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bolivia / peru / ecuador / chile / miscellaneous / comunicado de prensa Wednesday March 11, 2020 17:32 by FAO   image 1 image
Se cumplen dos años de mandato del Presidente Piñera bajo un gobierno de derecha adjunto a políticas neoliberales, el cual ha respondido a falta de gestión política a las demandas sociales y al levantamiento popular con medidas represivas: ley anti saqueos, ley de resguardo de infraestructura crítica, ley anti encapuchados, ley anti barricadas, toques de queda, estado de emergencia, efectuando declaraciones haciendo alusión a un contexto de “guerra”, etcétera, leyes que buscan juzgar a través de la justicia burguesa los mecanismos de lucha de los/las trabajadores/as, de la juventud popular y que busca reprimir/criminalizar la protesta popular.

Respecto a la convocatoria de la “mesa de Unidad Social de Santiago” a los once minutos de paro nacional, nos parece un CHISTE.
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russia / ukraine / belarus / the left / non-anarchist press Wednesday March 11, 2020 04:54 by Volodymyr Ishchenko
Ukraine ended the 1980s as one of the most advanced parts of the Soviet super-power with a developed machine-building industry. Thirty years later, Ukraine’s major economic indicators are on a par with many Third World countries. The country is fundamentally dependent on the financial, political, and military support of the West, with politics dominated by a handful of powerful oligarchs, right-wing paramilitaries regularly marching on the streets, and a part of the country annexed by neighboring Russia and another part torn through by the frontline. It can rightfully be called the northernmost country of the Global South. Moreover, there is not any relevant political force with a vision of alternative progressive national development. read full story / add a comment
George Floyd: one death too many in the “land of the free”

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