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international / imperialism / war Tuesday September 08, 2020 21:09 by Melbourne Anarchist Communist Group
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As Anarchists, we argue for workers’ revolution across the world and take as our primary duty the fight against the capitalists where we live. Here in Australia, we must fight against the Australian Goverment’s military alliance with the US, including the ANZUS Treaty, the 5 Eyes intelligence group and the spy base at Pine Gap. And we must fight to build a labour movement that can link up with the working class across the region to make revolution against both the capitalists and the Chinese so-called “Communist” Party. There is no other way.

international / gender Wednesday June 24, 2020 00:37 by Various anarchist organizations
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We are not in the front line with capitalists, we are in the front line to change society!

International statement from various anarchist organizations - some being members of the Anarkismo network - about the situation of women in this global health crisis of capitalism.

"We, women, endure the social and economic global crisis which unfolded as the novel coronavirus emerged and evolved into a pandemic, and yet we suffer from sexist violence too. This is not a novelty in the system of patriarchal domination we live under, nevertheless, it has adopted particular new forms in our actual context. We have found the COVID-19 pandemic has relegated us more and more to the "domestic sphere" and has subordinated us more and more to the masculine figure."

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north america / mexico / migration / racism Wednesday June 03, 2020 03:59 by Various anarchist organisations
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Solidarity with the Struggle of North American People!

We repudiate the cowardly murder of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis’s police officers, another racist act in the heart of a world imperialist power. This event is added to the countless number of killings of people of colour and the Afro-descendent population in the United States which has been perpetuated since the days of slavery and hasn’t yet stopped.

Racism, a structural element in capitalist society, especially in North American capitalism, is unfortunately intact, but resistance and fighting spirit from people of color and poor people arises in response. Only solidarity and mutual aid will allow us to resist.

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See also:

George Floyd: one death too many in the “land of the free” José Antonio Gutiérrez D. [Castellano] [Türkçe] [Italiano]

A Raging Fire in the United States Wayne Price [Ελληνικά] [Italiano]

international / anarchist movement Monday June 01, 2020 00:11 by Americas Coordinator
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The Americas Coordinator held a virtual talk on May 9 on the current situation in America, particularly in Argentina, Chile, Colombia and the United States from a libertarian socialist perspective. During the discussion, the different analyses and future projections that each organization builds on this moment of world economic crisis were expressed. The Covid-19 pandemic deepened the miseries generated by this capitalist system in all territories.


internacional / movimiento anarquista Friday May 01, 2020 18:15 by Vários organizaciones anarquistas
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Documento internacional por el 1° de Mayo, 2020

Documento internacional por el 1° de Mayo, 2020

“El primero de Mayo debe ser un símbolo de solidaridad internacional, de solidaridad no limitada a los marcos del estado nacional que siempre corresponde a los intereses de las minorías privilegiadas del país. Entre los millones de trabajadores que soportan el yugo de la esclavitud, existe una unidad de intereses, independientemente del idioma que hablen y el estandarte bajo el cual nacieron. Pero entre los/as explotadores/as y los/as explotados/as del mismo país, hay una guerra ininterrumpida que no puede ser resuelta por ningún principio de autoridad y que tiene sus raíces en los intereses contradictorios de las diversas clases. Todo nacionalismo es un disfraz ideológico de los hechos verdaderos: puede en un momento dado arrastrar a las grandes masas a sus representantes mentirosos, pero nunca ha sido capaz de abolir la brutal realidad de las cosas de este mundo.” ( Rudolf Rocker, 1936)

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Les victoires de l

Les victoires de l'avenir naîtront des luttes du passé. Vive la Commune de Paris !

Tue 13 Apr, 11:07

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