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ireland / britain / community struggles / interview Friday September 18, 2015 05:19 byJoe Conlon   image 1 image
Myself and some comrades were approached by a young mother from Coolock (a working class neighborhood in Dublin) that recently became homeless. The woman and her children became homeless a few weeks previous. While her kids are in school during the day the mother either walks the streets or calls into friends or family member’s homes. When school has ended for the day they have to rely on family and friends to let them stay in their homes. Sometimes the mother has to split her children up so that she’d definitely have a roof over all her kid’s heads for the night. read full story / add a comment
italia / svizzera / lotte sul territorio / evento comunista anarchico Wednesday September 16, 2015 23:10 byAlternativa Libertaria/FdCA
Una giornata di analisi e di proposte operative sul diritto alla salute read full story / add a comment
ireland / britain / community struggles / opinion / analysis Tuesday September 15, 2015 06:59 byJoe Conlon   image 1 image
A housing direct action is took place this morning at the Dublin City Council (DCC) office in Bunratty Civic Centre, Coolock in Dublin. Mother’s and their children who are in need of housing occupied the offices in order to force the council to answer their questions. In particular they want to know why many people are discovering there isn’t even emergency accommodation available. read full story / add a comment
El Perú, tiene elecciones presidenciales marcadas para el año 2016, esta nación tiene líderes políticos presos, ex-presidentes seriamente procesados y posibles candidatos involucrados en situaciones casi inexplicables.
internacional / community struggles / opinión / análisis Monday September 14, 2015 22:56 byBrunoL   image 1 image
13 de septiembre 2015, Bruno Lima Rocha.

Al tomar contacto (viajando al país por tareas académicas) con la actualidad de la política profesional peruana, observé un patrón semejante al de las demás realidades latino-americanas. Hay una profunda - y bastante concreta – criminalización de los representantes del Poder Ejecutivo del país vecino. Y a la vez, una inversión de expectativas, con el gobierno de turno, del general Ollanta Humala y su auto-proclamado Partido Nacionalista Peruano (PNP).
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As práticas gorilas, como as manifestadas nas ruas do Brasil quando a direita ideológica e neoliberal sai às ruas aos domingos, estão justamente expressas no afastamento do Brasil para com a América Latina.
brazil/guyana/suriname/fguiana / community struggles / opinião / análise Monday September 14, 2015 09:36 byBrunoL   image 1 image
13 de setembro de 2015, Bruno Lima Rocha.

"A demência da nova direita brasileira está realmente abusando. Alguns cartazes e gritos de guerra trazidos a público no Brasil em 16 de agosto de 2015 lembram a operação anterior ao golpe contra o governo Salvador Allende, derrubado em 11 de setembro de 1973. No Brasil do terceiro turno, temos o desprazer de ler frases como “Foda-se a Venezuela”, o clássico “Vai para Cuba”, ou então coro político cantando: “Pé na bunda dela, isso aqui não é a Venezuela!”. E, obviamente, lado a lado com os neoliberais marcham saudosos da ditadura brasileira, incluindo faixas em inglês pedindo intervenção do Comando Sul dos EUA no Brasil", escreve Bruno Lima Rocha, professor de ciência política e de relações internacionais.

Eis o artigo. read full story / add a comment
En el Brasil del tercer turno, tenemos el dolor de leer frases como “. Que se joda la Venezuela”, el clásico “Va para Cuba”, o entonces coro político cantando: “Patada en el culo de ella, eso aquí no es Venezuela!”.
brazil/guyana/suriname/fguiana / community struggles / opinión / análisis Tuesday September 08, 2015 02:45 byBrunoL   image 1 image
07 de septiembre 2015, Bruno Lima Rocha.

Es tiempos de avanzada de la nueva derecha ideológica brasileña, se nota el retorno de una vieja práctica política latino-americana. En la mitad del siglo XX vivíamos en América Latina una paradoja, por un lado, había algunos gobiernos con cortes nacionalistas y llamamientos populares (y populistas).
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mashrek / arabia / irak / lotte sul territorio / cronaca Monday September 07, 2015 15:25 byIlan S.
Il video del mancato arresto del ragazzino di 12 anni a Nabi Saleh è stato visto da milioni di persone in tutto il mondo. Quel fatto e la manifestazione unitaria del venerdì successivo hanno dimostrato ancora una volta quanto la presenza degli ebrei Israeliani Anarchici Contro il Muro abbia impedito in passato ed impedisca ora l'esaurirsi della lotta palestinese non-armata in fiumi di sangue. Furono gli spari contro Gil Naamati nel 2003 in una azione unitaria con gli Anarchici Contro il Muro che causarono uno vero e proprio scandalo mediatico in Israele (tanto da costringere il capo di stato maggiore dell'esercito a recarsi in ospedale per le scuse ufficiali) e che portarono ad un cambiamento nell'ordine di fare fuoco allo scopo di disperdere manifestazioni non autorizzate nei territori occupati, se in quelle manifestazioni vi erano presenti degli israeliani. [English] read full story / add a comment
venezuela / colombia / community struggles / opinión / análisis Monday September 07, 2015 11:04 byNúcleo Comunista Libertario   image 2 images
El 19 de agosto pasado se cumplía 2 años de uno de los sucesos históricos más sobresalientes de la etapa reciente en el país: el inicio del paro nacional agrario y popular. Después de un agitado primer semestre de ese año, donde los campesinos levantaron banderas de lucha en regiones como el eje cafetero, el gran Tolima y el Catatumbo sin ser escuchados, entendieron que solo la unidad de movilización nacional es clave para arrancarle al terrateniente y la burguesía los derechos que se merecen. read full story / add a comment
mashriq / arabia / iraq / community struggles / news report Saturday September 05, 2015 21:50 byIlan S.
The failed arrest of 12 year old child in Nabi Saleh caused a million views storm in the media. This situation and the next Friday of the joint struggle demonstrated again how the involvement of the AATW Israeli Jews prevented in the past and prevent now the extinguishing of the non armed Palestinian struggle with rivers of blood. It was one shooting of Gil Naamati in 2003 in a joint action of the anarchists AATW that caused a real wide media scandal in Israel (which forced the higher commander of the army to visit him at hospital and apologize) that resulted in the change of shooting order about dispersing non armed demonstrations in the occupied lands when Israelis are involved. In addition to our helping to distribute the news, Our main contribution is the supply of "life insurance" to the Palestinians and even to the stone throwers in the demos.... though it is not perfect and along the years about 20 were killed and many more were injured. [Italiano] read full story / add a comment
southern africa / community struggles / feature Thursday September 03, 2015 19:24 bySifuna Zonke   text 1 comment (last - wednesday march 09, 2016 21:35)   image 1 image
On 3 September 1984, the Vaal Triangle, which is located southeast of Johannesburg and was part of the industrial heartland of South Africa, exploded into unrest. A general stay-away from work was called, schools were closed, buses and taxis stood idle and militant protest spread across the country. It was the most significant and large-scale rebellion of the black working class since the Soweto Uprising of June, 1976, and signified one of the final nails in the coffin of apartheid and white minority rule.

For the black working class living in the townships across the Vaal Triangle, such as Sharpeville, Sebokeng, Evaton, Bophelong, Boiketlong, Zamdela and others the conditions were very similar to those of today. A slump in the steel industry had led to many workers being retrenched, there were evictions of rent defaulters and bribery, corruption and self-enrichment of local councillors was rife. Councillors’ election promises went unfulfilled and township residents demanded their resignation.

Thirty-one years later, on 21 April 2015, the Sebokeng Magistrate’s Court in the Vaal sentenced four community activists from Boiketlong to sixteen years in prison each for allegedly setting fire to the local ward councillor’s house and cars during a protest action. read full story / add a comment
ireland / britain / community struggles / opinion / analysis Thursday September 03, 2015 00:56 byTom Murray   image 1 image
Last week, three children under the age of six slept rough in Dublin city centre while their parents stayed awake to watch over them. As of August 2015, this family is but one of 620 families in Ireland, including more than 1,300 children, who are homeless. The root of the current crisis of housing is the current crisis of capitalism. read full story / add a comment
La guerra dell'acqua
irlanda / gran bretagna / lotte sul territorio / opinione / analisi Wednesday September 02, 2015 17:47 byBrian Ancom   image 1 image
L'imminente nostra dimostrazione di forza a Dublino il 29 agosto sarà una grandiosa mobilitazione di popolo da ogni angolo dell'isola per dire un sentito "No" al programma di tassare l'acqua deciso dal governo di Fine Gael e Laburisti. [English] read full story / add a comment
mashrek / arabia / irak / lotte sul territorio / cronaca Wednesday September 02, 2015 16:42 byIlan S.
Nessuno poteva prevedere che un campeggio unitario di attivisti palestinesi ed israeliani a Masha 12 anni fa sarebbe stato la scintilla di un ampio movimento di lotta unitaria non armata che il sistema di occupazione israeliana non è riuscito a distruggere. Nessuno si aspettava la partecipazione di migliaia di attivisti e di decine di migliaia di manifestanti. Molte piccole vittorie e la campagna internazionale B.D.S. riscaldano i cuori dei non più tanti che persistono nella lotta unitaria nonostante il lutto per coloro che sono caduti, l'empatia con i feriti e la solidarietà con gli arrestati. Il forte legame di partnership tra gli attivisti palestinesi e gli Anarchici Contro il Muro è stato sorprendente. Deludente ma non sorprendente è il modo con cui gli ambienti anarchici israeliani si sono tenuti alla larga dagli Anarchici Contro il Muro quale prioritario obiettivo di mobilitazione. Bil'in, Ni'lin, Ma'sara, Nabi Saleh e Qaddum tengono ancora alta la bandiera. [English] read full story / add a comment
Por más escándalos en sucesión que existan (y son reales) no hay nada concreto envolviendo directamente la figura de la presidenta.
brazil/guyana/suriname/fguiana / community struggles / opinión / análisis Tuesday September 01, 2015 05:34 byBrunoL   image 1 image
31 de agosto de 2015, Bruno Lima Rocha

Cuando escribí el último análisis de coyuntura (los produzco semanalmente para los medios alternativos brasileños), me referí al hecho de que la derecha post-moderna, salga a las calles pidiendo un recurso casi inalcanzable. El debate acerca de una salida presidencial, tiene más repercusión en los círculos de la nueva derecha, que las condiciones concretas para su realización.
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italia / svizzera / lotte sul territorio / altra stampa libertaria Monday August 31, 2015 03:06 byLucio Garofalo
La nuova emigrazione dei giovani dall'Irpinia, tra le varie conseguenze, ha comportato una desertificazione del territorio, ma soprattutto l'abbandono di ogni speranza di cambiamento e, dunque, il sedimentarsi di una mentalità sempre più fatalistica... read full story / add a comment
ireland / britain / community struggles / opinion / analysis Thursday August 27, 2015 08:51 byJoe Conlon   image 1 image
Over the Last 12 months, particularly since Christmas the housing and homeless problem has deepened significantly. From last summer the amounts of families’ registering as homeless went from 264 to now, which are 531. The number of families that are registered as being in need of emergency accommodation is 792 adults with 1,112 dependent children. These statics were issued by the Dublin Regional Homeless Executive. This is a 100% rise within 12 months, but yet the state has not come out and said there is a crisis in housing. read full story / add a comment
Ελλάδα / Τουρκία / Κύπρος / Λαϊκοί Αγώνες / Ανακοίνωση Τύπου Wednesday August 26, 2015 21:41 byΣυλλογικότητα για τον Κοινωνικό Αναρχισμό «Μαύρ   image 1 image
Για εμάς δεν χωράνε αυταπάτες σχετικά με τις προθέσεις των αισχρών πολιτικάντηδων του ΣΥΡΙΖΑ. Ο μοναδικός δρόμος για την αντιμετώπιση της γιγάντιας καταστροφής στον Κάκκαβο ξεκινάει από το κίνημα και τελειώνει σε αυτό. Την Κυριακή 23-8 υπήρξε προγραμματισμένη διαδήλωση από συντονιστικά καθώς και κατασκηνωτές πανευρωπαϊκού camping εναντίον της εξόρυξης, οι οποίοι διαδήλωσαν στο βουνό, ενώ αρκετοί από αυτούς συγκρούστηκαν με τα σκυλιά του κράτους και του Μπόμπολα που προστάτευαν το εργοτάξιο. read full story / add a comment
water war
ireland / britain / community struggles / opinion / analysis Friday August 21, 2015 20:20 byBrian Ancom   image 1 image
Our upcoming show of strength in Dublin on August 29th is going to be an absolutely huge gathering of people from all over the island to deliver a wholehearted 'No' to the Fine Gael/Labour government's plans to establish water charges. [Italiano] read full story / add a comment
Ελλάδα / Τουρκία / Κύπρος / Λαϊκοί Αγώνες / Γνώμη / Ανάλυση Tuesday August 11, 2015 18:50 byΆγις Στίνας   image 1 image
Ένα ιστορικό κείμενο του Άγι Στίνα. Από το περιοδικό «Άνθη του Κακού», τεύχος 2, Χειμώνας 1988, που το αναδημοσίευσε από την αναρχική εφημερίδα «Αλληλεγγύη». read full story / add a comment
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