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imageVal Susa: Padrone e padroni 15:26 Jul 12 0 comments

image¡Peligro, que viene el Papa! 05:42 Jul 12 0 comments

italia / svizzera / repressione / prigionieri / evento comunista anarchico Tuesday July 12, 2011 17:47 by FdCA Emilia Romagna   image 1 image
Mercoledi 13 luglio 2011 alla Casa Bettola in via Martiri della Bettola 6, Reggio Emilia, dibbatito aperto: Genova 2001 - Genova 2011. read full story / add a comment
italia / svizzera / repressione / prigionieri / altra stampa libertaria Tuesday July 12, 2011 15:26 by Iniziativa Libertaria   image 1 image
E' giusto rispondere alla marea di dichiarazioni non corrispondenti al vero e altre sparate minacciose dette da Padrone, sindacalista dell'UGL polizia di Pordenone, all’indomani della manifestazione No Tav in Val Susa. read full story / add a comment
argentina/uruguay/paraguay / movimiento anarquista / anarchist communist event Tuesday July 12, 2011 08:59 by Biblioteca Popular José Ingenieros
Sábado 16 de julio, 20 hs., charla sobre "EL SUJETO DE LA REVOLUCION", por Eduardo Colombo, en la Biblioteca Popular José Ingenieros. read full story / add a comment
ireland / britain / miscellaneous / news report Tuesday July 12, 2011 08:57 by Jack White
It is this time of year again when the spectre of sectarianism and division comes to the fore in the north of Ireland. It is a time when communities, kerbstones and poles are marked and carved into territory. There are those who will be living in fear and silenced from speaking out while the rest of us are told to turn the other check in the interests of peace and stability. It is unfortunate, if perhaps somewhat inevitable, that the now annual battles around the ‘marching season’ fall along religious lines. The Orange parades are being used to test the supposed 'neutrality' of the northern regime and the PSNI in particular. The losing side in this dangerous game however is likely to be the working class, as the confrontations and the sectarian attacks that occur around the Orange marches drive people further into ‘their own’ communities.

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bolivia / peru / ecuador / chile / movimiento anarquista / opinión / análisis Tuesday July 12, 2011 08:29 by Federación Comunista Libertaria-FCL   image 1 image
En este primer número del boletín de opinión anarquista “Voz Negra”, realizaremos un análisis de la situación nacional, dando a conocer nuestros planteamientos políticos. Nos interesa especialmente dar a conocer nuestra interpretación del panorama actual de movilización social, entregando elementos para el debate entre las organizaciones sociales del campo popular y los militantes de intención revolucionaria que se encuentran dando la pelea.
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¡Peligro, que viene el Papa!
iberia / religión / other libertarian press Tuesday July 12, 2011 05:42 by CNT-AIT Madrid   image 1 image
CNT-AIT inicia su campaña contra la llamada Jornada Mundial de la Juventud organizada por la secta católica en agosto, durante la cual su líder, Ratzinger, visitará Madrid. read full story / add a comment
brazil/guyana/suriname/fguiana / anarchist movement / opinion / analysis Tuesday July 12, 2011 03:13 by Felipe Corrêa   image 1 image
"Towards a Libertarian Theory of Power" is a series of elaborated reviews about books or articles by authors from the libertarian camp who discuss power. Its objective is to present a contemporary literature of authors who treat the theme in question and contribute elements for the elaboration of a libertarian theory of power, that could contribute to the elaboration of a method of analysis of reality and of strategies of libertarian basis, to be utilised by individuals and organisations. Originally published in Portuguese on the site Estratégia e Análise. [Português] [Part 1: Ibáñez and Libertarian Political Power] read full story / add a comment
Revolutionary Trade Unionism: The Road to Workers’ Freedom

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