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Ocupando o Palácio Tiradentes.
brazil/guyana/suriname/fguiana / community struggles / feature Wednesday June 19, 2013 02:23 by Federação Anarquista do Rio de Janeiro (FARJ)   image 1 image
Quem ganha com o aumento da tarifa de ônibus? Certamente são os donos das empresas que, além de oferecem um péssimo serviço de transporte público, foram isentos totalmente de impostos (PIS/PASEP e COFINS) por parte do governo federal. Ou seja, as empresas de ônibus recebem privilégios do governo e podem aumentar as tarifas para lucrarem mais... Mas trabalhadores, desempregados e estudantes tem que sofrer diariamente nas péssimas condições do transporte público do Rio de Janeiro e ainda por cima tem que pagar mais caro! [English] [Italiano] read full story / add a comment
mashriq / arabia / iraq / community struggles / news report Tuesday June 18, 2013 19:58 by Ilan S.
On February 1968 The antiauthoritarian anticapitalist Matzpen initiated in Jerusalem the first (18 strong) vigil again 1967 occupation. Two years later, the Israeli Black Panthers activist who were in intimate contact with Matzpen members (mostly in Jerusalem) initiated the first social struggle of immigrants from eastern countries. Many of the present social struggle activists regards themselves as successors of the Panthers - many others were in association with or participated in the joint struggle of the anarchists against the wall. The 2013 wave is still much smaller than the 2011 wave of struggle but is more radical and confrontational. The joint popular struggle in the occupied Palestinian west bank is still fluctuating - mainly because the holding back of the Palestinian authority. [Italiano] read full story / add a comment
brazil/guyana/suriname/fguiana / community struggles / opinion / analysis Tuesday June 18, 2013 18:44 by Khaled   image 2 images
After spending the last few days in São Paulo, I return to Florianópolis with all my thoughts taken up by the subject that has monopolized conversations in the city: the demonstrations of the Free Pass Movement. [Português] read full story / add a comment
brazil/guyana/suriname/fguiana / community struggles / opinião / análise Monday June 17, 2013 23:22 by Khaled   image 2 images
Depois de passar os últimos dias em São Paulo, volto a Florianópolis com todos os pensamentos tomados pelo tema que tem monopolizado as conversas na cidade: as manifestações do Movimento Passe Livre. Não sei exatamente se foi por escolha ou por imposição da vida (talvez um misto dos dois) que deixei São Paulo para morar na capital catarinense, mas a verdade é que apesar dos mais de 5 anos e meio que se passaram, nunca rompi os laços políticos e afetivos que me ligam a SP, que se encontram mais fortes do que nunca por conta do momento político que atravessa a cidade. [English] read full story / add a comment
southern africa / community struggles / opinion / analysis Sunday June 16, 2013 01:26 by Lekhetho Mtetwa   image 1 image
It is clear that the rights of the working class and poor people on the ground are not recognised by those in power, and will never be. After the 1994 elections, ordinary people thought that they will feel and enjoy real democracy. But to their surprise, things didn’t work the way they thought. People are being demoralised, threatened and killed when they stand up. It is now difficult for people to exercise their democratic rights.

It’s clear that voting won’t bring any change in people’s lives. The whole system is run by a small ruling class. Voting does not change the system. By voting we are just fooling ourselves about our rights. People voted in 1994 because they thought their votes will bring complete changes in their lives. No one thought of suffering after voting in the first elections. Promises were made by so-called leaders in order to be voted into power. Their promises were a big lie.
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Ελλάδα / Τουρκία / Κύπρος / Λαϊκοί Αγώνες / Ανακοίνωση Τύπου Saturday June 15, 2013 18:18 by Αναρχική Συλλογικότητα Καθ’ Οδόν   image 1 image
Κείμενο που μοιράστηκε σε συγκέντρωση αλληλεγγύης, στους εξεγερμένους της Τουρκίας, στα Προπύλαια. read full story / add a comment
mashrek / arabia / irak / lotte sul territorio / cronaca Friday June 14, 2013 15:24 by Ilan S.
Le persone che vedono le turbolenze nella regione stanno perdendo la pazienza ma siamo ancora ben lontani da una sollevazione generale sia nelle lotte sociali all'interno di Israele sia nella Cisgiordania occupata. Lo Stato israeliano inasprisce le sue minacce contro gli attivisti israeliani e palestinesi e dichiara in pubblico di voler incrementare qualitativamente la sua politica di fuoco. Nel frattempo, vengono perseguitati i bambini al punto di arrestare quelli di 7/8 anni d'età. [English] read full story / add a comment
mashriq / arabia / iraq / community struggles / news report Wednesday June 12, 2013 19:25 by Ilan S.
The people who see the turmoil in the region are losing their patience but we are still far from a general uprising both in the Israeli social struggle and in the occupied West Bank. The Israeli State increases its threats against activists on both sides and is contemplating in public to enhance its shooting policy qualitatively. Meanwhile, targeting the young kids they have started to arrest 7/8-year-olds too. The third intifada is gradually escalating from non-violent struggle to still unarmed but a stone-throwing one. The kids are throwing back tear gas canisters and the state forces often get to taste their own medicine. In Israel, the activists in the social struggle are not yet many, but the marching is not just a parade any more and the homes of the relevant ministers get frequent visits. It is still not sure if the masses will participate again as they did two years ago, but it may come sooner than later as the austerity measures are already being felt. [Italiano] read full story / add a comment
yunanistan / türkiye / kıbrıs / community struggles / press release Wednesday June 12, 2013 19:15 by Relations Internationales de la CGA
"Relations Internationales de la Coordination des Groupes Anarchistes" (Fransa)'nın “Toprak ve Özgürlük Kooperatifi”ne gönderdiği dayanışma mesajıdır. [Français] read full story / add a comment
Foto: Hassan Daboos Photography 2013
mashrek / arabia / irak / lotte sul territorio / cronaca Tuesday June 11, 2013 05:36 by Ilan S.   image 1 image
Già da più di 2 anni è in fermento la ribellione contro l'aspro intensificarsi del neoliberismo globale. La lotta contro i processi a livello locale sta sopravanzando gli sforzi dell'elite locale che cerca di intensificare lo scontro con i Palestinesi al fine di "ammorbidirne la resistenza". Passata l'ondata più drammatica di due anni fa, rimane a livello locale un fermento in posizione di attesa di un fattore scatenante a livello locale o internazionale. Sono ben pochi coloro che sono rimasti all'interno degli Anarchici Contro il Muro dopo 10 anni di lotta, ma i nuovi attivisti stanno prendendo il posto di coloro che hanno perso le energie e proseguiranno con la stesso livello di attività - oppure hanno già lasciato il paese. [English] read full story / add a comment
Ελλάδα / Τουρκία / Κύπρος / Λαϊκοί Αγώνες / Ανακοίνωση Τύπου Friday June 07, 2013 21:18 by Ελευθεριακή Πρωτοβουλία Θεσσαλονίκης   image 1 image
Κανένας πόλεμος μεταξύ των λαών, καμιά ειρήνη μεταξύ των τάξεων - Ανακοίνωση της Ελευθερακής Πρωτοβουλίας Θεσσαλονίκης read full story / add a comment
grèce / turquie / chypre / luttes dans la communauté / communiqué de presse Friday June 07, 2013 17:59 by Relations Internationales de la CGA
Depuis plusieurs jours, un mouvement populaire de grande ampleur se développe contre l'État AKP en Turquie. Le point de départ de ce mouvement : la lutte contre la gentrification urbaine à Istanbul, et plus particulièrement contre la destruction du parc Gezi au profit des promoteurs immobiliers. [Türkçe] read full story / add a comment
southern africa / community struggles / opinion / analysis Wednesday June 05, 2013 22:11 by Bongi Motahane   image 1 image
On 22 August 2012, communities from in, and out, of Gauteng had a meeting at Khanya College, Johannesburg, on the Marikana massacre. More than half of the 50 people who participated, most of the delegates, came from the mine areas affected by the situation in the North West Province.
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Ελλάδα / Τουρκία / Κύπρος / Λαϊκοί Αγώνες / Ανακοίνωση Τύπου Wednesday June 05, 2013 20:13 by Devrimci Anarşist Faaliyet   image 1 image
Κάλεσμα των Επαναστατών Αναρχικών για διεθνή αλληλεγγύη στην εν εξελίξει λαϊκή εξέγερση ενάντια στην κρατική τρομοκρατία -
Μετά απο επαφή με την συντροφική μας οργάνωση στην Istanbul την Devrimci Anarşist Faaliyet (DAF) "Αναρχική Επανασταστική Δράση" μας στάλθηκε κείμενο μέλους της στα αγγλικά, με το οποίο οι αναρχικοί της Τουρκιας στέλνουν διεθνές κάλεσμα αλληλεγγύης στην εξέγερση του λαού τους. Το κείμενο μεταφρασμένο στα ελληνικά. Παράλληλα έγινε μια πρώτη ενημέρωση στους συντρόφους για τις κινήσεις αλληλεγγύης στην Ελλάδα. read full story / add a comment
grecia / turchia / cipro / lotte sul territorio / appello / petizione Wednesday June 05, 2013 15:15 by Devrimci Anarşist Faaliyet   image 1 image
La scorsa settimana un gruppo di manifestanti diede inizio ad un'azione di vigilanza dopo che alcuni alberi erano stati illegalmente sradicati in nome dei pogetti di gentrificazione urbana. Nel secondo giorno di protesta, al mattino presto, la polizia ha attaccato pesantemente con lacrimogeni, getti d'acqua compressa e proiettili di plastica, ferendo molti manifestanti. E' stata la scintilla che è scoccata contro questo atto di terrorismo di stato e che si è propagata in tutto il paese dando origine ad un'azione massiccia e organizzando una grossa rivolta. Le gente si è organizzata contro i crescenti attacchi, contro il terrorismo di stato e contro la violenza della polizia, è scesa nelle strade nell'area della resistenza. Questa rivolta popolare è in corso da 4 giorni ed è in progressivo allargamento. [English] read full story / add a comment
venezuela / colombia / community struggles / opinión / análisis Tuesday June 04, 2013 23:45 by Comité Editorial Acción Libertaria   image 1 image
Dejémonos de hipocresías. Las cosas como son: el sistema de injusticia en el que vivimos no merece ninguna consideración. Resultó que ahora, debido al hambre que sufren millones de seres humanos y a la humillación a la que nos somete el orden en permanente “crisis”, el sistema saca a sus ideólogos baratos (disfrazados de periodistas) para mitigar el producto de la razón de su existencia. read full story / add a comment
Photo: Hassan Daboos Photography 2013
mashriq / arabia / iraq / community struggles / news report Tuesday June 04, 2013 15:50 by Ilan S.   image 1 image
For already more than two years the rebellion against the sharp intensification of global neo-liberalism is fermenting. The struggle against the local processes is overcoming efforts by the local elite to use intensifying conflicts with the Palestinians to "soften the resistance". The more dramatic wave of two years ago has passed but not without permanent ferment that is just waiting for a local or international trigger. There are very few who have persisted in the Israeli Anarchists Against the Wall initiative throughout the 10 years of struggle, but new activists are taking the place of those who lost the energy and will to continue at the same level of activity - or have just left the country. The weekly persistent demos in Bil'in, Ma'sara, Ni'lin, Nabi Saleh, Qaddum, and Sheikh Jarrah hold the flag high. This week the uprising in Turkey is only the the freshest one of the new mode. [Italiano] read full story / add a comment
greece / turkey / cyprus / community struggles / news report Tuesday June 04, 2013 15:35 by Devrimci Anarşist Faaliyet   image 1 image
Last week a group of protesters started guarding action after some trees were taken down illegally in the name of urban gentrification projects. In the second day of the protest, very early in the morning, the police attacked the protesters heavily with gas bombs, presssured water and plastic bullets and wounded many protesteds. A spark began against this event of state terrorism and spread accross the country turning into a massive action and organized the big revolt. The public organized against increasing attacks, state terrorism and police violence and have been turning the streets into the area of resistance. This public revolt has been streaming for four days and is constantly spreading. [Italiano] read full story / add a comment
grèce / turquie / chypre / luttes dans la communauté / article de fond Tuesday June 04, 2013 15:30 by Aurélie   text 1 comment (last - thursday june 06, 2013 23:48)   image 1 image
Le problème actuel n’est donc pas les arbres du parc Gezi, mais trouve sa source dans de multiples situations antérieures. C’est la raison pour laquelle des militants d’extrême gauche, des anarchistes, des kémalistes, des islamistes, et des individus issus de tous les horizons possibles défilent côte-à-côte dans les rues, pour des raisons multiples et personnelles mais qui débouchent toutes sur un désir de faire partir le gouvernement AKP. read full story / add a comment
Ελλάδα / Τουρκία / Κύπρος / Λαϊκοί Αγώνες / Ανακοίνωση Τύπου Monday June 03, 2013 21:04 by Αναρχοσυνδικαλιστική Πρωτοβουλία Ροσινάντε   image 2 images
Από την Ελλάδα μέχρι την Τουρκία η αλληλεγγύη θα γίνει η εκδίκησή μας - Ανακοίνωση της Αναρχοσυνδικαλιστικής Πρωτοβουλίας Ροσινάντε read full story / add a comment
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textPalestine-Israel, The joint struggle continues with fresh conviction that it is a fulcrum of the int... 18:56 Sat 18 Apr by Ilan S. 0 comments

With the conviction that our main contribution is not so much in changes on the ground but in the spirit of the struggle of the participants and the fulcrum we provide to the international lever. The gradual increase in international pressure which the Israeli high court verdict is that is a criminal act for Israeli to promote causing already much of damages in the economy of occupation and concern of the Zionist-colonialist Israeli ruling Elite. We see here again how small number of activists can initiate a turn in the course of history when it is applied in the ripe cross-road. It started in a small joint camp in Masha 2003 for struggle against the separation fence, after the idea raised half a year earlier in the European People Global Action conference in Leiden - in which activists from the East of the Mediterranean region participated too. The camp initiated struggles in various villages that riped at 2005 in the Bil'in struggle... which expanded and expanded...

textPalestine-Israel, The collapse of the deterrent ability of Israel in the last Gaza war is expressed ... 04:37 Wed 08 Apr by Ilan S. 0 comments

The frustrated Israeli state force who do not dare to prevent the weekly non armed popular demonstrations - Joined and purely of Palestinians, resort to shooting on demonstrators with frequent use of live fire by snippers. In the annexed regions of Jerusalem they no more pretend it is not an occupied area and apply there the occupation procedures - both in treatment of detaining children and houses demolition. The "hot" areas of the popular non armed struggle gradually expand but still far away from a general uprising. The international popular struggle worry the Israeli elite but the damages to the Israeli economy is still in the margins. It seems the Zionist settler colonialist elite which bribed the tycoons section of the capitalist elite with extreme neo liberal measures cannot do it any more as other sections of the capitalist elite (backers of Cakhlon) rebelled.

textPalestina-Israele, la lotta unitaria in tempi turbolenti di frammentazione della classe dirigente si... 16:27 Thu 26 Mar by Ilan S. 0 comments

La saldatura tra le classi dirigenti sioniste e capitaliste che era iniziata nel 1948, è controllata dal 2010 dai magnati dell'economia. Quel neoliberismo "così vincente" è stato sfidato dalla lotta sociale, dai conflitti all'interno della stessa classe dirigente capitalista e minacciato dalla pressione internazionale che mina il potere calante del vecchio ordine da quando la destra ha perso la maggioranza assoluta nel parlamento a causa ora dell'opposizione sionista più moderata (Kachlon). Non è certo quanto velocemente l'arretramento della corrente neoliberista insieme alla sconfitta dei magnati e combinata con la pressione internazionale porteranno ad un arretramento anche del progetto di espansione sionista che espelle i Palestinesi. [English]

textPalestina-Israele, anno decisivo per la lotta unitaria 18:15 Sun 22 Mar by Ilan S. 0 comments

La pur minima pressione delle potenze imperialiste su Israele affinché attenui la sua morsa sui Palestinesi delle aree occupate nel 1967 sta dando i suoi risultati (più in Cisgiordania che nel ghetto di Gaza). Infatti Israele sta dando lavoro ai circa 100.000 Palestinesi dei territori occupati. La maggior parte dei posti di blocco sono stati rimossi. La rivolta dei Palestinesi in Cisgiordania prosegue solo grazie ai canali di una piccola minoranza di attivisti che tengono vive lotte sia unitarie che separate durante il weekend. [English]

textPalestine-Israel, the joint struggle in turbulent times of the fragmentation in the Zionist rilling ... 15:22 Sun 22 Mar by Ilan S. 0 comments

The merger between the Zionist leadership and the capitalist elite which started 1948 picked in the Tycoons dominance, at 20010. The "too successful" neo-liberalism was challenged by the social struggle, conflicts within the capitalist elite and threatened by international pressure yielded the diminishing power of the old order when the right lost its absolute power in the parliament depending now on the opponent of the milder Zionist right (Kachlon). It is not sure how fast the retreat in the neo-liberal trend and the defeat of the Tycoons combined with the international pressure will yield also retreat in the advance of the Zionist settler and transfer effort. Mean time the joint struggle continue in Bil'in, Ni'ilin, Nebi Saleh, Kadum, Ma'asarah, Southern Hebron Hills, Sheikh Jarrah, the Bedouins of the south, Dahamsh... with additional locations from time to time. [Italiano]

textPalestine-Israel, The joined struggle in a decisive year* 23:42 Mon 09 Mar by Ilan S. 0 comments

The minimal pressure of the imperial power on Israel to soften its pressures applied to the would be transfered Palestinians of the 1967 occupied areas have its results (more in the west bank than in the Gaza Ghetto). The about 100.000 Palestinians of the occupied territories are employed by Israelis. Most of the roadblocks were removed. The rebellion of the Palestinians in the west bank is channeled mostly through a small minority of activists in the joint and separate week end activities. People are like holding their breath to see if the culminated crisis in the international arena will yield a significant break throw. Mean time, the persistent week end struggles - though in a diminished intensity in Bil'in, Ma'asara, Ni'ilin, Nabi Saleh, Qaddum, South of Hebron Hills, Sheik Jarrah... with sporadic struggles in other locations. [Italiano]

textPalestina-Israele, 10 anni di lotta unitaria a Bil'in contro i coloni, contro il muro/recinzione del... 00:21 Sat 21 Feb by Ilan S. 0 comments

La lotta unitaria dei comitati popolari dei villaggi e degli israeliani di "Anarchici contro il muro" è iniziata circa 12 anni fa nel campo di Mas'ha. Le lotte unitarie si sono sviluppate in vari villaggi con successo alterno, ma solo la lotta del villaggio di Bil'in si è fatta persistente anno dopo anno tenendo alta la bandiera della lotta popolare non-armata e diventando il punto di riferimento per l'attenzione e l'ispirazione dei Palestinesi di tutta di Cisgiordania e di migliaia di attivisti internazionali che si sono uniti a noi per brevi periodi (alcuni anche più a lungo) diffondendo le notizie e la lotta una volta tornati a casa. Anche alcune migliaia di attivisti della variegata sinistra radicale israeliana sono stati a Bil'in almeno una volta aiutandoci ad impedire l'emarginazione della resistenza popolare palestinese. [English] imageΕνάντια στις αυξήσ&#... 16:33 Wed 18 Feb by «Μαύρο & Κόκκινο» 0 comments

Κείμενο ενάντια στις αυξήσεις τους αποκλεισμούς του ΟΑΣΘ που μοιράζεται σε στάσεις του ΟΑΣΘ στη Θεσσαλονίκη.

textAlla conquista dell'organizzazione, verso il Social Strike europeo 20:34 Mon 16 Feb by Coalizione dei Laboratori dello Sciopero sociale 0 comments

Obiettivi principali del II atto dello Strike Meeting sono stati: il consolidamento e l'articolazione della coalizione sociale e l'estensione europea del processo dello Sciopero sociale.

textPalestina-Israele, il 20 febbraio compie 10 anni la lotta di Bil'in che ha ispirato la lotta popolar... 23:59 Sun 08 Feb by Ilan S. 0 comments

Gli attivisti di Bil'in non furono i primi ad aderire alla lotta popolare non armata contro il muro della separazione, contro l'occupazione e contro l'insediamento dei coloni. Tuttavia, gli attivisti di Bil'in insieme agli Anarchici Contro il Muro furono i primi a dare inizio ad una lotta persistente settimana dopo settimana. Gli attivisti dei villaggi più vicini e quelli più lontani sono venuti a Bil'in per portare il loro sostegno, per trarne ispirazione ed iniziare insieme la lotta anche nei loro villaggi. Ni'lin, Ma'sara, Beit Ummar per alcuni anni... e poi ancora altri villaggi che lottano contro l'invasione dei coloni e contro i posti di blocco degli occupanti come Nabi Saleh and Qaddum. [English]

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image[Colombia] Ante el terror y la impunidad. Levantamiento popular Apr 26 by Walter Guadalupe 0 comments

En lo poco que va del 2015 en Colombia, según la defensoría del pueblo, se han registrado, en todo el territorio dominado por el estado colombiano, un poco más de 283 movilizaciones. Plantones, concentraciones, marchas, bloqueos de vías, enfrentamientos directos con las fuerzas de seguridad, cese de actividades, han sido algunas de las expresiones de inconformidad de diversos sectores de la sociedad. Las acciones colectivas o de protesta de las comunidades organizadas han llamado la atención sobre temas tan diversos como la educación, la salud, el trabajo, la defensa del territorio, entre otros. Las respuestas del estado a las demandas de la comunidad no se han salido del libreto: dilación, represión y terror.

imagePontes e aproximações entre o anarquismo e o Confederalismo Democrático Apr 24 by BrunoL 0 comments

Pontes e aproximações entre o anarquismo e o Confederalismo Democrático.

23 de abril de 2015 – Bruno Lima Rocha

Segue a introdução escrita por Pablo Misraji, responsável pela radução do segundo artigo de uma série sobre a questão da Revolução Social contemporânea de Rojava, no Curdistão. Neste ensaio, as distinções e proximidades teórico-práticas com outras experiências de autogestão econômica e política, são apresentadas e permitem que os projetos políticos de transformação social continuadamente catalisem a força social e se condicionem às metodologias da realidade.

Introdução para esta questão em particular

Nesta seção eu vou expor algumas informações históricas básicas sobre o modelo de organização política anarquista e, no final, fazer uma comparação entre essas experiências e na contemporaneidade, com a estratégia da organização política que pretende ser a catalisadora de uma transformação social pelo Confederalismo Democrático.

imageO Confederalismo Democrático e a Economia Coletivista Apr 04 by BrunoL 0 comments

2 de abril de 2015 – Bruno Lima Rocha

Este ensaio é o início de uma tentativa de desenvolver uma abordagem libertária de esquerda em direção a um modelo econômico, especificamente em relação a um modelo que é compatível com as formações políticas do Confederalismo Democrático, também conhecido como Municipalismo Libertário. Nesta fase, o objetivo é o desenvolvimento de um trabalho conjunto de ferramentas de análise e de aprendizagem que seja fomentado entre a Esquerda Libertária. Para este fim submeto este texto relativamente simples para fornecer noções acessíveis para aqueles que lutam para construir uma sociedade baseada na Confederalismo Democrático.

imageEscenario complejo de la crisis política brasileña en 2015 Mar 31 by BrunoL 0 comments

Por Bruno Lima Rocha

En este texto seguimos profundizando el debate, para hacer un esfuerzo analítico, en el sentido de ser más didáctico, y así instrumentar el debate con la izquierda del gobierno brasileño. Para los y las lectoras desde afuera, es necesario mostrar la situación compleja en la cual hoy vive Brasil, como la crisis política generada a partir de las denuncias de corrupción estructural en Petrobrás. El no cumplimiento de las promesas de la campaña, por la presidenta reelecta Dilma Rousseff (PT), como la política de calle de la derecha neoliberal, maniobrando con recursos publicitarios y bastante inspirada en los escuálidos de Venezuela, pero aún sin guarimba. En este primero texto vamos a comenzar con el tema de la Legitimidad y en su secuencia, para el inicio del debate en cuanto a calidad del liderazgo Político.

imageLa Plata O La Calidad: Que Es Más Importante En Transmilenio Mar 30 by Aporte al Colectivo SubVersión 0 comments

Hace unos días Transmilenio informó que se utilizarán unas puertas nuevas ‘Anti colados’, que empezarán a funcionar en abril de 2015. Dichas puertas tienen un marco color naranja que al parecer se activan con un sensor que percibe al bus cuando llega a la estación, y en caso de que falle, un operario tendría un control remoto para activar la puerta.

more >>

imageΕνάντια στις αυξήσ&#... Feb 18 0 comments

Κείμενο ενάντια στις αυξήσεις τους αποκλεισμούς του ΟΑΣΘ που μοιράζεται σε στάσεις του ΟΑΣΘ στη Θεσσαλονίκη.

textAlla conquista dell'organizzazione, verso il Social Strike europeo Feb 16 Roma 13-14-15 febbraio 2015 0 comments

Obiettivi principali del II atto dello Strike Meeting sono stati: il consolidamento e l'articolazione della coalizione sociale e l'estensione europea del processo dello Sciopero sociale.

imageΠολιτική Ανακοίνω ... Jan 22 0 comments

Ότι υπόσχονται οι εκλογές το πετυχαίνει ο καθημερινός αγώνας.~ Δεν ψηφίζουμε, προετοιμάζουμε την Κοινωνική Επανάσταση.

«Αυτός που ψηφίζει και δεν κάνει τίποτε για την Κοινωνική Επανάσταση κι αυτός που δεν ψηφίζει κι ομοίως δεν κάνει τίποτε για την Κοινωνική Επανάσταση είναι το ίδιο άχρηστοι για την υπόθεσή μας.» -Β. Durruti-

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Οι Βιομηχανικοί Εργάτες του Κόσμου (IWW) δεν βλέπουν τίποτα καλό σε μια οικονομία που ελέγχεται από εταιρικά στελέχη ή από πολιτικούς, πόσο μάλλον σε μια κοινωνία που οργανώνεται με αυτόν τον τρόπο. Αντιθέτως θέλουν μια κοινωνία που να διευθύνεται από τους εργαζόμενους της μέσω άμεσης δημοκρατικής διαδικασίας χωρίς ιεραρχία.

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Στα 2,5 χρόνια αυτής της Βουλής και αυτής της κυβέρνησης, η βάρβαρη επίθεση του Κεφαλαίου προς την Εργασία και την κοινωνία ευρύτερα εξακολούθησε την πορεία όξυνσής της. Εργατικά δικαιώματα ξηλώθηκαν, οι συλλογικές συμβάσεις και ο κατώτατος μισθός καταργήθηκαν, η ανεργία και η φτώχεια γιγαντώθηκαν σε αδιανόητα επίπεδα, η ανθρώπινη αξιοπρέπεια κατακρεουργήθηκε, η κρατική τρομοκρατία κατέστησε ανυπόφορη τη ζωή ντόπιων και μεταναστών και επιτέθηκε με αγριότητα στις κοινωνικές αντιστάσεις.

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