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north america / mexico / anarchist movement / opinion / analysis Tuesday January 21, 2014 04:19 by Wayne Price   text 4 comments (last - friday may 20, 2016 08:06)   image 1 image
This essay is slightly expanded from one which was rejected by a US anarchist magazine for political reasons. It deals with a disagreement among activists: Should we propose that the movement raise a program of demands? I think that anarchists should, but with a more libertarian-democratic version than the liberals and state socialists. The essay is followed by a response to the political points raised by the editors of the anarchist journal. read full story / add a comment
international / the left / review Monday December 30, 2013 13:27 by Wayne Price   text 1 comment (last - friday january 10, 2014 06:55)   image 1 image
This is a review of Ronald D. Tabor, The Tyranny of Theory: A Contribution to the Anarchist Critique of Marxism (2013).
Marxism, like anarchism, came out of movements for democracy, socialism, and working class liberation. Its goals were for a free, cooperative, classless, stateless, and nonoppressive society. Yet Marxism ended up establishing totalitarian, mass murdering, state capitalist, regimes. This is the paradox of Marxism. Why did this happen? An attempt to analyze this is made in this new book by Ron Tabor, a former Marxist and now an anarchist. Wayne discusses Ron's ideas. read full story / add a comment
international / the left / review Monday November 18, 2013 05:26 by Wayne Price   image 1 image
A Review of Peter Hudis (2013), “Marx’s Concept of the Alternative to Capitalism” from the viewpoint of a Marxist-informed revolutionary anarchist.
read full story / add a comment
north america / mexico / anarchist movement / feature Tuesday October 22, 2013 07:22 by Wayne Price   text 9 comments (last - saturday december 14, 2013 22:57)   image 1 image
Democratic Party politicians have denounced right-wing Republicans as "anarchists." Why? Are they "anarchists"? What about rightwingers who call themselves "libertarians"? Are "anarcho-capitalists" really anarchists? Are they consistent with the tradition of "individualist anarchism"? read full story / add a comment
international / economy / review Tuesday August 20, 2013 01:48 by Gabriel Kuhn   text 1 comment (last - tuesday august 20, 2013 06:32)   image 1 image
The Value of Radical Theory is a well-written, non-sectarian introduction to Marxism from an anarchist perspective. It highlights both the key differences between Marxism and anarchism and the potential for mutual learning. It engages with Marxism on the grounds of critical solidarity, which is the most promising start for any fruitful exchange. read full story / add a comment
international / the left / opinion / analysis Tuesday April 30, 2013 11:42 by Wayne Price   text 8 comments (last - sunday may 26, 2013 01:10)   image 1 image
Marxists argue that anarchists really do advocate a state, or something indistinguishable from one, but do not admit it. But what anarchists advocate is the overturning of the existing state and the creation of a new, nonstate, association of councils, assemblies, and a popular mililtia. There is no such thing as a "workers' state." read full story / add a comment
international / economy / press release Monday March 18, 2013 15:21 by Wayne Price   image 1 image
Annnouncemt of a new book by Wayne Price which is an introduction for anarchists and other libertarian socialists to Karl Marx's crtique of political economy. In what ways can Marx's economic critique be of assistance to anarchists? What are anarchists' critique of Marx's economic theories, goals, and method? read full story / add a comment
north america / mexico / history / opinion / analysis Monday January 28, 2013 01:21 by Wayne Price   image 1 image
For Black History Month: In 1941, the African-American labor leader, A. Philip Randolph made a call for a national demonstration by African-Americans in Washington, D.C. The demonstration never occurred, because of sabotage by White and Black liberals. But the organizing for it, and the movement behind it, continuing during World War II, had a big impact on U.S. Black people. It was an important influence preparing for the Civil Rights and Black Liberation struggles of the 1950s and ‘60s. read full story / add a comment
Γαλλία / Βέλγιο / Λουξεμβούργο / Ιμπεριαλισμός / Πόλεμος / Κριτική / Παρουσίαση Saturday January 26, 2013 12:06 by Wayne Price (μετάφραση filistina)   image 1 image
Αξιολόγηση του βιβλίου του David Porter, Κοιτάζοντας στο Νότο – Γάλλοι Αναρχικοί και Αλγερία - Από το 1954 έως το 1962, ένας βίαιος πόλεμος μαίνεται μεταξύ των λαών της Αλγερίας και του γαλλικού κράτους. Οι αναρχικοί στη Γαλλία έπαιξαν ένα μικρό αλλά σημαντικό ρόλο αντιδρώντας στον αποικιακό πόλεμο της κυβέρνησης. Οι δραστηριότητες και οι απόψεις των αναρχικών, μαζί με τη στάση τους προς την μεταπολεμική Αλγερία, παρουσιάζονται σε αυτό το εξαιρετικό βιβλίο. Οι τρόποι που οι Γάλλοι αναρχικοί αντιτίθενται στον πόλεμο και οι διαφορετικές απόψεις που είχαν πάνω σ’ αυτόν, μπορούν να βοηθήσουν τους σημερινούς αντιεξουσιαστές (στις ΗΠΑ και αλλού) να προβληματιστούν σχετικά με τους αγώνες κατά της εθνικής καταπίεσης. [English] read full story / add a comment
france / belgium / luxemburg / history of anarchism / feature Tuesday January 22, 2013 21:48 by Wayne Price   text 7 comments (last - wednesday february 20, 2013 20:07)   image 1 image
How did French anarchists deal with the Algerian revolution? How anarchists in an imperialist country reacted to a war for national liberation? What this tells us about how anarchists today should relate to current struggles for self-determination of oppressed peoples? [Ελληνικά] read full story / add a comment
ireland / britain / anarchist movement / link to pdf Monday December 10, 2012 19:57 by IAR   text 1 comment (last - sunday december 30, 2012 14:51)   image 1 image
Welcome to the sixth instalment of the Irish Anarchist Review, produced by the Workers Solidarity Movement. In this magazine we look to explore ideas about the world around us, how these ideas inform practice and how the intersection of the two leads to new theory, beginning the process afresh. We believe that ideas can only be tested in the laboratory of real life struggle and that this magazine can be a forum for activists who are part of the daily struggle that is going on right now. We hope that the articles here can stimulate discussion and debate and perhaps even motivate some of our readers to respond with articles of their own. read full story / add a comment
international / economy / review Wednesday November 07, 2012 09:23 by Wayne Price   text 2 comments (last - monday november 19, 2012 03:30)   image 1 image
There has been a flood of books about the Great Recession of 2007-2009 and the limping "recovery" which we are now living through - which the liberal economist Paul Krugman has called a "depression". Of the many works, one of the more interesting is by Foster & McChesney (2012). Among its several virtues are its clarity of style, rare among economists of any orientation. The chapters began as separate articles in the left magazine, "Monthly Review", of which Foster is the editor. (This causes some repetition.) It is a continuation of the previous book, The Great Financial Crisis: Causes and Consequences (Foster & Magdoff, 2009; reviewed by me: Price, 2010). read full story / add a comment
international / economy / review Wednesday August 08, 2012 09:57 by Wayne Price   text 58 comments (last - tuesday may 26, 2015 05:21)   image 3 images
Book review of David Graeber's "Debt: The First 5,000 Years." A good history of debt, credit, and money. Weaknesses in seeing debt as central to economic development, downplaying role of human labor, exploitation, and class struggle. This leads to a misunderstanding of the recent economic crisis, and to a limited and inadequate vision of a post-capitalist future. read full story / add a comment
regione baltica / movimento anarchico / cronaca Friday July 20, 2012 20:40 by Antti Rautiainen   image 1 image
Sono passati quasi due mesi dal 25/27 maggio quando si è tenuto il Meeting Anarchico del Baltico a Tallinn in Estonia, ma solo ora riesco a scriverne. Non ho visto finora nessun altro report, che spero potrebbero colmare eventuali mie lacune. [English] read full story / add a comment
baltic region / anarchist movement / news report Friday July 20, 2012 16:31 by Antti Rautiainen   image 1 image
Almost two months have passed since the Baltic Anarchist Meeting was organised in Tallinn of Estonia 25th-27th of May, but only now I had time to write some impressions. I haven't come across any other reports yet, but I hope they would show at some point up as I missed many of the discussions. [Italiano] read full story / add a comment
international / economy / debate Saturday July 07, 2012 03:04 by Robin Hahnel   text 2 comments (last - wednesday july 11, 2012 00:37)   image 1 image
Robin Hahnel's response to Wayne Price's article "Anarchist Economics, Marxist Economics, and Pareconist Economics". read full story / add a comment
internazionale / economia / opinione / analisi Wednesday July 04, 2012 23:51 by Wayne Price   image 1 image
A sostegno degli scopi anarchici e per capire come funziona il capitalismo, torna utile agli anarchici ricorrere alla teoria economica di Marx. A tal fine, si criticano qui di seguito 3 saggi sull'economia capitalista elaborati da teorici della parecon (Participatory Economics). [English] read full story / add a comment
international / economy / opinion / analysis Friday June 29, 2012 23:00 by Wayne Price   text 7 comments (last - wednesday july 11, 2012 04:41)   image 1 image
In support of anarchist goals, and to understand how capitalism works, it is useful for anarchists to use Marx's economic theory. As an illustration, three essays on the economics of capitalism as developed by theorists of Parecon (Participatory Economics) are critiqued. [Italiano] read full story / add a comment
internazionale / economia / recensione Tuesday June 12, 2012 00:19 by Wayne Price   image 1 image
Paul Krugman, il noto economista liberale, ci presenta il suo programma per mettere fine all'attuale depressione economica, seguendo una strategia keynesiana di espansione della spesa pubblica. Ecco qui la mia critica radicale di questo programma, fatta secondo la prospettiva di un anarchico che crede nell'utilità della teoria economica di Marx. [English] read full story / add a comment
north america / mexico / economy / review Wednesday June 06, 2012 03:20 by Wayne Price   text 7 comments (last - wednesday june 27, 2012 00:56)   image 1 image
Paul Krugman, the widely read liberal economist, lays out his program for ending the current economic downturn, by following a Keynesian strategy of expanded government spending. I make a radical critique of his program, from the perspective of an anarchist who believes in the usefulness of Marx's economic theory. [Italiano] read full story / add a comment
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