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A propos de M. Latortue

category central america / caribbean | imperialism / war | non-anarchist press author Wednesday September 19, 2007 06:43author by Harry Fouche Report this post to the editors

Thank you Ms Danto and to you Ms Mayas for bringing this article penned by Stanley Lucas titled “ International Aid Debacle”
Mezyé Latortue
Mezyé Latortue

By the way Stanley Lucas has no standing to talk about AID DEBACLE. For he was on the receiving end of development fund diverted for political purposes, more on this in another post.

If it flies like a duck, quacks lie a duck, swims like a duck, and walks like a duck, then it is a duck.

Members, (Debanasyonal Forum members) here is a 2 years DEBACLE and a 2 years BROAD DAY LIGHT PILLAGING of HAITI’s treasury by ALEXANDRE and LATORTUE during their 2 years tenure.

The total sum given to Boniface/Latortue and is un-accounted for is $964,000,000 (Million). This sum does not include $500 million spent directly by the United Nations for its programs in Haiti including MINUSTHA. The $550 Million the US administration said it spent in Haiti is not included either.

So in total $ 2 Billion dollars were spent in Haiti between the period after February 29, 2004 to May 14, 2006 date when Mr. Preval became President of Haiti. So Boniface and Latortue “where is the beef.” Where was the money spent?

Clearly a “leve kanpe” must take place so this money can be returned to the Haitian people and those responsible for its high-jacking be afforded the rigor of the “law” (I know that currently in Haiti, many will say the LAW is a joke, nevertheless something has to be done.)

By the way, this remind me of a famous quote of former US Supreme Court Justice Frankfurter who often would exclaimed when case laws were cited by both sides of the argument: IF THIS IS THE LAW, THEN THE LAW IS AN ASS.

Members, note the following reported on Television Nationale, Sigal FM, Radio Kiskeya, and disseminated in other media in and out of Haiti:

1) We must applaud and support members of Haiti’s Parliament such as Senator Beauzile who raised the issue of the $964 Million on Television Nationale.

2) Many thanks to Senator Bastien who revealed to the Haitian people the fleecing of the Haitian People by Latortue to the tune of Gdes 44 Million, more or less $ 1 Million (@Gdes44=$1) or the equivalent of $1370 stolen by Latortue for each of the 730 days, that Latortue said was his per diem. Not satisfied with this hold up, he took $ 90,000 from the treasury to buy 2 cars for his use in Miami. The ultimate pick pocketing of the Haitian people was to pay him-self $15,000 a month, plus set up an office, and hire the services of security to guard him for life.

These, he claimed were perks due a “former Prime Minister,” in the mean time the legitimate Prime Minister was sitting in jail.

Again thanks to Senator Bastien.

3) We are grateful to Senator Fortune who revealed that money earmarked for the maintenance of the road of Port Salut and Laborde was used by the Minister of Travaux Publics Fritz Adrien for Travel and per diem payment. (Decidedly there was an epidemic of per diem in this group, as Koudjay said in one of its song ‘GADE YON EKIP PIYAGE.’)

4) Thank you Depute Jonas Coffy for telling the Haitian people about questionable transactions undertaken by the Directeur General des Douanes – a Mr. Valles who claimed he ordered nearly Gdes 6 Million (5,954,000) worth of equipments for the Douanes such as air conditioners and supplies from Valerio Canez store. But accounting and inspection revealed, according to Deputy Coffey, that nothing was ever purchased. Another Gdes 3 Million (3,061,000) was supposedly spent on a firm called SACOMA. According to the Deputy the firm does not exist.

5)Thank you Depute Dolne Astrel for revealing to the nation that teachers and employees of the Ministry of Education have not been paid in 2 years, the 2 years that Latortue received $964 Million. Sat on the back of the Haitian people.

6) Thank you Senateur Bastien for revealing on Radio Signal FM that Harold Bruno the man put in charge of day to day operation of the Ministere des Affaires Etrangeres by Herard Abraham (a man involved in a scandal involving gasoline purchase for Electricite d’Haiti, 1 month after Latortue and Boniface were put in office).

Signal FM quoting Senator Kelly Bastien who stated the Ministere des Affaires Etrangeres had a deficit of Gdes 57 Million. Since Bruno could not explain how and when, the new titular of the Ministere des Affaires Etrangeres Reynald Clerisme fired Bruno.

Bruno is also accused of high jacking the May payroll of the Ministry, after the Finance Ministry had released the payroll funds. Clerisme further stated that Bruno could not leave the country. 2 days after the news of Bruno’s firing, he was arrested by US Custom in Miami with $1 Million in his possession. Are the current authorities beginning extradition procedures against Bruno? Stay tuned.

6) We must thank Senator Bastien for revealing on Television Nationale that the Director General of the Ministere des Affaires Sociales Jean Charles Yves can not account for Gdes 25 Million of the Ministry’s money.

This is the tip of the iceberg

As Senator Fortune said on Tele Nationale, the new government owes the Haitian people an accounting of what they found, so it is clear to all in what fiscal state the country is.

More later, stay tune

Harry Fouche

P.S. The Revelations of Senator Bastien, Senator Fortune, Senator Beazile, Depute Coffy, Depute Astrel, were public and broadcasted on Television National

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