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international / history Saturday June 27, 2015 16:10 byWayne Price
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It is now 70 years since the end of the Second World War (1939—1945). It is often referred to as the “Good War” or even the “Last Good War.” The U.S. soldiers who fought it have been called the “Greatest Generation.” Since wars are best seen as evils unless proven otherwise, it is worth asking why World War II has such a good reputation, and whether it deserves it. After all, approximately 60 million people died around the world from that war.

The aftereffects of the Second World War are still being felt. While very popular, it was an inter-imperialist war, a struggle for world domination. But it also included popular struggles against fascism, for national independence, democratic rights, and the possibility of socialist revolution. At their best, anarchists and other revolutionary socialists looked for ways to be part of this working class and people’s war.” Analyzing the war, and thinking through its issues, may help to prepare revolutionary anarchists for future upheavals.

internacional / história do anarquismo Monday June 01, 2015 17:49 byFelipe Corrêa e Rafael Viana da Silva
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No sentido horário, a partir de cima, à esquerda.: Bakunin, Malatesta, Arshinov, Makhno

Nesse artigo, os autores realizam uma discussão da organização política anarquista. Partem das contribuições relativas ao tema de Mikhail Bakunin e Errico Malatesta mostrando que há similaridades entre elas e a da Plataforma Organizacional da União Geral dos Anarquistas. Conforme apontam, Bakunin constitui a base teórica da Plataforma e Malatesta possui posições que alguma vezes aproximam-se dela e outras da Síntese Anarquista.

Consideram, assim, que nenhuma das posições em questão pode ser coerentemente inscrita no campo do marxismo/bolchevismo ou de um suposto “anarcobolchevismo”. Os autores analisam o debate entre Malatesta e Nestor Makhno sobre a Plataforma mostrando onde, realmente, estão as divergências entre ambos. Por meio de uma reflexão histórica do impacto da Plataforma, demonstram como as críticas estabelecidas nos anos 1920, em grande medida realizadas por leituras ideologizadas, somadas a duas experiências práticas dos anos 1950 e a hegemonia francesa na discussão do tema, vêm pautando erroneamente o debate.

north america / mexico / community struggles Friday May 08, 2015 01:15 byRomina Akemi
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In the last couple of weeks, the Black community in Baltimore has mobilized protests in response to the brutal murder of Freddie Gray by the Baltimore Police Department (BPD).

The news footage of Baltimore’s Black youth resisting riot cops is reminiscent of images from the Ferguson protests last summer. Yet, they are also reminiscent of the 1992 Los Angeles Uprising, as well as the many eruptions of popular unrest across the U.S. in 1968 against racist police violence. And we can go farther and farther back into history. The stories are many. The death toll to racist state violence is vast. And many are wondering: Is this our moment to bring down the racist capitalist system?



venezuela / colombia / repression / prisoners Tuesday April 21, 2015 17:17 byColectivo Acción Libertaria
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“In order to describe heaven, it is not necessary to transport up there earthy materials. It is necessary to abandon earth, its materials, in order to embellish life with its ideal” –Isidore Ducasse.

With anger in our hearts and a deep sense of injustice is that we remember Nicolás David Neira Álvarez, a 15 year old young man, whose early affinity with anarchist ideas led him to be bludgeoned by the Colombian riot police (ESMAD) to the point that the constant banging of his head against the pavement damaged his brain matter. This happened during the heavy handed repression against the anarchist block during the May Day demonstrations in Bogotá, 2005. He would pass away on the 6 of March.


argentina/uruguay/paraguay / movimiento anarquista Monday April 20, 2015 15:10 byFederación Anarquista de Rosario
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Durante los meses de marzo y abril realizamos nuestro primer congreso como organización política. Abrimos una nueva etapa para nuestra organización y es por eso que hemos decidido reflejarlo cambiando el nombre de la misma, por uno que dé cuenta de forma más cabal nuestras formas organizativas y nuestros horizontes de construcción. Es así que la Federación Anarquista de Rosario es la continuación de la Columna Libertaria Joaquín Penina.

Son 7 años los que llevamos organizados como anarquistas, en los cuales hemos tratado de dar nuestro aporte libertario a las resistencias y luchas de nuestra clase oprimida, este recorrido, que aunque con idas y venidas, fruto de aciertos y errores, muestra una marcada tendencia a consolidarnos como organización política, referencia del anarquismo organizado en la ciudad de Rosario y es así que creemos que podemos (y debemos) dar un paso más en el fortalecimiento de nuestra organización política anarquista.


Saludos Anarkismo al Iº Congreso Columna Libertaria Joaquín Penina
Anarkismo message of support to 1st Congress of Columna Libertaria Joaquín Penina

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E' uscito Alternativa Libertaria, giugno 2015

Thu 02 Jul, 13:17

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