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north america / mexico / workplace struggles / feature Saturday April 02, 2011 03:18 par Juan Conatz   image 1 image
Appeal for solidarity from the Madison, Wisconsin Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) branch. [Français] [Italiano] [Castellano] [Català] [Português] [Ελληνικά] [Deutsch] read full story / add a comment
north africa / imperialism / war / feature Thursday March 24, 2011 16:52 par سعود سالم   image 1 image
وفي نفس الوقت نطالب لكل الشعوب أن تساندنا
مصر وتونس وفرنسا والصين وشعوب العالم بأسره نرحب بمساندتهم وتعاطفهم معنا [English] [Français] [Italiano] [Castellano] [Català] [中文] [Português] [Ελληνικά] read full story / add a comment
internazionale / imperialismo / guerra / editoriale Friday March 18, 2011 00:34 par Mazen Kamalmaz   image 1 image
Ultime notizie dal nostro compagno siriano Mazen Kamalmaz: La situazione sembra piuttosto difficile per il futuro delle rivoluzioni dei popoli arabi: la macchina ufficiale della repressione di stato sta funzionando a pieno regime in parecchi paesi, minacciando di sopprimere con forza brutale le rivolte di massa in Libia, Bahrain e Yemen. E' necessaria la nostra solidarietà in termini di azioni e di supporto! [English] [Ελληνικά] [Castellano] [العربية ] read full story / add a comment
Àfrica del nord / community struggles / feature Tuesday March 15, 2011 21:56 par José Antonio Gutiérrez D.   image 1 image
Reflexions sobre el sentit de les actuals revoltes àrabs i les seves conseqüències per a la teoria revolucionària, particularment, per als debats entorn de la democràcia i al poder popular. [Castellano] [English] [Ελληνικά] [Italiano] [العربية] read full story / add a comment
international / gender / feature Friday March 11, 2011 05:19 par Libertære Socialister   text 1 comment (last - sunday march 20, 2011 21:14)   image 1 image
Kapitalismen bidrager til at opretholde diskrimination og sexisme i samfundet. Det har store konsevenser for alle mennesker, især kvinder. Men hvordan slipper vi af med sexismen og de fastlåste kønsroller? read full story / add a comment
north africa / imperialism / war / feature Saturday March 05, 2011 13:48 par José Antonio Gutiérrez D.   text 3 comments (last - sunday march 20, 2011 18:26)   image 1 image
The struggle of the Libyan people, as part of the wave of popular rebellions spreading like fire in all of the Arab world, is taking a really dramatic turn, with the people advancing their struggle against a regime bent on staying in power by whatever means necessary. Gadaffi, in spite of his past as a thorn in the side of the US, had became a key ally in their War on Terror, as was proved by the late and clumsy reaction of the US to the events unfolding in Libya and the late suspension by the EU of their considerable trade in weapons with the Libyan regime. While the US and the Western powers re-discover, for public image purposes, that they really did not like Gadaffi after all (after a decade of friendly relations), talks have started about a possible intervention and US carriers have moved into waters close to the Libyan shores. The result of such a prospect would be terrible to say the least. In the meantime, the US and their Western allied are exploring the way to make sure that the revolt of the Libyan and the Arab masses does not settle down in revolutionary terms, as well as making sure that their economic and strategic interests are served in the best possible way in the post-Gadaffi scenario. To understand better what is going on there, we held another dialogue on February 27th with our friend and comrade, the Syrian anarchist Mazen Kamalmaz, who works on the revolutionary blog José Antonio Gutiérrez D.
March 3rd, 2011
read full story / add a comment
france / belgique / luxembourg / mouvement anarchiste / article de fond Friday March 04, 2011 20:42 par Commission congrès   image 1 image
Le Xe Congrès d’Alternative libertaire s’est tenu du 30 octobre au 1er novembre dernier à Angers. S’il a été beaucoup question du conflit social sur les retraites, bien d’autres thèmes furent abordés. Un ordre du jour très chargé.

(texte extrait du mensuel Alternative libertaire) read full story / add a comment
southern africa / repression / prisoners / feature Thursday March 03, 2011 17:42 par International Anarchist Organisations   text 3 comments (last - wednesday march 09, 2011 16:14)   image 2 images
When Mohammed Bouazizi set himself alight he unwittingly ignited a wave of popular uprisings and rebellions that have spread like wildfire across North Africa and the Middle East, the heat of which can be felt as far afield as Zimbabwe where, on Saturday 19th February, 46 pro-democracy activists including students, workers and trade unionists were arrested in Harare. According to police documents they were arrested for plotting an Egypt-style revolt to overthrow Robert Mugabe, who has been in power since 1980, at a meeting to discuss the fall of Hosni Mubarak and events in North Africa and the Middle East. The arrested, who represent the Zimbabwean Federation of Trade Unions (ZCTU), Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZNSU) and the International Socialist Organisation (ISO), had just watched documentary news footage on the uprising in Egypt and, according to state prosecutors, were there to "organise, strategise and implement the removal of the constitutional government of Zimbabwe ... the Egyptian way". [Castellano] [Dansk] [Italiano] [العربية ] [Català] read full story / add a comment
north africa / community struggles / feature Wednesday February 23, 2011 00:01 par Mazen Kamalmaz   text 1 comment (last - tuesday february 22, 2011 16:57)   image 1 image
The news that is flooding from Libya is very shocking. Qaddafi's regime is perpetrating a horrible massacre against the masses in revolt, the mercenaries (the equivalent to the Mubarak regime's baltajia) recruited by Qaddafi's regime, besides the regular army and security forces, are opening fire at unarmed Libyan people or, in some cases, armed with only very light firearms. The regime's repressive forces are not only using firearms, but also artillery, tanks, jet fighters and gunship helicopters... [Français] [Castellano] [Italiano] [Dansk] [Ελληνικά] [Deutsch] [Català] [Nederlands] read full story / add a comment
southern africa / economy / feature Sunday February 13, 2011 13:00 par Lucien van der Walt   text 1 comment (last - friday march 11, 2011 21:15)   image 1 image
South African unions, centred on the 2 million-strong Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU), have consistently articulated a policy vision that breaks with crude neo-liberalism. This is remarkable – but is it enough? Just how viable and desirable is this vision, particularly as the neo-liberal era lurches into a serious slump? And is there an alternative? [Italiano] read full story / add a comment
north africa / community struggles / feature Friday February 04, 2011 00:33 par José Antonio Gutiérrez D.   image 1 image
الانتفاضات الكبرى التي هزت العالم العربي في اليمن , الجزائر , تونس و الآن مصر قد فاجأت الجميع . إنها من دون شك واحدة من أهم الأحداث في وقتنا التي ترسل رسالة واضحة أنه لا يوجد أي مكان في هذا العالم كتب عليه أن يكون مجرد ملعب لديكتاتور ما مدعوم من الإمبريالية . تبين أن الأنظمة مفرطة السلطوية مثل نظام بن علي كانت عاجزة تماما في وجه شعب موحد و مصمم على خوض النضال . الناس الذين يقومون بالثورة هم شباب , عمال , عاطلون عن العمل , فقراء , و هم الذين يشكلون اليوم صورة المنطقة , و يرسلون رسائل مثيرة للقشعريرة إلى العصابات التي تجلس في واشنطن و تل أبيب . لم تمتلك كل الأسلحة التي جمعها نظام مبارك و لا كل الدعم الأمريكي العسكري القوة الكافية لمنع الاحتجاج من أن يتعاظم . إنها تظهر قوة الشعب و الطبقة العاملة عندما تتوحد , و تظهر الإمكانيات السياسية للناس العاديين في خلق سلطة مزدوجة بغريزة تحررية واضحة و هي تثبت للعالم أننا في مرحلة تغير ثوري . كان لنا حوارا سريعا مع رفيقنا مازن كم الماز من سوريا , محرر المدونة اللاسلطوية الذي تحدث عن أهمية هذه الحركة السياسية الرائعة [Français] [Castellano] [Italiano] [Deutsch] [English] [Català] [Nederlands] [Ελληνικά] [Română] read full story / add a comment
Parte de la militancia presente en las jornadas
internacional / movimiento anarquista / portada Wednesday February 02, 2011 20:27 par FAU / FAO   text 12 comments (last - tuesday february 15, 2011 07:12)   image 2 images
Durante los días 25 y 26 de enero de 2011, en la ciudad de San Pablo (Brasil) se desarrollaron las Jornadas Anarquistas, convocadas por la Federación Anarquista Uruguaya (FAU) y el Foro del Anarquismo Organizado de Brasil (FAO). [Português] [English] [Català] read full story / add a comment
mashriq / arabia / iraq / community struggles / feature Wednesday January 26, 2011 20:44 par Ilan S.   text 10 comments (last - friday february 18, 2011 04:24)   image 2 images
The Israeli anti-authoritarian, anti-capitalist organization in Israel, Matzpen, of which Anarchists Against the Wall (AAtW) is a worthy heir, was the first to expose Israel as the culmination of a settler colonialist project (which continues to the present day)... [Castellano] [Italiano] [Ελληνικά] read full story / add a comment
afrique du nord / luttes dans la communauté / article de fond Wednesday January 19, 2011 21:31 par Organisations communistes libertaires   text 1 comment (last - thursday january 20, 2011 17:16)   image 1 image
Nos organisations affirment leur entière solidarité avec la lutte du peuple tunisien pour la liberté et la justice sociale et son soutien aux militants anticapitalistes tunisiens ; elles condamnent l'attitude des États occidentaux et plus généralement de leur classe politique, de droite comme social-démocrate, investie depuis toujours dans le soutien au pouvoir autoritaire de Ben Ali. [العربية ] [English] [Deutsch] [Italiano] [Ελληνικά] [Dansk] [Polski] [Türkçe] [Castellano] [Nederlands] [中文] read full story / add a comment
italien / schweiz / anarchistische bewegung / feature Tuesday January 11, 2011 19:55 par Libertäre Aktion Winterthur   text 1 comment (last - tuesday december 28, 2010 04:59)   image 1 image
Die Frage der Gewalt spielte im anarchistischen Diskurs schon immer eine grosse Rolle. Wie sollte der urtümlichste und rohste Ausdruck von Macht mit der Lehre der Herrschaftslosigkeit in Einklang gebracht werden? Kann eine anarchistische, revolutionäre Strategie Gewalt beinhalten? [Italiano] [English] [Ελληνικά] [Polski] [Castellano] read full story / add a comment
África del norte / community struggles / portada Monday January 10, 2011 22:14 par Manu García   image 1 image
Los únicos que pueden abrir el camino hacia un Magreb laico con auténtica democracia y con justicia social son los movimientos populares que nacen del seno mismo de las clases oprimidas y expresan sus intereses, dando una batalla sin cuartel contra las lacras que las atenazan. Afiancemos nuestros lazos con ellos. [Deutsch] [English] [Italiano] read full story / add a comment
Puesto de vigilancia del ejército surcoreano en Yeonpyeong
asia oriental / imperialismo / guerra / portada Saturday December 25, 2010 01:13 par José Antonio Gutiérrez D.   text 2 comments (last - saturday july 23, 2011 00:12)   image 1 image
El siguiente artículo analiza la actual coyuntura coreana y el significado de los provocadores ejercicios militares surcoreanos que se están realizando esta semana. Aún cuando a las partes, objetivamente, no les convenga un escenario de guerra. La volátil situación coreana hace que ahora en el 2010, tal cual en 1950, cualquier escalamiento de las tensiones pueda salirse de control -más cuando existen sectores interesados entre los "halcones" de Seúl en una resolución militar de la crisis. También la influencia norteamericana, que busca utilizar la crisis coreana como una manera de presionar y socavar la creciente hegemonía china en la región, es un factor que exacerba enormemente las tensiones. Un artículo previo, La nueva vieja crisis en la península coreana: el largo camino a Yeonpyeong, trata con mayor detalle con los antecedentes de la actual crisis. read full story / add a comment
international / Économie / article de fond Friday December 10, 2010 20:01 par Coordination Européenne d'Anarkismo   text 2 comments (last - thursday december 23, 2010 19:25)   image 1 image
Nous devons répondre par la lutte et la solidarité entre les travailleurs et les travailleuses des pays touchés. Face à ces attaques, l'internationalisme est plus que jamais nécessaire : nous avons besoin d'un mouvement social européen. [English] [Ελληνικά] [Deutsch] [Dansk] [Italiano][Castellano] read full story / add a comment
international / imperialism / war / feature Saturday December 04, 2010 23:42 par Dara   text 4 comments (last - tuesday january 18, 2011 03:33)   image 1 image
It is an uncommon pleasure to see the world’s politicians scuttling around furiously, much like woodlice uncovered by the lifting of a rock. WikiLeaks are the ones who did the lifting, and have exposed for us the working of US diplomacy; the information, intentions and concerns of the world’s dominant power. [Castellano] read full story / add a comment
São Paulo, 1917: Greve Geral
brazil/guyana/suriname/fguiana / a esquerda / feature Friday December 03, 2010 00:57 par Felipe Corrêa   text 2 comments (last - thursday december 16, 2010 00:48)   image 1 image
Neste artigo, publicado originalmente no portal Passa Palavra, busquei uma definição de objeto, tentando conceituar o que são os movimentos sociais e quando eles surgiram; depois buscando um método de análise coerente, discutindo brevemente as três principais correntes teóricas sobre os movimentos sociais e chegando à Teoria do Confronto que, no campo acadêmico, parece oferecer boas bases para um trabalho teórico sobre os movimentos sociais. Ainda que sem aprofundar significativamente o assunto, considerei as reflexões da Teoria do Confronto Político em torno de mecanismos e processos dos movimentos sociais e tentei aplicá-los, tanto para uma análise da burocratização como para um possível programa antiburocrático para os movimentos sociais. Se na primeira parte, de definição do objeto e de busca de um método de análise, utilizei referenciais acadêmicos, para a segunda parte, tentei formalizar uma série de conhecimentos que foram sendo adquiridos na prática com os movimentos sociais nesses anos. A idéia foi, basicamente, a partir de uma definição de burocracia e burocratização, listar tudo aquilo que contribuía com elas e, refletindo sobre causas e conseqüências, poder classificar e evidenciar mecanismos e processos de burocratização – o que constitui o problema a ser resolvido. Em seguida, desenvolvi um programa antiburocrático, que pode ser considerado uma saída para o problema apresentado. Nessa reflexão sobre o programa antiburocrático, trago a discussão sobre o poder popular, baseando meus argumentos em material bastante recente produzido por uma determinada corrente, que hoje atua em movimentos sociais dos mais diferentes tipos – sindical, comunitário, estudantil etc. E a partir dessa discussão, formulo teses sobre o poder popular que definem a concepção que sustento do conceito. Por fim, entro em problemas que a prática coloca para a implementação do programa antiburocrático e do projeto de poder popular defendidos, levantando questões sem resposta para futuros debates coletivos. read full story / add a comment

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Issue #4 of the Newsletter of the Tokologo African Anarchist Collective

Front page

After the election of Syriza in Greece - Power is not in Parliament

[Chile] Movimiento Estudiantil: ¿En dónde debemos enfocar nuestros esfuerzos?

Je ne suis pas Charlie

México en llamas: raíces y perspectivas de una lucha que avanza y la crisis de un sistema político

Sobre la liberación de prisioneros y el restablecimiento de relaciones diplomáticas, por los gobiernos de Cuba y EE.UU.

No to Golden Dawn in Australia!

Abusos y arbitrariedad - retención de JOSÉ A. GUTIÉRREZ, en el bajo Caguán, Caquetá

Could a Revolution Happen in the US?

An Anarchist Communist Reply to ‘Rojava: An Anarcho-Syndicalist Perspective’

Lutar e vencer fora das urnas

In the Rubble of US Imperialism

Elementos da Conjuntura Eleitoral 2014

The experiment of West Kurdistan (Syrian Kurdistan) has proved that people can make changes

[Chile] EL FTEM promueve una serie de “jornadas de debate sindical”

Ukraine: Interview with a Donetsk anarchist

The present confrontation between the Zionist settler colonialist project in Palestine and the indigenous working people

Prisões e mais criminalização marcam o final da Copa do Mundo no Brasil

An Anarchist Response to a Trotskyist Attack: Review of “An Introduction to Marxism and Anarchism” by Alan Woods (2011)

هەڵوێستی سەربەخۆی جەماوەر لە نێوان داعش و &

Contra a Copa e a Repressão: Somente a Luta e Organização!

Nota Pública de soldariedade e denúncia

Üzüntümüz Öfkemizin Tohumudur

Uruguay, ante la represión y el abuso policial

To vote or not to vote: Should it be a question?

Thu 29 Jan, 19:21

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b8tytbaciaajreb.jpg imageSupport IFF workers in Melbourne 16:57 Thu 29 Jan by Dmitri 0 comments

About 25-30 workers at International Flavours and Fragrances (IFF) in Dandenong, Melbourne have initiated a factory occupation in january 25 2015 in response to the company trying to force a pay cut and indefinitely locking them out. SUPPORT IS NEEDED NOW! It's really significant that these workers have decided to take strong industrial action at a point when workers rights are under attack more than ever.

ese_2.jpg imageAppeal for financial support 19:02 Wed 28 Jan by Libertarian Syndicalist Union (ESE Athens) 0 comments

Libertarian Syndicalist Union (ESE Athens) supports and joins in solidarity movements for the Syrian refugees (victims of war) which live in Greece. Apart from their fair request for direct provision of asylum and travel documents, these people have huge needs in terms of accommodation, food, health care, etc. Hundreds of Syrian refugees reside in hotels (as a stopgap solution), not in good conditions , being under the responsibility of the Greek government and Athens' mayor. We can also report that food supplies for the above refugees are οbtained from charities and solidarity movements.

b8tr1udiaaanghv.jpg imageLas fuerzas kurdas liberan la ciudad de Kobane: celebraciones en la frontera siria 21:29 Tue 27 Jan by Sandra Segall 0 comments

Durante el lunes las fuerzas kurdas expulsaron al grupo armado Daesh de la ciudad de Kobane tras más de cuatro meses de combates por la localidad fronteriza. La victoria se celebró tanto en Kobane como en otras partes del mundo, sin embargo, EEUU señaló al mismo tiempo que la disputa de la ciudad continua.

lemebel.jpg imagePedro Lemebel: “No necesito disfraz, aquí está mi cara, hablo por mi diferencia, defiendo lo que soy... 18:36 Tue 27 Jan by Meribel González 0 comments

Un agresivo cáncer te llevó muy temprano. Demasiado incorrecto para recibir un Premio Nacional. Demasiado rebelde para la cultura de los Fondart. No fuiste un escritor embobado por la extravagancia del mundo de las letras, fuiste un hombre pobre, homosexual y creador inigualable: “Hay tantos niños que van a nacer con una alita rota y yo quiero que vuelen compañero. Que su revolución les dé un pedazo de cielo rojo para que puedan volar”.

1378325_795285173893636_5297279479773835095_n1.jpg imageWe are winning in Kobanê Today, and in All Kurdistan Tomorrow! 02:53 Tue 27 Jan by DAF 0 comments

Today, the gangs that the states created for their interests are running away though the ruins they are leaving behind in Kobanê. While the victory of resistance is echoing in the free streets of Kobanê, the

conviction of freedom is rising above the same ruins in the streets. Like comrade Durutti says, "We are not in the least afraid of ruins". Today and tomorrow, in Kobanê and many other places, we know that a new life is being created among the ruins.

textRazzisti e basta 04:14 Sun 25 Jan by Alternativa Libertaria/FdCA 0 comments

Volantino diffuso sabato 24 gennaio a Fano in contrasto con sit-in razzista della Lega Nord contro i richiedenti asilo

1.jpg imageΈνα πολύ καλό βιβλί&... 12:18 Sat 24 Jan by Dmitri 0 comments

Πέτρος Πέτκας, "Δικτατορία του προλεταριάτου" και "Εργατικά συμβούλια": Ασύμβατες έννοιες Τιμή : 6 ευρώ - Σελ. 85

10934267_759882237438957_1607557655_n.jpg imageΠολιτική Ανακοίνω ... 16:19 Thu 22 Jan by "Μαύρο & Κόκκινο" 0 comments

Ότι υπόσχονται οι εκλογές το πετυχαίνει ο καθημερινός αγώνας.~ Δεν ψηφίζουμε, προετοιμάζουμε την Κοινωνική Επανάσταση.

«Αυτός που ψηφίζει και δεν κάνει τίποτε για την Κοινωνική Επανάσταση κι αυτός που δεν ψηφίζει κι ομοίως δεν κάνει τίποτε για την Κοινωνική Επανάσταση είναι το ίδιο άχρηστοι για την υπόθεσή μας.» -Β. Durruti-

renaico_2.jpg image[Chile] Evento cultural: ¡Salvemos Renaico! ¡No al peaje! 00:38 Thu 22 Jan by N. Fuentes 0 comments

El “Colectivo social ¡Salvemos el río Renaico!” es una organización que funciona en base a autogestión y mantiene autonomía política, está conformada por jóvenes y adultos de la comuna de Renaico y surge por la crítica situación por la que atraviesa el río de dicha comuna a raíz de la intervención de la empresa “CMPC”, canales de regadío irregulares, la introducción de bosques de árboles exóticos y la actual instalación de una central hidroeléctrica de paso por parte de la empresa “Agua Viva S.A.”, pero además este colectivo ha adoptado nuevas problemáticas a sus actividades de agitación, como la construcción de la llamada “Ruta Nahuelbuta” que traerá consigo la instalación de un peaje en Coihue (entrada norte) y otro en Tijeral (entrada sur) afectando directamente al bolsillo de los renaiquinos.

textSolidarietà al Dordoni 00:42 Wed 21 Jan by Alternativa Libertaria/FdCA 0 comments


more >>

imageA Makhnovitchina e o Anarquismo Jan 29 by Piotr Arshinov 0 comments

Este texto -- o capítulo XII do livro "História do Movimento Makhnovista", de Piotr Arshinov -- foi escrito no início dos anos 1920 e reflete sobre as relações entre a makhnovitchina e o anarquismo. Ele estabelece, a partir de uma avaliação autocrítica, os primeiros elementos das posições que serão mais bem delineadas na Plataforma, de 1926, escrita pelos militantes russos exilados na França que se articulavam em torno da revista "Dielo Truda".

imageMovimiento popular y expectativas electorales Jan 27 by Procés Embat 0 comments


imageMoviment popular i expectatives electorals Jan 27 by Procés Embat 0 comments

El paper del moviment llibertari davant les conjuntures electorals i la recuperació institucional dels moviments socials i populars

imageSyriza: Terremoto en Europa Jan 27 by José Antonio Gutiérrez D. 0 comments

La arrolladora victoria electoral de Syriza en los comicios de ayer domingo en Grecia, expresa ante todo el sentimiento mayoritario de rechazo del pueblo griego en contra del traspaso de las deudas de los ricos al pueblo. Pero también expresa un deseo de renovación de la política, en sintonía con esa “indignación” que recorre a la juventud en gran parte del mundo, cansada de la política elitista en beneficio exclusivo del 1% de los súper-ricos, pero que tampoco se siente representada en una izquierda anquilosada, cuyas prácticas, al final de cuentas, no difieren tanto de la politiquería tradicional.

imageNonguén-Concepción: elementos para la construcción de plataformas territoriales Jan 25 by Colectivo El Estero 0 comments

Junto al intenso proceso de urbanización que se está desarrollando en gran parte de Sudamérica, se presentan una serie de procesos políticos que no entregan ninguna garantía en términos de planificación regional. Esto ha convertido a los territorios en zonas localmente vulnerables, propiciando las bases para una globalización que golpea hasta nuestros últimos eslabones de patrimonio natural, cultural, arquitectónico, y sus diferentes expresiones.

more >>

imageAppeal for financial support Jan 28 0 comments

Libertarian Syndicalist Union (ESE Athens) supports and joins in solidarity movements for the Syrian refugees (victims of war) which live in Greece. Apart from their fair request for direct provision of asylum and travel documents, these people have huge needs in terms of accommodation, food, health care, etc. Hundreds of Syrian refugees reside in hotels (as a stopgap solution), not in good conditions , being under the responsibility of the Greek government and Athens' mayor. We can also report that food supplies for the above refugees are οbtained from charities and solidarity movements.

textRazzisti e basta Jan 25 sezione "Silvia Francolini" di Fano-Pesaro 0 comments

Volantino diffuso sabato 24 gennaio a Fano in contrasto con sit-in razzista della Lega Nord contro i richiedenti asilo

imageΠολιτική Ανακοίνω ... Jan 22 0 comments

Ότι υπόσχονται οι εκλογές το πετυχαίνει ο καθημερινός αγώνας.~ Δεν ψηφίζουμε, προετοιμάζουμε την Κοινωνική Επανάσταση.

«Αυτός που ψηφίζει και δεν κάνει τίποτε για την Κοινωνική Επανάσταση κι αυτός που δεν ψηφίζει κι ομοίως δεν κάνει τίποτε για την Κοινωνική Επανάσταση είναι το ίδιο άχρηστοι για την υπόθεσή μας.» -Β. Durruti-

textSolidarietà al Dordoni Jan 21 sezione di Correggio 0 comments


textAggressione fascista al CSA Dordoni di Cremona Jan 21 Sezione "Nino Malara" di Genova 0 comments

Alternativa Libertaria/FdCA - sezione Nino Malara di Genova esprime tutta la propria solidarietà e vicinanza ai compagni del Centro Sociale Dordoni per la vile aggressione subita da parte dei fascisti di Casa Pound.

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