan S.
Maan News: "West Bank boiling as popular resistance grows - round up of demonstrations in Nabi Saleh, Bilin, Nilin, Hebron, Qaddum, Qalandia, Bethlehem, Anata, Salfit, Abu Dis, Nablus, South west..." Meanwhile the escalation of the transfer efforts and terror of settlers continue. The third Intifada collect momentum focused around the hunger striking Palestinian prisoners. The joint daily vigils at the Jaffa clock tower continue as well as the week end joint struggles in the occupied Palestinian west bank and the within 1948 borders Bedouins of the south. The focus of this weekend was Bil'in were about 100 Israelis with the anarchists against the wall and about 100 Palestinians from the region joined village activists to mark the 8th yearly anniversary of the persistent joint struggle that initiated the popular unarmed struggle in western Palestine. [Italiano] read full story / add a comment
Trabajadores de Marruecos en solidaridad con Laura Gómez
África del norte / workplace struggles / news report Tuesday March 05, 2013 02:33 byEquipo de Trabajo para el Norte de África   image 1 image
La reunión anual de la coordinadora sindical mediterránea se ha celebrado en Tánger el día 23 de febrero, organizada por la Federación Nacional de obreros y funcionarios de las colectividades locales (FNOFCL), con el apoyo y participación de la Federación Nacional de enseñanza (FNE) y la Federación Nacional del sector agrícola (FNSA) de la UMT, todas federaciones sindicales marroquíes. read full story / add a comment
greece / turkey / cyprus / economy / news report Saturday March 02, 2013 16:07 byGlykosymoritis   image 1 image
Greece: 50 Ways to Kill your people... read full story / add a comment
north america / mexico / workplace struggles / news report Wednesday February 27, 2013 21:33 byPaul M   image 1 image
The IWW and members of Common Cause Toronto have been hitting the picket lines in support of striking refuelers employed by Porter Fixed Base Operations (FBO) at the Toronto Island airport. The strike has been bravely fought by a mere 22 workers fed up with unsafe working conditions and low wages. read full story / add a comment
Il Muro a Bil'in. Foto: Hamdi Abu Rahma
mashrek / arabia / irak / lotte sul territorio / cronaca Wednesday February 27, 2013 17:57 byIlan S.   image 1 image
A dispetto della riluttanza dei dirigenti palestinesi, la terza Intifada prende piede. A Hebron, delle foto della annuale azione unitaria per Shuhada ritraggono agenti della Autorità Palestinese che bloccano i manifestanti palestinesi in procinto di scontrarsi con le forze di stato israeliane. Tuttavia, la montante tensione generale, il lungo sciopero della fame dei prigionieri, le iniziative dei comitati popolari... e le "punizioni" israeliane insieme alle azioni terroristiche dei coloni alimentano una graduale escalation. [English] read full story / add a comment
The Wall at Bil'in. Photo: Hamdi Abu Rahma
mashriq / arabia / iraq / community struggles / news report Monday February 25, 2013 18:50 byIlan S.   image 1 image
In spite of the reluctance of the Palestinian ruling elite, the third Intifada is collecting momentum. In Hebron, pictures of the yearly Shuhada joint action show a chain of Palestinian Authority soldiers blocking the Palestinian demonstrators from clashing with the Israeli state forces. However, the general mounting tension, the long hunger striking prisoners, the initiatives of the popular committees... and the Israeli "punishments" together with settler colonialist terror actions are feeding the gradual escalation. It is not sure yet if it will explode like a powder keg which got a spark or just escalate gradually. The regular locations of joint weekend struggle persist with some new ones, not yet regular. [Italiano] read full story / add a comment
Manifestazione a Giaffa. Foto di: Haim Schwarczenberg
mashrek / arabia / irak / lotte sul territorio / cronaca Thursday February 21, 2013 21:56 byIlan S.   image 1 image
Si stanno intensificando gli sforzi dei coloni israeliani per sgomberare i Palestinesi - sia all'interno dei precedenti confini del 1948 che in quelli più recenti del 1967. Sotto la pressione dello Stato israeliano, per togliergli le terre residue e per trasferirli altrove, si trovano i Beduini a cui è rimasto solo il 5% delle terre che avevano prima del 1948. La lotta (unitaria) si è concentrata sul villaggio di al-Araqeeb, che è stato demolito quasi 50 volte negli ultimi 2 anni. [English] read full story / add a comment
nordafrica / genero / cronaca Thursday February 21, 2013 21:14 byRussian Anarcho-feminists   image 1 image
Le Anarca-femministe si sono presentate il 12 febbraio 2013 davanti all'Ambasciata egiziana a Mosca per esprimere la loro solidarietà con le donne vittime delle aggressioni e delle violenze sessuali che sono avvenute in Egitto durante e dopo la rivoluzione, quando i Fratelli Musulamani sono giunti al potere. [English] read full story / add a comment
Demo in Jaffa. Photo: Haim Schwarczenberg
mashriq / arabia / iraq / community struggles / news report Wednesday February 20, 2013 15:51 byIlan S.   image 1 image
The Israeli settler colonialist efforts to transfer Palestinians - both within the older 1948 borders and in the new 1967 ones - is intensifying. The Bedouins who remained with only 5% of their pre-1948 lands are suffering from the state's efforts to take their remaining lands and transfer them to a few locations. The (joint) struggle is focused on al-Araqeeb village, which has been demolished nearly 50 times in the past two years. In the 1967 occupied regions, the transfer efforts are in area "C" - mainly near the colonialist settlements in the south and in the Jordan valley, areas Israel is planning to annex even when it will be forced to retreat from most of the 1967 occupation. However, the energies of the popular struggle are around the issue of the partial hunger strike of administrative detainees rearrested after they were released in accordance with the agreement to release Gilad Shalit. [Italiano] read full story / add a comment
north africa / gender / news report Tuesday February 19, 2013 20:00 byRussian Anarcho-feminists   image 1 image
Anarcha-feminists came today, 12 february 2013, to the embassy of Egypt in Moscow to express solidarity with the victims of sexual assault/violence, that took place throughout Egypt during the revolution and even after the revolution, when the Muslim Brotherhood came to power. [Italiano] read full story / add a comment
"Canaan Village", Beit Ummar
mashrek / arabia / irak / lotte sul territorio / cronaca Friday February 15, 2013 18:01 byIlan S.   image 1 image
La tattica dell'azione diretta con le tendopoli continua insieme agli internazionali, ma con appoggio israeliano solo tramite i media e la solidarietà. La dura intensificazione della repressione si esprime più tramite la demolizione delle case che negli scontri diretti, ma anche nelle manifestazioni del venerdì abbiamo potuto sperimentare un inasprimento delle violenze da parte delle forze di stato. Sia sui media israeliani che nella pubblica arena la montante pressione internazionale ed il testardo rifiuto da parte della elite al governo di prenderne atto sta portando ad un imminente disastro. [English] read full story / add a comment
américa del norte / méxico / luchas indígenas / news report Thursday February 14, 2013 07:17 byDesinformemonos
Además de afrontar un posible decreto gubernamental que pretende institucionalizar su funcionamiento, la toma de sus instalaciones por parte de la Upoeg representa “una agresión directa contra el sistema comunitario”, denuncia la Coordinadora Regional de Autoridades Comunitarias read full story / add a comment
"Canaan Village", Beit Ummar
mashriq / arabia / iraq / community struggles / news report Tuesday February 12, 2013 17:56 byIlan S.   image 1 image
The tactic of tent(s) building direct actions continues with international,s but with Israelis only as media and support. The harsh escalation of suppression is expressed more in house demolitions than in direct action clashes, but even in the Friday demos we experienced an escalation of harassment by the state forces. Both in the Israeli media and the public arena the mounting international pressure and the stubborn refusal of the ruling elite to yield is bringing the aura of imminent disaster. The cracks within the ruling elite are expanding and threatening efforts to invest an increasing part of the national product in the settler colonialist project while recruiting the support of the organized orthodox Jewish parties by increasing benefits to their communities. [Italiano] read full story / add a comment
mashrek / arabia / irak / lotte sul territorio / cronaca Monday February 11, 2013 19:18 byIlan S.
Sebbene la tolleranza delle potenze imperialiste nei confronti della repressione israeliana e degli sgomberi si stia affievolendo, Israele risponde con sprezzante disagio. Tutto il mondo e noi stessi che ci stiamo dentro siamo in attesa di vedere se c'è veramente un cambiamento nel blocco di potere all'interno dell'elite al potere in Israele e se la turbolenza politica nella regione porterà qualche contributo alla lotta in Palestina-Israele. [English] read full story / add a comment
argentina/uruguay/paraguay / community struggles / news report Friday February 08, 2013 04:28 byPeriódico Solidaridad   image 1 image
El MTD Primero de Mayo lucha por el trabajo genuino y digno, por la unidad de trabajadores ocupados y desocupados, por la reducción de la jornada laboral (para crear más puestos de trabajo) sin afectar el salario, por la libertad y desprocesamiento de todos los luchadores populares, por salud, educación y servicios públicos para todos, por la defensa de los recursos naturales. read full story / add a comment
África del norte / represión / presos / news report Thursday February 07, 2013 21:28 byEquipo de Trabajo para el Norte de África   image 1 image
El martes día 5, al salir de su domicilio,Chokri Belaid, secretario general del Partido de los patriotas demócratas unificados (WATAD), y miembro del Frente Popular, que agrupa a distintas organizaciones de la izquierda tunecina, ha sido asesinado a balazos, presuntamente por salafistas. read full story / add a comment
bolivia / peru / ecuador / chile / workplace struggles / news report Thursday February 07, 2013 20:48 byLa Batalla de los Trabajadores   image 2 images
Una lavanderia Magdalen negli anni '40.
irlanda / gran bretagna / vari / cronaca Wednesday February 06, 2013 22:07 byNestor McNab   image 1 image
Dopo 18 mesi di investigazioni, la commissione governativa - presieduta dal senatore Martin McAleese - nominata dal governo per stabilire i fatti riguardanti il coinvolgimento dello Stato irlandese nelle lavanderie Magdalen ha pubblicato la sua relazione finale (1). Il documento non ha disatteso le aspettative e stabilisce infatti che lo Stato era coinvolto direttamente nel sistema gestito dalle Case Magdalen, a gestione di ordini di suore cattoliche. read full story / add a comment
mashriq / arabia / iraq / community struggles / news report Tuesday February 05, 2013 23:30 byIlan S.
Though the imperial powers tolerance for the Israeli repression and transfer diminish, Israel mainly respond with uneasy disregard. The world as large and even us within are waiting to see if there really was a shift in the blanc of power within the Israeli ruling elite and if the political turbulence in the region will contribute to any improvement in the Palestine-Israeli struggle. It is not clear if the intensification of Israeli transfer and repression efforts are just the last spasm of a dead end or a more desperate line of disregard of reality. In a month or two the picture may clear and till then, the old Tsumud (persistence) will continue. The intensification of the activities of the higher comity of grass root popular comities - mainly in the weekly "tent villages projects" started in Bab Al-Shams may be more than just an expression of optimism. [Italiano] read full story / add a comment

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Thu 28 Aug, 13:08

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ftem1.jpg imageEL FTEM promueve una serie de “jornadas de debate sindical” 13:29 Tue 26 Aug by Nahuel Valenzuela 0 comments

El Frente de Trabajadores y Trabajadoras Ernesto Miranda (FTEM), es un nuevo espacio organizativo de carácter político-social, asentado por ahora en la Región Metropolitana, en la cual convergen militantes del ámbito del trabajo: trabajadores y trabajadoras de base, dirigentes, delegados y compas vinculados a áreas técnicas o profesionales de apoyatura a la labor sindical. Este núcleo militante rescata la tradición organizativa que dio origen a la CUT del ‘53, así como a la figura de Ernesto Miranda Rivas, dirigente anarquista del gremio del cuero y calzado, promotor de la unidad de la clase trabajadora en la lucha por su emancipación en torno a los principios como la independencia política, la democracia directa, la solidaridad, el internacionalismo y el anticapitalismo.

textPalestina-Israele, l'attacco militare a Gaza è stato un fallimento rispetto alle aspettative ma anch... 18:11 Mon 25 Aug by Ilan S. 0 comments

La guerra di Israele su Gaza intendeva indebolire Hamas ma renderlo indipendente dall'Autorità in Cisgiordania. Un mese e mezzo è passato ed Israele non riesce a fermare il lancio di razzi di Hamas su Israele. Hamas ha chiesto ad alta voce la rimozione dell'assedio ed il primo ministro israeliano non ha avuto l'appoggio necessario dalla sua coalizione per il necessario compromesso. Per diminuire le perdite e per salvare la faccia Israele con il sostegno degli USA stanno ora delegando la questione a quel Consiglio di Sicurezza dell'ONU di cui Israele non si è curato per molti anni. [English]

Public Tev-Dem meeting in Qamishli to discuss attacks by al-Nusra imageThe experiment of West Kurdistan (Syrian Kurdistan) has proved that people can make changes 16:21 Sun 24 Aug by Zaher Baher 0 comments

What you read below is the experience of my visit, for a couple of weeks in May this year, 2014, to North East of Syria or Syrian Kurdistan (West of Kurdistan) with a close friend of mine. Throughout the visit we had the total freedom and opportunity to see and speak to whoever we wanted to. This includes women, men, youth, and the political parties. There are over 20 parties from Kurdish to Christian, of which some are in the Democratic Self Administration (DSA) or Democratic Self Management (DSM) of the region of Al Jazera. Al Jazera is one of three regions, (cantons) of West Kurdistan. We also met the Kurdish and Christian political parties who are not in the DSA or DSM. In addition, we met the top people from the Democratic Self Administration (DSM), members of the different committees, local groups and communes as well as businesspeople, shopkeepers, workers, people in the market and people who were just walking in the street.

textPalestine-Israel, The war assault on Gaza failed to bring the expected results and even back fired* 14:09 Sun 24 Aug by Ilan S. 0 comments

The war Israel started with the Hamas was intended to keep it weaker but independent of the west bank authority. A month and a half and Israel cannot stop the Hamas firing of rockets on Israel. The Hamas raised its demand about the lifting of the siege (closer) and the Israeli prime minister failed go get the support of his coalition for the needed compromise. To diminish the losses and to save face Israel with US backing are passing the decision to the UN security council the Israeli ruling elite evaded successfully so many years. The mounting economic pressures create cracks in the Israeli ruling elite and even the populist coalition party head - the foreign minister, start to promote the end of the 1967 occupation. And the joint popular grass root struggle continue - within Israel at the Arkib Bedouins as focus, Bil'in, Ma'asara, Neby Saleh, Ni'ilin, Qaddum, Sheikh Jarrah, South Hebron Hills. [Italiano]

sorrymigrantx.jpg imageIreland - Migrant X refused an abortion and forced to have a C-section 22:31 Thu 21 Aug by Andrew 0 comments

This is as complete a story about what happened to 'Migrant X' that we are aware of.  Migrant X is a young migrant women who it emerged was refused an abortion by the Irish state despite apparently meeting the grounds of the X-case legislation and instead forced to carry the pregnancy and agree to a C-section.  The pregnanacy itself was the result of rape, Migrant X attempted suicide after being refused the abortion and later went on a hunger and thirst strike.  Once what had happened to her became known there were sizeable pro-choice solidarity demonstrations called across Ireland and at Irish embassies overseas.   We have been given information that the migrant woman at the centre of the current forced pregnancy was 'committed' to a psychiatric hospital following her initial request for termination. It’s already known that the initial request was made when she was 8 weeks pregnant.  It was this crucial period in which she was being held incommunicado which led directly to the Caesarian option being possible to impose as an ‘alternative’ to allowing her to access the abortion she had asked for.

brown04.jpg imageTerror in Ferguson 18:45 Wed 20 Aug by Denver Anarchist Black Cross 0 comments

Saturday August 9th, a racist Ferguson police officer profiled and fatally shot a black teenager, Michael Brown, as he walked to his grandmother’s residence with a friend. He was 18 years old. Multiple witnesses told KMOV that Brown was unarmed and had his hands up in the air when he was cut down. “The officer shot again and once my friend felt that shot, he turned around and put his hands in the air,” said witness Dorian Johnson. “He started to get down and the officer still approached with his weapon drawn and fired several more shots.” The family and the community are calling his death an execution.

textPalestina-Israele, l'attacco israeliano a Gaza finisce con la sconfitta della sua arrogante dimostra... 17:03 Fri 15 Aug by Ilan S. 0 comments

Israele aveva iniziato il suo attacco a Gaza per sabotare il compromesso tra Hamas e l'Autorità Palestinese e per restaurare un governo indipendente di un indebolito Hamas sulla Striscia di Gaza. Il compromesso di Hamas doveva essere una risposta al blocco egiziano finalizzato a smantellare Hamas stesso. Il fallito attacco israeliano porterà ad una significativa apertura del confine tra Israele e la Striscia di Gaza laddove prima dell'attacco passa lo stretto necessario in una situazione sull'orlo di una catastrofe umanitaria. [English]

textPalestine-Israel, Israel attack on Gaza ending with a defeat of its arrogant power show* 19:34 Tue 12 Aug by Ilan S. 0 comments

Israel started the attack on the Hamas to sabotage the Hamas compromise with the west bank authority, and restore a weakened Hamas independent rule in the Gaza strip. Hamas compromise was a response to Egyptian closer intended to dismantle the Hamas. The failed Israeli attack will force it to contribute its share to significantly open the closer of the border between Israel and the Gaza strip which was till the attack based on the bare minimal on the margin of humanitarian catastrophe. Whatever the details of the new cease fire and arrangements, the failure of Israel vicious assault to stop the Hamas from firing rockets on Israel is a significant "game changer". The failed attack on Gaza and the continuing popular struggle in the west bank are hastening the international pressures to end the occupation of the West bank and the closer of the Gaza strip.

coverfinallarge.jpg imageThe Platform – Issue 2 out now! 17:53 Mon 11 Aug by Dmitri (republishing) 0 comments

The Platform - Magazine of Anarchist Affinity from Melbourne

textPalestina-Israele, la lotta unitaria in tempi di guerra 17:07 Wed 06 Aug by Ilan S. 0 comments

Le lotte unitarie nelle solite località di Bil'in, Ni'lin, Ma'sara, Sheikh Jarrah, Nabi Saleh, Qaddum, le colline a ovest di Hebron, svoltesi nel weekend ed in settimana, si sono focalizzate sulla guerra a Gaza e sugli aspetti più evidenti dell'occupazione. Ad oggi, sembra che Israele abbia fallito l'obiettivo di insediare a Gaza un governo di Hamas indipendente ma indebolito, dato che le atrocità commesse su Gaza non sono riuscite a suscitare una pressione internazionale sufficiente a spingere l'Egitto ad allentare l'assedio su Gaza. Pare che tra Hamas e l'Autorità Palestinese in Cisgiordania verrà rinnovato quel patto che Israele ha così strenuamente cercato di sabotare. [English]

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imageMarina e o lulismo que só perde para si ou sua dissidência – 2 Aug 27 by BrunoL 0 comments

Bruno Lima Rocha, 26 de agosto de 2014

Marina Silva, ex-senadora pelo PT do Acre, ex-ministra do Meio Ambiente (MMA) durante o governo de Lula e ex-candidata a presidente como um enxerto no Partido Verde no pleito de 2010, está arrancando nas contestadas pesquisas de intenção de voto da segunda metade de agosto de 2014. Restando menos de 45 dias para a apuração de 1º turno, Marina cresce com a exposição permanente, sem críticas - em função do velório de Eduardo Campos e a comoção do país na sequência -, conseguindo esconder quase totalmente, as fragilidades de seu programa de governo.

imageThe wonders of the desperate gamble that Netanyahu lost Aug 26 by Ilan S. 0 comments

To keep Hamas on its legs again after the Egyptian closure forced it to its knees and to compromise with the West Bank Palestinian Authority, Netanyahu started a war that was supposed to set Hamas back on its feet, though much weaker than before the closure.

image[Chile] Profesores agrupados en el movimiento 50/50 exigen: “No mas pega pa’ la casa” Aug 26 by Solidaridad 0 comments

Este Martes [19 de Agosto] se realizó una consulta por parte del colegio de profesores en torno a la propuesta elaborada por el gobierno sobre la situación del profesorado, esta propuesta fue rechazada enérgicamente por las bases del colegio de profesores tensionando a los intereses partidarios de su dirección. Por otro lado profesores y trabajadores de la educación se organizan en paralelo al magisterio al cual critican de no representar a la mayoría de los profesores ya que muy pocos profesores están colegiados y en su mayoría son profesores jubilados, es en ese contexto donde surgen organizaciones de base en torno a demandas como el 50/50 de horas lectivas y no lectivas.

imageΑντι-σημιτισμός, κο&... Aug 25 by Γιάννης Ανδρουλιδάκης 0 comments

Όπως στη γραμματική υπάρχουν οι κύριες και οι δευτερεύουσες προτάσεις, έτσι και στη ζωή υπάρχουν τα κύρια και τα δευτερεύοντα ζητήματα. Η υπόνοια ότι τα μεν είναι σημαντικά και τα δε ασήμαντα είναι ελαφρώς απατηλή. Ακριβώς με τον ίδιο τρόπο που αν αφαιρέσεις μια δευτερεούσα πρόταση από μία φράση η κύρια μπορεί να στέκει άλογη και ακατανόητη, έτσι και τα δευτερεύοντα (ή δευτερογενή) πράγματα στη ζωή είναι συχνά απαραίτητα για να αποκτούν λογική και ουσία τα κύρια.

imageBRICS and the New Axis of Expansionist Capitalism Aug 24 by BrunoL 1 comments

(by: Bruno Lima Rocha. Translated by: Daniel Gutiérrez)

The BRICS alliance — a bloc of countries formed by the meetings of their leaders and without any formal documentation — has once again caught the world’s attention for trying a new hand in global power politics. The premise of the relationship between Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa is based on the economy and the potential of sharing a common destination point. Culturally, Brazil is most similar to post-Apartheid South Africa, and proportionally we carry a similar weight to Latin America, as does South Africa to sub-saharan Africa.

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imageApoyo internacional a los Pueblos Zapatistas victimas de la guerra de contrainsurgencia Aug 27 Alternative Libertaire 0 comments

A la Sociedad Civil Nacional e Internacional,
A la Sexta Nacional e Internacional,
A los medios libres, autónomos, independiente o como se llamen,
A las Juntas de Buen Gobierno,
A la EZLN,
A l@s Bases de Apoyo del EZLN,

imageSoutien International aux zapatist@s contre la guerre de contre-insurrection au Chiapas Aug 27 Alternative Libertaire 0 comments

A la Société Civile Nationale et Internationale,
A la Sexta Nationale et Internationale,
Aux Médias libres, autonomes, indépendants ou comme ils s’appellent,
Aux Juntas de Buen Gobierno,
Aux Bases d’appui de l’EZLN,

imageO que nós pensamos sobre a atual crise no Iraque? Aug 17 0 comments

A crise do Iraque já se arrasta há décadas. Tanto o regime Saddam Hussein tanto quanto sob a atual "democracia", desde a invasão de 2003, não há liberdade, justiça social, igualdade e há poucas perspectivas para aqueles que são independentes aos partidos políticos no poder. Além da brutalidade e discriminação contra as mulheres e as minorias, um grande abismo foi criado entre os ricos e os pobres, fazendo com que os pobres ficassem cada vez mais pobres e os ricos mais ricos.

imageThe Oakland Palestine Solidarity Mural Aug 07 0 comments

Presented by Art Forces, the Estria Foundation and NorCal Friends of Sabeel, the Oakland Palestine Solidarity Mural is a monumental work of public art located in Uptown Oakland on 26th Street between Telegraph and Broadway. The mural pays homage to the history of Bay Area public art and expresses solidarity with Palestinians as bombs continue to fall on Gaza.

imageQue pensons nous de la crise actuelle en Irak ? Aug 05 Forum anarchiste du Kurdistan 0 comments

La crise irakienne est continue depuis des décennies, tant sous le régime de Saddam Hussein que sous le « régime démocratique actuel » depuis l'invasion de 2003. Il n'y avait ni de liberté, ni de justice sociale, ni d'égalité et peu de perspectives pour celles et ceux qui étaient indépendant des partis politiques au pouvoir. En plus de la brutalité existante et la discrimination contre les femmes et les genTEs ordinaires, un très grand fossé a été creusé entre les riches et les pauvres, rendant les pauvres de plus en plus pauvres et les riches de plus en plus riches. [English]

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