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north america / mexico / the left / policy statement Friday November 25, 2005 22:41 by Marcos (trans irlandesa)   text 6 comments (last - friday december 02, 2005 13:09)
The Frente (FZLN) has, since its inception, been made up of a very large number of persons doing an astonishing variety of excellent work. It was established at the behest of the EZLN, and now the EZLN is asking for it to be "returned" to them. The FZLN will now "belong" to the EZLN, as it were, theirs to use as they see fit, as their own "civil, peaceful organization." As they stated in this letter, they are planning to be quite "strict" in seeing that their "zapatista principles" are carried out. read full story / add a comment
north america / mexico / indigenous struggles / news report Thursday August 25, 2005 21:00 by Marcos (trans irlandesa)
This place where we are was a finca by the name of Campo Grande. The history of this place forms a quick summation of the history of the Chiapas indigenous. And, in some parts, of all the indigenous of the Mexican southeast, not just of the zapatistas. read full story / add a comment
north america / mexico / the left / opinion / analysis Monday August 15, 2005 21:24 by Marcos (trans irlandesa)   text 1 comment (last - monday august 15, 2005 21:33)
The release of the 6th Declaration of the Selva Lacandona following the Red Alert over the summer in Chiapas has indicated a major turn to the left by the Zapatistas. Over the weekend of August 6th the Zapatistas hosted a gathering of the left - here we present a transcript of the talk Marcos gave at this and the texts of letters he has sent discussing the PRD (Party of Revolutionary Democracy - part of the 2nd international). The communiques are
-The Other Campaign begins
-Letter from Marcos to Don Benito on the PRD
-Letter from Marcos to Don Fermín on PRD read full story / add a comment
The famous Penguin
north america / mexico / indigenous struggles / press release Friday July 29, 2005 22:49 by Marcos (trans irlandesa)   text 2 comments (last - thursday august 11, 2005 23:39)   image 1 image
Macos of the EZLN responds to some of the responses they have received to the text of the 6th declaration. He goes on to ask what impact all the international and national solidarity has had on the children who have grown up during the Zapatista rebellion read full story / add a comment
George Floyd: one death too many in the “land of the free”
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