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Βαλκανικές Χώρες / Αναρχική Ιστορία / Γνώμη / Ανάλυση Monday September 01, 2008 20:50 by Michael Schmidt (ZACF)   text 1 comment (last - tuesday september 02, 2008 15:56)   image 1 image
Του Michael Schmidt (ZACF, Νότια Αφρική) με τη βοήθεια του Jack Grancharoff, (1) βετεράνου Βούλγαρου αναρχικού. Διορθώσεις και επιμέλεια στην αγγλική γλώσσα Will Firth. Ελληνική μετάφραση «ούτε θεός-ούτε αφέντης», Αύγουστος 2008. read full story / add a comment
regione balcanica / storia dell'anarchismo / opinione / analisi Monday September 01, 2008 18:53 by Michael Schmidt   image 1 image
Agli inizi del XX secolo, l'anarchismo si configurava come un movimento di massa organizzato in Cecoslovacchia, Ungheria e Polonia; del resto gli anarchici erano già stati protagonisti nell'insurrezione del 1873 in Bosnia-Erzegovina contro il potere austro-ungarico. Ma fu in Bulgaria e nella vicina Macedonia che si sviluppò la prima e notevole esperienza di anarchismo organizzato, nel bel mezzo del gioco di potere tra le grandi potenze dell'epoca. Questo movimento ben poco studiato non solo diede il suo contributo di sangue nelle lotte di liberazione nazionale e nell'opposizione armata sia al fascismo che allo stalinismo, ma si sviluppò come movimento di massa diverso e resistente, e fu il primo ad adottare come prima pietra di fondazione la tanto dibattuta Piattaforma del 1926 edita dai makhnovisti ucraini esuli a Parigi. Per queste ragioni è di vitale importanza che il rinato movimento comunista anarchico nel nuovo millennio si confronti con l'eredità dei Balcani. Questo articolo, che prende le mosse dal 1919, è un estratto dal volume in due tomi sull'anarchismo e sul sindacalismo, "Counter-Power" [contropotere], scritto da me con Lucien van der Walt, una sorta di storia globale e di teoria del movimento che sta per uscire entro l'anno negli USA per i tipi delle edizioni AK Press. read full story / add a comment
balkans region / history of anarchism / feature Sunday August 24, 2008 06:28 by Michael Schmidt   text 13 comments (last - wednesday november 20, 2013 16:09)   image 6 images
In the early 20th Century, anarchism entrenched itself as a mass organisational movement in Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Poland - anarchists having already been active in the 1873 uprisings in Bosnia and Herzegovina against Austro-Hungarian control. But it was primarily in Bulgaria and its neighbour Macedonia that a remarkable case of anarchist organising arose, in the midst of the power-play between the great powers.This poorly-studied movement not only blooded itself in national liberation struggles and armed opposition to both fascism and Stalinism, but developed a notably diverse and resilient mass movement, the first to adopt the controversial 1926 Platform of the Ukrainian Makhnovist exiles in Paris 2 as its lodestone. For these reasons it is vital that the revived anarchist-communist movement in the new millennium re-examine the legacy of the Balkans.This article, which begins mid-stream in 1919, is a version of an extract from the two-volume work on anarchism & syndicalism, Counter-Power, co-written by Lucien van der Walt, a global history and theory of the movement, which is due to be published in book form by AK Press in the USA in 2008. [Italiano] [Ελληνικά] [Castellano] read full story / add a comment
balkans region / imperialismo / guerra / opinião / análise Saturday February 23, 2008 07:51 by Manuel Baptista (a título pessoal)   text 1 comment (last - saturday february 23, 2008 21:23)
Tem sido fértil a actualidade em relação aos Balcãs, a propósito da independência kosovar, programada e mesmo organizada pela UE e USA. read full story / add a comment
Βαλκανικές Χώρες / Αναρχικό κίνημα / Νέα Wednesday February 13, 2008 18:30 by ASK - Anarhisticki Sajam Knjiga
Η 4η Έκθεση Αναρχικού Βιβλίου στο Ζάγκρεμπ της Κροατίας θα γίνει από τις 11 έως τις 13 Απρίλη 2008 read full story / add a comment
balkans region / anarchist movement / anarchist communist event Friday January 25, 2008 20:24 by Anarhisticki sajam knjiga
The Fourth Anarchist Bookfair in Zagreb will take place on April 11th to April 13th, 2008.
Anarchist Bookfair in Zagreb (ASK - Anarhisticki sajam knjiga) is annual anarchist event that aims to become a long-term, developing project. First three bookfairs went well, and we hope to bring in more and more people every year as participants, publishers, groups, projects - whoever is interested in what the bookfair has to offer. read full story / add a comment
balkans region / anarchist movement / anarchist communist event Friday December 14, 2007 19:43 by (A) Infoshop
Petek, 14. december 2007, ob 20h. V Infoshopu bomo gostili tovariše iz Zabalaze, ki bodo predstavili kratko zgodovino anarhističnega in anarho-sindikalističnega gibanja v Južnoafriški republiki v začetku dvajsetega stoletja, obdobje apartheida in njegove posledice ter novi val stavk in študentskih protestov proti privatizaciji.
Po predstavitvi bo potekala debata in sproščeno druženje. Vabljeni! read full story / add a comment
Σύντομη βιογραφία του Βούλγαρου αναρχικού γιατρού Todor «Tocho» Mitev, που εγκατέλειψε τη χώρα του αρνούμενος να συνεργαστεί με την αστυνομία. read full story / add a comment
Βαλκανικές Χώρες / Περιβάλλον / Νέα Friday October 05, 2007 10:56 by "AnarhoSaprotiva"
Τους τελευταίους μήνες, ο περιβαλλοντικός χώρος στη Βουλγαρία άρχισε να μετατρέπεται σε κάτι σαν ένα πραγματικό κίνημα. read full story / add a comment
Ψήφισμα του Εθνικού Συνεδρίου της Ομοσπονδίας Αναρχικών Βουλγαρίας (FAB), Μάης 19-20 1990, Kasanlak read full story / add a comment
balkans region / history of anarchism / opinion / analysis Thursday September 20, 2007 18:51 by FAB   text 1 comment (last - friday september 05, 2008 00:42)
Resolution of the National Congress of the Federation of Anarchists in Bulgaria (FAB) May 19-20, 1990 in Kasanlak read full story / add a comment
Βιβλιογραφικές πληροφορίες για τη φοιτήτρια, ηθοποιό και αναρχική επαναστάτρια Mariola Sirakova από τη Βουλγαρία. read full story / add a comment
Σύντομη βιογραφία του Βούλγαρου αναρχικού αγωνιστή και εργατικού οργανωτή που δολοφονήθηκε από την κομμουνιστική μυστική αστυνομία. read full story / add a comment
Βαλκανικές Χώρες / Αναρχικό κίνημα / Νέα Thursday May 03, 2007 15:12 by Bulgarian @
Σύντομη ανταπόκριση για την αναρχική Πρωτομαγιάτικη πορεία στη Σόφια. read full story / add a comment
Greek translation of “To Anarchists of All Countries” by Bulgarian Anarchist Communist Federation (from “Bulgaria: A New Spain”, by Kulak Press., London 1983). read full story / add a comment
balkans region / history of anarchism / opinion / analysis Saturday March 24, 2007 14:50 by B.A.C.F.<   text 1 comment (last - saturday september 22, 2007 03:39)
he truth is, the anarchists are the only group in Bulgaria who have not bowed down. In the concentration camps they alone have refused steadfastly to sign the oath of loyalty to the Fatherland Front. Among the blacklisted workers and the many expelled university students, the anarchists are the only ones who do not beg for mercy. Of all the opposition groups, the anarchists alone still refuse to join the government’s single party. read full story / add a comment
Βαλκανικές Χώρες / Εκπαίδευση / Νέα Wednesday March 14, 2007 11:31 by ανώνυμος
Μικρή αναφορά από συμμετέχοντα. Περίπου 300 φοιτητές συμμετείχαν στη διαδήλωση μπροστά στην έδρα της Αρχιτεκτονικής Σχολής Βελιγραδίου, στις 12 Μάρτη 2007. read full story / add a comment
Παρουσίαση του βιβλίου του μέλους της ΟΑΕ, Τ. Γιαννικάκη «Το Χρονικό της πτώσης του Σ. Μιλόσεβιτς», εκδόσεις «Άρδην», Αθήνα 2007, σελ. 96 read full story / add a comment
Βαλκανικές Χώρες / Καταστολή / Φυλακές / Ανακοίνωση Τύπου Saturday January 20, 2007 11:06 by αναρχικοί από Φλώρινα   text 1 comment (last - tuesday january 23, 2007 01:24)
Από ανταπόκριση αναρχικών από τη Φλώρινα στο αθηναϊκό Indymedia την Πέμπτη, 18 Ιανουαρίου 2007 read full story / add a comment
Για τρίτη συνεχή χρονιά οργανώνεται στο Ζάγκρεμπ της Κροατίας Έκθεση Αναρχικού Βιβλίου (ASK - Anarhisticki Sajam Knjiga). read full story / add a comment
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