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greece / turkey / cyprus / anarchist movement / press release Wednesday April 30, 2014 22:04 by Revolutionary Anarchist Action   image 1 image
The Turkish state has once again closed Taksim Square for the millions on 1st of May which it used to ''open'' a couple of years ago. It attacked with its batons, water cannons, tear gas bombs and plastic bullets the people who wanted to be in Taksim Square on the 1st of May for their slain brothers and sisters. It has injured and taken many workers, revolutionists and oppressed ones into custody; it has not allowed ambulances to enter for the wounded... Last year, the Turkish State attacked the resisters as it did on previous forbidden 1st of Mays. But what happened that day didn't discourage the resisters, conversely the anger of the 1st of May sparked a revolt. read full story / add a comment
greece / turkey / cyprus / anarchist movement / news report Friday June 21, 2013 19:37 by Revolutionary Anarchist Action
On İstiklal Street, around French Consolate, 200 meters far from police, holding the stones of the beach in one hand and the flag of the revolt in the other you are clshing with the police. A piece of cloth wet with talcid is your gas mask, police is spraying pressured water, throwing gas bombs one and after, you are left in the middle of gas retreating throwing stones you are out of breath smothered, breatheless at that moment somebody run near you, spray water with antiacid on your face, asking “how are you, are you okay?” You are not okay but immediately you get well. read full story / add a comment
greece / turkey / cyprus / anarchist movement / news report Wednesday May 16, 2012 22:16 by Revolutionary Anarchist Action   image 1 image
In 14th May 2012, early in the morning at about 05:00, cops raided the houses of anarchists from Revolutionary Anarchist Action, Collective 26A's cafe in Taksim, and the center of Kadikoy Sharing and Solidarity Association in Kadikoy arresting about 60 people. According to the mainstream media, the operation is said to be against those who smashed the windows of corporations in Mayday protests. Those who are under arrest were taken to Istanbul Police Center in Vatan Street. read full story / add a comment
greece / turkey / cyprus / anarchist movement / anarchist communist event Tuesday April 24, 2012 03:56 by Revolutionary Anarchist Action (Devrimci Anarşist Faaliyet)   image 1 image
“With our belief in a world full of communion and solidarity, together with our belief in
being organized, with our belief in revolution, with our belief in our hearts that we carry
here and now, to the Anarchist Revolution with Action” read full story / add a comment
George Floyd: one death too many in the “land of the free”
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