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russia / ucraina / bielorussia / vari / opinione / analisi Thursday March 06, 2014 13:34 by Киевская городская организация - ACT   image 1 image
Il rovesciamento del regime autoritario non significa in nessun senso per noi la fine della nostra lotta. Nuovi dittatori sono pronti a prendere il posto del Partito delle Regioni. Essi non si faranno scrupolo nell'impiegare non solo le indebolite forze di sicurezza, ma anche i militanti di estrema destra. Il regime di polizia e di arbitrarietà giudiziaria ha meritato senza dubbio di essere rovesciato, ma adesso potrebbe essere giunto il tempo per un nuovo terrore che giustificherà ideologicamente la propria legittimità. [Pусский] read full story / add a comment
venezuela / colombia / la izquierda / opinión / análisis Tuesday March 04, 2014 22:57 by José Antonio Gutiérrez D.   image 1 image
Escrito originalmente para el periódico anarquista chileno Solidaridad. [English] [Català] [Italiano] read full story / add a comment
venezuela / colombia / the left / opinion/analysis Tuesday March 04, 2014 22:14 by José Antonio Gutiérrez D.   image 1 image
Solidaridad, Xile -Els recents esdeveniments que sacsegen a Veneçuela reflecteixen no solament el nivell d’ingerència que EUA manté a la regió o la tendència colpista omnipresent a l’elit veneçolana que practica amb detall el manual après de l’estratègia colpista a Xile. [English] [Castellano] [Italiano] read full story / add a comment
bolivia / peru / ecuador / chile / movimiento anarquista / opinión / análisis Monday March 03, 2014 10:38 by Sebastián Osorio   text 1 comment (last - tuesday march 04, 2014 05:35)   image 1 image
Desde un tiempo a esta parte, los 'libertarios' se han ganado un modesto pero merecido espacio en la izquierda chilena, de la mano de diversas luchas que, entre otras cosas, los ha llevado el 2014 a la presidencia de la federación estudiantil más importante del país.
Con todo, es preciso tener en cuenta que, si se toma al conjunto de las organizaciones que se definen como libertarias, se trata de una identidad relativamente joven y en proceso de construcción, en buena medida dispersa en lo orgánico y que -se puede reconocer sin mayor dramatismo- no constituye ni de lejos una fuerza a la altura de los desafíos que se plantea cualquier movimiento de intención revolucionaria. read full story / add a comment
venezuela / colombia / the left / opinion / analysis Monday March 03, 2014 05:21 by José Antonio Gutiérrez D.   text 2 comments (last - thursday march 06, 2014 03:24)   image 1 image
Article originally written in Spanish for the latest issue of the Chilean anarchist paper Solidaridad- The recent events that have shaken Venezuela reflect not only the level of interference that the USA maintains in the region or the pervasive coup-mongering trend in the Venezuelan elite which knows by heart the manual of the Chilean coup strategy. It primarily reflects the latent tensions in the Venezuelan model which should start to work themselves out from below, through struggle. Today more than ever we need critiques to be the essential tool of revolutionaries, rather than the attitude of passive approval of everything the Bolivarian leadership does. [Castellano] [Català] [Italiano] read full story / add a comment
russia / ukraine / belarus / miscellaneous / opinion / analysis Sunday March 02, 2014 13:56 by Киевская городская организация - ACT   text 1 comment (last - sunday march 09, 2014 16:29)   image 1 image
The overthrow of the authoritarian regime of Yanukovych by no means signifies for us the end of our fight. New dictators hasten to take the place of the Party of Regions. They will not hesitate to rely not only on considerably weakened security agencies, but on the far right militants as well. The regime of police and prosecutorial arbitrariness deserved its overthrow unconditionally, but now there may come a time for a new terror that will justify itself ideologically. [Pусский] read full story / add a comment
international / economy / opinion / analysis Saturday March 01, 2014 19:49 by Shawn Hattingh   text 2 comments (last - saturday march 08, 2014 19:36)   image 1 image
Since 2009 the US state has been undertaking Quantitative Easing (QE), which has involved the US state creating $ 85 billion a month, effectively electronically printing money out of thin air, and linking this to the “purchasing” of paper assets like US government bonds and also more importantly mortgaged backed securities from banks, hedge funds, private equity firms, and asset management companies, which lost their value when the capitalist crisis hit hard in 2008. Through this, these financial institutions and banks have been given up to $ 85 billion a month for the last five years. Much of this money has been used by these corporations to increase their speculative activity, including speculating on government bonds sold by the likes of the South African, Brazilian, Argentinean, and Turkish states. Now the US state has been looking to start tapering QE and speculators as a result are exiting these government bond markets. As this article explores it will probably not be the ruling class (capitalists and top state officials) that suffer the worst convulsions associated with tapering, although they may be affected, but the working class in countries such as South Africa, Brazil, Indonesia, India, Argentina and Turkey. This article examines why and how this could take place, how ruling classes from different countries are trying to protect themselves; and why and how the working class will in all likelihood be worst hit. In order to, however, understand how the class war around QE is unfolding it is important first to look at the role states have played during the crisis, along with the competition that exists between states.
read full story / add a comment
russie / ukraine / biélorussie / divers / opinion / analyse Saturday March 01, 2014 17:57 by Киевская городская организация - ACT   image 1 image
Le renversement du régime autoritaire de Ianoukovitch ne signifie nullement, pour nous, la fin de notre combat. Les nouveaux dictateurs s’empressent de prendre la place du Parti des Régions. Ils n’hésiteront à s’appuyer non seulement sur les agences de sécurité considérablement affaiblies, mais aussi sur les militants d’extrême droite. Le régime de l’arbitraire en matière de police et de poursuites judiciaires méritait absolument d’être renversé, mais maintenant, une nouvelle période de terreur, qui sera justifiée idéologiquement, peut arriver. read full story / add a comment
venezuela / colombia / la izquierda / opinión / análisis Friday February 28, 2014 04:33 by Nosotros Los Pobres   text 1 comment (last - wednesday march 05, 2014 22:00)   image 1 image
Hace dos semanas, Nosotros los Pobres tuvimos la buena fortuna de poder presentar un taller que contaba con dos integrantes del Frente de Estudiantes Libertarios de Chile, con quienes tuvimos un intercambio sumamente productivo de ideas. Pocos días después, llegue a ver una declaración publicada por el FEL en la cual afirmaban su apoyo al “pueblo venezolano “ en su lucha contra el golpismo. Como miembro de Nosotros los Pobres, quería compartir algunas reflecciones sobre lo que pasa en Venezuela, tanto ahora como a través de los últimos 15 años; espero que sean de interes para mis compañeros especifistas como también para las personas que generalmente se han preocupado por el caso venezolano. read full story / add a comment
Ρωσία / Ουκρανία / Λευκορωσία / Λαϊκοί Αγώνες / Γνώμη / Ανάλυση Thursday February 27, 2014 18:18 by Σύντροφοι για την Αναρχική απελευθερωτική δράσ_   image 2 images
Όσα διαδραματίζονται αυτές τις μέρες στην Ουκρανία είναι το ξέσπασμα μιας μακράς ιστορικά περιόδου, που περιλαμβάνει πολλές αντιθέσεις και συγκρουόμενες δυνάμεις. Δεν είναι ασήμαντο το γεγονός ότι όλα όσα βλέπουμε αυτές τις μέρες συμβαίνουν σε ένα κράτος του λεγόμενου δυτικού κόσμου. Όσοι δεν έχουν υπόψη τους το νήμα που συνδέει αυτές τις μέρες με το παρελθόν της Ουκρανίας ίσως και να ξαφνιάστηκαν για το πώς θα μπορούσε να ξεσπάσει ένας εμφύλιος πόλεμος, εκεί όπου οι πολιτισμένοι εξουσιαστές λύνουν συνήθως τις διαφωνίες τους στα διπλωματικά τραπέζια. Η αλήθεια όμως είναι ότι όλο το προηγούμενο διάστημα προετοιμαζόταν συστηματικά το ξέσπασμα που παρακολουθούμε. read full story / add a comment
asia orientale / storia dell'anarchismo / opinione / analisi Thursday February 27, 2014 16:12 by Tokologo African Anarchist Collective   image 1 image
Il movimento anarchico coreano voleva costruire una società anarchica indipendente ed autogovernata, un sistema cooperativo delle masse del popolo coreano. Volevano prendersi il progresso civile portato dalla classe capitalista per restituirlo alle classi popolari. In questo modo, la società capitalista e coloniale che esisteva allora in Corea (come in altri posti dell'Africa, dell'Asia e dell'Europa) sarebbe stata sostituita con una nuova società. Questa nuova società si sarebbe fondata sui principi di libertà ed uguaglianza che garantiscono l'autogoverno indipendente delle classi produttrici: la classe operaia e contadina. [English] read full story / add a comment
Presos en la cárcel de Palogordo, Junio 2013
venezuela / colombia / represión / presos / opinión / análisis Wednesday February 26, 2014 17:48 by William Mesa   image 1 image
Los procesos de organización al interior de las cárceles en Colombia han configurado uno de los elementos menos tratados en la historia de lucha y la confrontación política y social de los movimientos revolucionarios, las reivindicaciones y las propias dinámicas de los individuos. read full story / add a comment
international / the left / opinion / analysis Monday February 24, 2014 19:51 by Andrew Flood   text 3 comments (last - sunday april 13, 2014 00:38)   image 1 image
Horizontalism is an emerging term used to describe the key common characteristics of the waves of rebellion of the last decade. Occupy in 2011 was the peak to date but the term Horizontalism itself appears to originate the rebellion in Argentina after the 2001 banking crisis there. Marina Sitrin in her book on that rebellion says the term (in Spanish obviously) was used to describe the neighborhood, workplace & unemployed assemblies that emerged to form "social movements seeking self-management, autonomy and direct democracy." Image by Author:Meeting in Gezi Park, June 2013 read full story / add a comment
Ρωσία / Ουκρανία / Λευκορωσία / Λαϊκοί Αγώνες / Γνώμη / Ανάλυση Monday February 24, 2014 19:14 by Ένας αναρχοσυνδικαλιστής από την RKAS   image 1 image
Ναι, χρειαζόμαστε έναν αγώνα! Χρειάζεται να ανατρέψουμε την κυβέρνηση. Αλλά δεν χρειάζεται να βάλουμε στη θέση της μια νέα! Ναι, αυτο-οργάνωση, αλλά στο όνομα της αυτοδιεύθυνσης! Και όχι να παραδοθούμε σε νέους ολιγάρχες, ακόμη και αν μιλούν σωστά ουκρανικά. Δεν χρειαζόμαστε ένα δεξιό Μαϊντάν, ένα Μαϊντάν χειραγωγημένο από τους πολιτικούς και τις οργανώσεις, αλλά μια νέα Μαχνοβτσίνα. read full story / add a comment
eastern asia / history of anarchism / opinion / analysis Sunday February 23, 2014 14:36 by Tokologo African Anarchist Collective   image 1 image
The Korean anarchist movement wanted to build an independent self-governing anarchist society, a cooperative system of the masses of the Korean people. They wanted to take civilisation from the capitalist class, and return it to the popular classes. By doing so, the capitalist and colonial society that existed in Korea (as elsewhere in Africa and Asia and east Europe) would be replaced with a new society. This new society would be based on the principles of freedom and equality, that guarantee the independent self-rule of the producing classes: the working class and the peasantry. [Italiano] read full story / add a comment
Διεθνή / oικονομία / Γνώμη / Ανάλυση Saturday February 22, 2014 17:59 by Γιώργος Μεριζιώτης   image 1 image
Η ελευθεριακή σκέψη οφείλει να επαναδιατυπώσει ένα κοινοτικό πρόταγμα, έτσι ώστε «ο έλεγχος της κοινότητας, εάν και όταν καταστεί αποτελεσματικός, να αποτελέσει μια συντριπτική πρόκληση όχι μόνο για την κυβέρνηση, αλλά και για τους διαχειριστές του κεφαλαίου και της οικονομίας». read full story / add a comment
bloco de lutas Santa Maria
brazil/guyana/suriname/fguiana / community struggles / opinião / análise Friday February 21, 2014 23:02 by Federação Anarquista Gaúcha   image 1 image
A luta pelo transporte público em Santa Maria entrou num novo, duro e repressivo momento. Isso por que de forma despótica e anti povo, o prefeito César Schirmer  em beneficio da ATU (Associação de Transportadores Urbanos), aprovou criminosamente o aumento do preço da tarifa de 2,45 para 2,60, apoiado pela grande mídia local, em especial pelas filiais  da “fabrica de mentiras” do Grupo RB$. read full story / add a comment
internacional / género / opinión / análisis Wednesday February 19, 2014 17:43 by Diana Londoño   text 1 comment (last - saturday may 31, 2014 08:48)   image 1 image
La discusión sobre la industria del sexo es una linea divisoria clara entre el feminismo libertario-revolucionario y un feminismo seudo-libertario elitista que entiende libertad como libertad de mercado. La discusión no es sobre la liberación sexual, ni sobre nuestros cuerpos, ni sobre el erotismo en nuestras relaciones, sino que sobre la industria y la representación capitalista del sexo como una transacción. read full story / add a comment
Ο «πόλεμος κατά της παράνομης μετανάστευσης» είναι, ως προς τον ελληνικό πληθυσμό, άλλη μία τεχνική συσπείρωσης και αντι-λιποταξίας· άλλος ένας τρόπος να εκφασιστούν τα ήθη, να αναζωογονηθούν τα εθνικά αισθητήρια και αντανακλαστικά, να ταυτιστεί ο πληθυσμός με την κρατική ισχύ, να κοπεί από τη ρίζα της η ροή της ανθρώπινης αλληλεγγύης και να απωθηθεί από το συλλογικό ασυνείδητο η αίσθηση της κοινής μοίρας που μας ενώνει με αυτούς τους ανθρώπους. read full story / add a comment
Διεθνή / Αναρχικό κίνημα / Γνώμη / Ανάλυση Monday February 17, 2014 17:54 by Ερρίκο Μαλατέστα   image 1 image
Ο Ερρίκο Μαλατέστα για την επαναστατική τρομοκρατία
Ενόψει ενός μέλλοντος που θα μπορούσε να είναι και πολύ κοντινό
Πηγή: Από το βιβλίο “Αναρχισμός και βία” (2004), εκδόσεις Ελευθεριακή Κουλτούρα read full story / add a comment
Issue #3 of the Newsletter of the Tokologo African Anarchist Collective

Front page

Elementos da Conjuntura Eleitoral 2014

The experiment of West Kurdistan (Syrian Kurdistan) has proved that people can make changes

[Chile] EL FTEM promueve una serie de “jornadas de debate sindical”

Ukraine: Interview with a Donetsk anarchist

The present confrontation between the Zionist settler colonialist project in Palestine and the indigenous working people

Prisões e mais criminalização marcam o final da Copa do Mundo no Brasil

An Anarchist Response to a Trotskyist Attack: Review of “An Introduction to Marxism and Anarchism” by Alan Woods (2011)

هەڵوێستی سەربەخۆی جەماوەر لە نێوان داعش و &

Contra a Copa e a Repressão: Somente a Luta e Organização!

Nota Pública de soldariedade e denúncia

Üzüntümüz Öfkemizin Tohumudur

Uruguay, ante la represión y el abuso policial

To vote or not to vote: Should it be a question?

Mayday: Building A New Workers Movement

Anarchist and international solidarity against Russian State repression

Argentina: Atentado y Amenazas contra militantes sociales de la FOB en Rosario, Santa Fe

Réponses anarchistes à la crise écologique

50 оттенков коричневого

A verdadeira face da violência!

The Battle for Burgos

Face à l’antisémitisme, pour l’autodéfense

Reflexiones en torno a los libertarios en Chile y la participación electoral

Mandela, the ANC and the 1994 Breakthrough: Anarchist / syndicalist reflections

Melissa Sepúlveda "Uno de los desafíos más importantes es mostrarnos como una alternativa real"

Wed 17 Sep, 01:32

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textPalestina-Israele, la lotta unitaria prosegue ma a bassa intensità: lo scorso venerdì solo 3 israeli... 16:43 Sun 14 Sep by Ilan S. 0 comments

I 50 giorni di guerra su Gaza sono finiti dopo che Israele ha implorato un cessate-il-fuoco ed aperto ad ulteriori richieste da parte di Hamas (di cui alcune tenute segrete persino agli stessi ministri israeliani). Una maggioranza di israeliani è disposta ad ammettere che Israele non ha vinto la guerra ma riconoscono con difficoltà che Hamas ha avuto la mano migliore. I ministri hanno approvato due settimane fa un documento del governo contenente una proposta di dispiegamento di una forza internazionale a Gaza, che può significare la fine dell'occupazione israeliana della Striscia di Gaza e l'apertura del ghetto... e può essere un precedente che potrebbe essere la fine dell'occupazione della Cisgiordania. [English]

textCGT inicia una campaña por la despenalización del aborto y el derecho de las mujeres a decidir sobre... 00:15 Wed 10 Sep by CGT 0 comments

CGT trabaja por la despenalización del aborto y defiende el derecho de las personas a decidir libremente sobre su sexualidad, sobre su modelo de familia y en general, sobre su vida.

presxsanarquistaslibertad366.jpg imageDepuis l’Europe : Solidarité avec les prisonnier-e-s anarchistes emprisonnés à Mexico 03:19 Tue 09 Sep by Commission international 0 comments

Août 2014

textPalestine-Israel, The joint struggle continues with lower intensity: last Friday only 3 Israelis cam... 22:10 Sun 07 Sep by Ilan S. 0 comments

The 50-day war on Gaza ended, after Israel begged for a ceasefire and yielded to major demands from Hamas (some kept in secret even from Israeli government ministers). A majority of Israelis admit that Israel did not win the war but with difficulty admit that Hamas had the upper hand. Ministers passed two weeks ago a classified Cabinet document containing a proposal to place an international force in Gaza, which may mean the end of Israel's occupation of the Gaza Strip and the opening of the Ghetto... and may be a precedent to what could be the end of the occupation of the West Bank). In Israel, the "radical" left is back to "normal"... though many more activists are contemplating joining the comrades who had already lost hope and emigrated. It seems the international pressures of the imperial powers and the advances of the boycott movement are bringing the end of the 1967 occupation sooner than expected. [Italiano]

pegasus_large_t_1301_106228890_0_3.jpg imageAppoggio alle 595 operaie delle pulizie 17:30 Sat 06 Sep by Dmitri (republishing) 0 comments

La Rete europea del Sindacalismo alternativo e di Base manifesta il suo appoggio alle 595 operaie delle pulizie del Ministero delle Finanze greco di Atene che furono licenziate il 17 settembre del 2013 per mettere il servizio di pulizia nelle mani delle aziende esterne private.

pegasus_large_t_1301_106228890_0_2.jpg imageSolidaridad con las 595 trabajadoras 17:27 Sat 06 Sep by Dmitri (republishing) 0 comments

La Red Europea de Sindicatos Alternativos y de Base manifiesta su apoyo y solidaridad con las 595 trabajadoras de limpieza del ministerio de Finanzas griego que fueron despedidas el 17 de septiembre de 2013 para poner el servicio de limpieza a disposición de los subcontratistas privados.

pegasus_large_t_1301_106228890_0_1.jpg imageSolidarity with 595 cleaning workers 17:24 Sat 06 Sep by Dmitri (republishing) 0 comments

The European Network of Alternative and Base Unions expresses its support and solidarity with 595 cleaning workers of the Greek Finance Ministry who were dismissed on September 17 2013 to put the cleaning service in the hands of private subcontractors.

pegasus_large_t_1301_106228890_0.jpg imageΑλληλεγγύη στις 595 κ^... 17:21 Sat 06 Sep by Dmitri (republishing) 0 comments

Το Ευρωπαϊκό Δίκτυο Εναλλακτικών Συνδικάτων και Συνδικάτων Βάσης εκφράζει την υποστήριξη και την αλληλεγγύη του στις 595 καθαρίστριες του ελληνικού υπουργείου Οικονομικών που απολύθηκαν στις 17 Σεπτεμβρίου 2013 για να παραδοθεί η υπηρεσία σε ιδιώτες υπεργολάβους.

orbituaryofousilawrencezitha.gif imageOrbituary of Ousi Lawrence Zitha 16:03 Mon 01 Sep by Nobyhle Dube 0 comments

Comrade Lawrence was born on 7 July 1969 in Kliptown before moving to Ceza in KwaZulu-Natal. He attended Ceza Primary and Nghunghunyone Secondary, matriculating in 1986 with exemption (excellent at that time).

textPor la Federación Anarquista del Caribe 08:31 Mon 01 Sep by Taller Libertario Alfredo López 0 comments

Para ello proponemos la realización en marzo de 2015 en la región dominicana del primer encuentro constitutivo de la F.A.C.-C. [Centroamérica] (nombre provisional) de individualidades y “delegados” de colectivos ácratas en la región, que sea el punto de cierre inicial para confrontarse y coordinar acciones, ideas e insumos, a partir de los ejes temáticos que emerjan de los colectivos en cada localidad. [English]

more >>

imageEEUU en el Medio Oriente: hipocresía y doble discurso Sep 15 by BrunoL 0 comments

Bruno Lima Rocha*

El Oriente Medio es un ajedrez motivado por el peor realismo, mezclado con intereses geoestratégicos. Veamos por qué, a través de la doble posición de los Estados Unidos, Israel entró en una guerra “preventiva” contra Hamás, organización político-militar de fundamentación religiosa y que comparte el gobierno de la Franja de Gaza desde 2006. El saldo del conflicto fueron cerca de 52 israelíes muertos y más de 2000 palestinos eliminados físicamente. La infraestructura de Gaza fue destruida con la aplicación de la estrategia de “tierra arrasada”. Esta forma de combate viene de la política de Reagan y sus aliados centro americanos contra las guerrillas de El Salvador y Guatemala en los años 80. La postura de los Estados Unidos –ardoroso y autoproclamado defensor de los derechos humanos– fue tímida delante de la supremacía bélica y tecnológica del Estado de Israel. El país fundado por pioneros sionistas como Ben Gurión es el único del planeta con poder de veto dentro de Washington. Es por eso que la política de los EEUU para Medio Oriente tiene literalmente, dos pesos y dos medidas.

imageΕρωτήματα εξ Ανατο&#... Sep 15 by Κώστας Σβόλης 0 comments

Τι ακριβώς συμβαίνει στην Ουκρανία; Ένας ιμπεριαλιστικός πόλεμος «δια αντιπροσώπων»; Η σύγκρουσή δυο εθνικισμών; Η αντιπαράθεση δυο ολοκληρωτισμών (βλ Νεοναζισμού και των απολιθωμάτων του Σταλινισμού); Η συμπύκνωση της παγκόσμιας αντιπαράθεσης του Νεοφασισμού ενάντιων Αντιφασισμού σε επίπεδο ένοπλης σύγκρουσης; Τι σηματοδοτεί η δημιουργία των Λαϊκών Δημοκρατιών στην Ν.Α Ουκρανία; είναι παραρτήματα του Κρεμλίνου ή μορφές λαϊκής αυτοδιάθεσης; Διαφορετικά ερωτήματα, τις ίδιας όμως υφής, θα μπορούσαμε να θέσουμε και για την προσπάθεια δημιουργίας Ισλαμικού Κράτους στην Μέση Ανατολή (Συρία, Ιράκ) από τους Τζιχαντιστές. Τελικά ποιους ενισχύουν το ΝΑΤΟ, οι ΗΠΑ και η ΕΕ, τους Κούρδους του Ιράκ; ή τους Ισλαμιστές που στην προηγούμενη περίοδο είχαν εξοπλίσει για να πολεμήσουν το καθεστώς του Άσαντ;

imageUnionism and Direct Action Sep 15 by Brazilian Anarchist Coordination (CAB) - union front 0 comments

In the first half of 2014, the struggles of diverse categories of workers were taken to the streets to the dismay of bosses and governors. The powerful’s counterattack was supported with the help of the mainstream media, which tried to criminalise the protests and demobilise the strugglers. This happened before, during and after the World Cup – a time in which the news sought to legitimise the violent actions of the repressive apparatus of the state and its leaders. Following this came the political persecutions and arrests of dozens of protestors in an authoritarian manner, violating democratic means and human rights.

image[Chile] La misteriosa explosión que cambió el panorama nacional Sep 14 by Espartaco Gatti 0 comments

Sin duda alguna, la detonación del artefacto explosivo producida en el “Subcentro” de la estación de metro Escuela Militar, ocurrida el lunes 8 de septiembre recién pasado, es un episodio que generó un giro radical en la realidad nacional, y que probablemente marque un punto de no retorno, en lo que a materia jurídica se refiere. La explosión producida a las 14:05 horas, hirió a 14 personas, las cuales sufrieron traumas acústicos, fracturas, heridas por esquirlas, y la más grave de ellas, una trabajadora de la limpieza, amputación de dedos. El pánico fue general, debido a que la explosión se registró durante el horario de colación, en un lugar en donde confluye y circula muchísima gente. Inmediatamente la noticia tuvo amplia cobertura a nivel internacional y la prensa más sensacionalista y adicta al sistema de dominación, no dudó en afirmar que el “terrorismo estaba de vuelta”.

imageAnarchists and Radicals in 1890’s Patras Sep 11 by Dimitris Troaditis 0 comments

In this article, Troaditis examines the transitional period between the appearance of the general socialist organisation Socialist Brotherhood and the forming of some clearly anarchist groupings. It’s a period that there is nothing remained from Democratic Association of the People (of 1870s Patras) as some of their members have either become moderate socialists or simply have disappeared, and a new and fresh wave of anarchists is starting to be visible in town. This moment is just a step before of the formation of the anarchist communist newspaper-collective “Epi Ta Proso” (“Forward”) in 1896.

more >>

imageDepuis l’Europe : Solidarité avec les prisonnier-e-s anarchistes emprisonnés à Mexico Sep 09 Alternative Libertaire 0 comments

Août 2014

imageOrbituary of Ousi Lawrence Zitha Sep 01 Tokologo African Anarchist Collective 0 comments

Comrade Lawrence was born on 7 July 1969 in Kliptown before moving to Ceza in KwaZulu-Natal. He attended Ceza Primary and Nghunghunyone Secondary, matriculating in 1986 with exemption (excellent at that time).

textPor la Federación Anarquista del Caribe Sep 01 0 comments

Para ello proponemos la realización en marzo de 2015 en la región dominicana del primer encuentro constitutivo de la F.A.C.-C. [Centroamérica] (nombre provisional) de individualidades y “delegados” de colectivos ácratas en la región, que sea el punto de cierre inicial para confrontarse y coordinar acciones, ideas e insumos, a partir de los ejes temáticos que emerjan de los colectivos en cada localidad. [English]

textFor The Caribbean Anarchist Federation Sep 01 0 comments

For all this we propose a constitutive meeting of the F.A.C.-C [-Central American] (Caribbean and Central American Anarchist Federation) in the Dominican Republic in March of 2015. We call individuals and “delegates” of anarchist collectives in the region to join us in this meeting that will be an initial decisive moment to compare and coordinate actions, ideas and supplies based on the topics/themes that would emerge from each collective according to their location. [Castellano]

imageSolidarietà internazionale a* Zapatist@s di fronte alla controrivoluzione in Chiapas Aug 31 Alternative Libertaire 0 comments

Alla società civile nazionale ed internazionale,
Alla Sesta nazionale ed internazionale,
Ai media liberi, autonomi ed indipendenti,
Alle amministrazioni del buon governo,
All' EZLN,
Alle basi di appoggio dell'EZLN

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