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Hrant Dink: This Heart Will Never Go Silent!

category greece / turkey / cyprus | anti-fascism | news report author Saturday January 20, 2007 15:17author by ender yilmaz - AKi -Turkey Report this post to the editors

“Those who killed Hrant Dink are” shouted one speaker at Taksim square sit-in yesterday evening “those who don’t want people’s fraternity, …those who killed 1,5 million Armenians, … those who exiled hundreds of thousands of Kurds from their villages, …those who created Sivas, Çorum, Maraş massacres, …those who represent the rotten gang order of this country, …”
Hrant Dink
Hrant Dink

Hrant Dink: This Heart Will Never Go Silent!

by Ender Yilmaz

Those who killed Hrant Dink are” shouted one speaker at Taksim square sit-in yesterday evening “those who don’t want people’s fraternity, …those who killed 1.5 million Armenians, … those who exiled hundreds of thousands of Kurds from their villages, …those who created Sivas, Çorum, Maraş massacres, …those who represent the rotten gang order of this country…”.

Hrandt Dink, an Armenian journalist and a leftist intellectual, was a firm supporter of a society without nationalisms. He was found guilty in October 2005 of insulting Turkish identity after he wrote an article which addressed the Armenian genocide. He said that he would go to Paris and say that there was no Armenian genocide, if the Armenian genocide law passed in the French parliament. He got lots of threats. He represented the line of true intellectuals which every country has.

The Istanbul sit-in to protest his murder began in the afternoon and ended at 8 p.m. with a one-hour-long march to his newspaper, Agos. Estimates of the participants range between 5 and 15 thousand. There were also other protests in Ankara, Izmir and Bursa. Some of the slogans in Istanbul protest were: “We all are Armenians, we all are Kurds”, "Obsinately we all are Armenians", “We all are Hrant’s, we all are Armenians”, “Long live people’s fraternity” (in Turkish, Kurdish and Armenian), “The ropes of the murderer is in the hands of the state”, “Murderer state will pay back”, “Side by side against fascism”, “Time will come, the order will change, fascist murderers will pay back to the people” etc.

Flags of the ex-“social-democratic” new-center Republican People’s Party (CHP) were burned (its building was near to the Agos newspaper and people cut the flags hanging between the street lamps) and people shouted: “CHP is not the people’s, but the fascists’ party”, “Fascist Baykal (leader of the CHP)”, “Baykal! We are Kurds, shoot us too”.

Coincidentally (!) fascist gangs continued their provocations at Istanbul and Mimar Sinan Universities yesterday. In the morning, a gang of 30-40 people (mostly outside the university) managed to enter the university (security guards probably displayed extreme benevolence to them which they don’t have for leftist students) and walked in the campus for leftists. In the evening a group of students at the sit-in should leave to save the students at the Mimar Sinan University campus in Beşiktaş from the fascist gang blocking the exit.

Nobody knows really what is being aimed at with this murder. Fascist sites are rejoicing. Some conservative people even argue that it is the work of the Armenian Diaspora. The mainstream media is very sad (a sadness they didn’t have either for the persecution of Hrant Dink before or for the massacred Armenians).

Hrant Dink represented the moderate Armenian who wanted to let the Turkish people understand our violent past and also present, and knew that interventions from first world states created nothing but xenophobia dressed under the cover of anti-imperialism. We will feel his absence more, when the occasional quick "debates" about ethnic and religious minorities partially enter the mainstream media. We will have more and more fruitless debates - better to call them quarrels - between more and more nationalist sides. We should further his anti-nationalist line. Only this can overcome the lack of this valuable friend and stop inter-ethnic conflicts. Only then Hrant Dink can live as if he were still speaking and writing, as if he had not been murdered. As the protesters were singing yesterday evening:

There is no death for us
This heart will never go silent.

author by Davidpublication date Mon Jan 22, 2007 18:07author email davboy2001 at yahoo dot comauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

I think Hrant Dink is a real hero. He knew he could be killed, but he continued talking about truth=Genocide. He will live forever , even with his death he will help the recognition of the Genocide by Turkey.

One day Turkey will have no choice but to accept it.

And thanks to God now it is not 1915, that again Turkish government can kill 2 million Armenians and nobody will know about it....

Times are changed, it is better for Turkish nation to change as well and accept the Genocide and live with peace with its neighbors.

how can you explain the fact Turkey doesn’t open its borders with Armenia.

Turkey Are you afraid of that small country Armenia, or you afraid of the Truth, you afraid of Hrant DinkS ...??/?

Wake cant do more Genocides....STOP.....

author by ziya köksalpublication date Sun Jan 28, 2007 20:52author email zkkoksal at hotmail dot comauthor address author phone 00904882138220Report this post to the editors

yes it's write times changed
what do you do in ırak???? every day there killed many people
what are you doing there
are they not people
what dou you know about 1915 , abaut genocid
times changed but your genocid on the wolrd dosn't changed You and USA are the morders of many hundred peoples on the world not "We"

author by Batur Özdinçpublication date Fri Feb 02, 2007 03:44author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Nationalist Turkish (and even Kurdish) people usually criticize claims of Armenian genocide in 2 ways- one is claiming armenians with killing innocent local people and insurrection - the other one is claiming imperialist states (such as France, US and others) causing lots of such massacres in their own history and using Armenians to attack Turkey in the international arena.

both may be true in -some sense- but none of them can justify any genocide or massacre. lots of people (and states) have killed other innocent people in the past and still being continued to be killed... lots of different groups of people have revolted but as anarchists we should know that state's invervention, repression or massacre always acted/acts as a factor preventing people to have freedom. on the other hand, in the history of 20th century Armenian genocide was probably the first among such massacres both in the sense of numbers and the explicit identity of the relevant people that were involved. even Hitler had said "now- who remember armenians?" - in his answer to a question about discrimination of jewish people.

I believe that state politics should not bother us- it is their own platform not ours. they may think and decide whatever they want.. h.dink himself also believed that changes should come from the basement from the grassroot level not from above.

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