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international / economy / opinion / analysis Thursday November 17, 2011 23:58 byPaulB   image 1 image
Armoured cars and tanks and guns did not come to take away their sons, but the peoples of Greece and Italy last week found that their elected governments had been replaced overnight by a new postmodern dictatorship of ECB-appointed "technocrat" Viceroys. Clearly in the new Eurozone, the old liberal dogma that modern capitalism and liberal democracy are joined at the hip, has turned out to be just another fairy story. [Italiano] read full story / add a comment
venezuela / colombia / imperialismo / guerra / non-anarchist press Thursday November 17, 2011 22:53 byComisión Intereclesial de Justicia y Paz
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Los contenidos de una reunión sostenida el pasado viernes 5 de noviembre con integrantes del gobierno nacional en Bogotá y delegados de los consejos comunitarios de Curbaradó y Jiguamiandó se encuentran en poder de los grupos paramilitares que operan en esta región del país. read full story / add a comment
américa del norte / méxico / economía / reseña Thursday November 17, 2011 18:56 byGerardo Peláez Ramos   image 1 image
Publicado originalmente en "Memoria", revista del Centro de Estudios del Movimiento Obrero y Socialista, núm. 15, agosto de 1987.

Lo reproducimos en para el rescate de la memoria histórica de las clases populares mexicanas, no como una mera exhumación con fines académicos, sino como aporte a la formación política de los militantes actuales, para una comprensión más cabal de la realidad que pretenden transformar.
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italy / switzerland / economy / press release Thursday November 17, 2011 17:55 byFdCA National Secretariat   image 1 image
Decades of rampant neoliberalism, and now Western economies are being faced with the bill. Decades of wage cuts, privatization, public service cuts, the shifting of wealth from production to finance, are now handing over the bill to various States. [Italiano] [Castellano] read full story / add a comment
venezuela / colombia / education / non-anarchist press Thursday November 17, 2011 17:08 byAVN
El proyecto de reforma de la Ley de Educación Superior fue retirado oficialmente este miércoles de La Cámara de Representantes del Congreso colombiano.
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central africa / community struggles / non-anarchist press Thursday November 17, 2011 14:22 byLouise Redvers
LUANDA, Nov 15, 2011 (IPS) - Adolfo Andre knows what he wants for his country and says he will fight on until he gets it. "What we need is the president to leave power, he’s been there for too many years and it is time for him to go," he said defiantly. "When I see my brothers and sisters living in these terrible conditions when the country is so rich yet people are dying of hunger and from not having clean water or medicines, I have to fight for this because I am Angolan." read full story / add a comment
internazionale / vari / editoriale Thursday November 17, 2011 07:45 byJosé Antonio Gutiérrez D.   image 1 image
È bastato solo una profonda crisi economica e un po' di malcontento popolare perché le democrazie europee abbandonassero la loro facciata liberale e si mostrassero per ciò che realmente sono: la dittatura del grande Capitale. Non vale nulla il parere dei cittadini, il colpo di Stato in Grecia, la nomina dei tecnocrati al governo in Italia e il governo in Irlanda telecomandato da Bruxelles, queste sono le migliori prove che nemmeno in Europa si esita a prescindere dai formalismi democratici se gli interessi dell'1% sono a rischio. Mentre la scontentezza generale e la mobilitazione popolare aumentano, che cosa succederà ora? [Castellano] [English] [Ελληνικά] read full story / add a comment
Ελλάδα / Τουρκία / Κύπρος / Εργατικοί Αγώνες / Ανακοίνωση Τύπου Thursday November 17, 2011 05:36 byΑναρχοσυνδικαλιστική Πρωτοβουλία Ροσινάντε   image 1 image
Ανακοίνωση της Αναρχοσυνδικαλιστικής Πρωτοβουλίας Ροσινάντε για τις πρόσφατες εξελίξεις της «δημοκρατίας» τους. read full story / add a comment
Ελλάδα / Τουρκία / Κύπρος / Λαϊκοί Αγώνες / Ανακοίνωση Τύπου Thursday November 17, 2011 03:46 byΑντιεξουσιαστική Πρωτοβουλία Κορίνθου   image 1 image
οξυδέρκεια όμως προαπαιτεί βαθιά πολιτική και κοινωνική συνείδηση. Η αντιπροσωπευτική δικτατορία των κυρίαρχων κομμάτων της Μεταπολίτευσης, δίνει πλέον τη θέση της, οριστικά και αμετκλητα στο νεοολοκληρωτικό μοντέλο κυριαρχίας που περιλαμβάνει συνασπισμούς των πολιτικών δυνάμεων της εξουσίας και μετατροπή του κοινοβουλίου σ’ ένα κανονικό θέατρο σκιών, όπου ακόμα και οι μη άμεσα εμπλεκόμενοι, στο πανηγύρι της διανομής ρόλων, έχουν αναλάβει την διάσωση του συστήματος απ’ την άλλη όχθη. read full story / add a comment
north africa / history / opinion / analysis Thursday November 17, 2011 01:20 byRed and Black
Anthony Gorman, 2010, "'Diverse In Race, Religion And Nationality . . . But United In Aspirations Of Civil Progress': The Anarchist Movement In Egypt 1860–1940," in Steve Hirsch and Lucien van der Walt (eds), "Anarchism and Syndicalism in the Colonial and Postcolonial World, 1870-1940: the praxis of national liberation, internationalism and social revolution," Leiden, Boston, Brill.

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