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ireland / britain / environment Saturday December 31, 2005 20:13 by Sean
The economic boom in Ireland and the construction boom that has come alongside it has led to a growth in the importance of environmental campaigns. There has frequently been a large gap between the environmentalists involved in such campaigns and the left - including anarchists. Sean, one of the 'Carrickminders' and now a member of the WSM gives his view on what can be learnt from the recent struggles.

This article is not an attempt to be a pejorative statement from a class struggle point of view; there is a lot to be learnt on our part from these campaigns. Primarily the heritage based activists who took on the authorities at Carrickmines and the ecologists at the Glen of the Downs were doing something we failed at - taking on the issue of the environment. The campaign at Carrickmines, which I was directly involved in, felt resentment at the time due to the lack of participation and even interest from organised political left-wing groups

ireland / britain / environment Thursday July 21, 2005 20:40 by Andrew
Residents of the Eris peninsula in North Mayo have for five years being fighting against a proposed high-pressure gas pipeline line. The pipeline will pass over land, approaching farms and houses as close as 20 metres in some cases. A consortium comprising Shell, Marathon and Statoil is building the pipeline

For about a month now locals with some help from outside have been blockading the proposed refinery site, the Shell depot and the site where the pipeline is supposed to come ashore. This July five of them jailed for refusing to allow Shell from moving onto their own land which has sparked off an escalating round of nationwide protests including the blockading of Shell and Statoil filling stations and depots.

Irish anarchists have been playing a role in these protests for some time including a few who have been working with the locals for months. A number of reports have already been carried on - here we bring these together with some more detailed explanations about what is going on.

ireland / britain / environment Monday February 28, 2005 22:12 by National Conference
We value humanity over all other life on earth although we recognise that our planet is a complex and developing web of interdependent life forms. The survival of humanity depends on maintaining balance within this web, the variety of its' species and habitats. All human activity, especially industry, mining etc. must be conducted in a way conscious of this reality
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Ireland / Britain | Environment

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