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north america / mexico / anti-fascism mercoledì agosto 16, 2017 23:32 byBlack Rose Anarchist Federation
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Black Rose/Rosa Negra Anarchist Federation has received word about the white supremacist, fascist violence committed in Charlottesville today. We are deeply saddened by the loss of our comrade in struggle. Our hearts and minds go out to their loved ones.

We stand in solidarity with anti-racist activists in Charlottesville today, their families, the IWW and DSA members present, and all those involved in the struggle against the rising tide of fascism worldwide.

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See also: [IWW's statement] [Français] [Ελληνικά]

southern africa / workplace struggles martedì giugno 27, 2017 23:19 byMandy Moussouris
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Credit: eNCA / Xoli Mngambi

The labour movement has been unable to de-link itself from its archenemy: capital. As its structures bureaucratise, as its leaders become career unionists, as it opens investment companies and pays staff increasingly inequitable salaries, it increasingly mirrors the very thing it is fighting. If the South African Federation of Trade Unions is to meet its promise, it must be fundamentally different from the organisation it was born out of.

A federation will not liberate the class, nor will its affiliates; only the working class can liberate itself and it will never be able to do that as long as there is an implicit belief in a Great Leader/s; as long as the union is seen as a legal service and as long as power and money are centralised. A truly participatory, democratic trade union would be one where the locals/branches of each affiliate control the membership dues collected, where they would use their dues to do work on the ground and put some aside for provincial and national work; where the workers have direct ownership of the means of trade union production (negotiation, representation, mobilisation) and where the extremely loosely used term, democracy, translates into individual worker agency and empowerment to ensure that the base, the majority, the working class, is where true power lies, and that it uses its power to change the world for the benefit of the many.

international / anarchist movement giovedì giugno 22, 2017 23:55 byAnarkismo Network
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When we have to deal with disagreements, conflicts and faults, these problems must be solved with a justice that is based on our libertarian ethical values. What does this concretely mean? That we have to hear all the parties involved and make sure to provide physical and psychological protection too all, especially if someone has – at least presumably – been hurt. In cases of sexual violence – for instance – we should not reproduce the bias of bourgeois patriarchal so-called “justice” that too frequently isolates (female) survivors and dismisses their feelings and words. It means that we have to establish means to examine the different positions and eliminate any doubts. That we have to have democratic and collective processes to deal with that and to take decisions and make recommendations. And, mainly, that we must first try to reeducate people instead of punishing or isolating them. Not that in some cases punishment or isolation couldn’t be the only solution, but, at least, we have to make (re)education a priority over punishment and isolation, which should be last resorts.

To deal with these problems within our movement instances of ethical justice that aim to resolve major disagreements, conflicts and faults are necessary. These instance, such as an “ethics commission” for example, could be convened and articulated whenever one or more militants within our movement or organizations identify a problem of this kind and ask formally for the establishment of a commission. The establishment of a commission (or the denial) would be the result of a collective decision made by the deliberative and decision-making bodies of the respective organizations. If a commission is established, then a certain number of militants not involved with the case could be mandated to constitute the commission and be given a deadline to listen to the different parties involved, to develop positions, eliminate doubts and then to produce a written document with a position and recommendations to the respective organization.
To “solve the problem” means, here, to find ways to reach agreements, to find solutions to conflicts, to deal with faults and to eliminate doubts. Although giving preference to (re)education, the commission could decide for issuing a warning, suspension, sanction or even expulsion or "excommunication".

southern africa / community struggles giovedì giugno 08, 2017 02:20 byJonathan Payn
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Women erecting a makeshift shelter at Bush Koppies. Photo: Lekhetho Mtetwa (ZACF)

The struggle of the black working class majority of Freedom Park, South Africa, is not just for land on which to build housing – although that is obviously a central issue and key demand; nor is it just against the accompanying political and police violence and intimidation. It is a struggle against the injustice, violence and corruption of a system that puts the power, privileges and profits of a few before the lives and wellbeing of the majority.

brazil/guyana/suriname/fguiana / miscellaneous martedì maggio 30, 2017 06:32 byCoordenação Anarquista Brasileira
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Corte de rua e barricada no estado do Paraná.

O Brasil vive um terremoto político, escancarando a podridão das elites do país e fragilizando ainda mais os laços que as sustentam no poder. A operação orquestrada que possibilitou a gravação entre o presidente Michel Temer e o dono da JBS, maior empresa de carnes do mundo, altera a correlação de forças no país e joga gasolina na crise política e social. Com a instabilidade política, o governo tem mais dificuldade para mobilizar sua base e avançar com as Reformas da Previdência e Trabalhista, os maiores ataques à classe oprimida.

Isso não é motivo para se comemorar, não devemos tirar peso destas lutas. Agora é a hora de partir pra cima, massificar as mobilizações com o trancamento das ruas, paralisações rumo à greve geral para barrar os cortes sociais e as reformas. Devemos aprofundar a democracia, mas a democracia direta, onde as/os trabalhadoras/es nos seus locais de trabalho, estudo e moradia decidam o rumo do país. O momento é desfavorável para nós oprimidos e oprimidas, mas a crise e a disputa entre as elites abrem margem para outros projetos.

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¿Què està passant a Catalunya?

¿Què està passant a Catalunya?

ven 24 nov, 21:07

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Reunión para conformar un CDR en la zona del Eixample de Tarragona (Diari de Tarragona) imageAclaración sobre la coordinación de los CDRs de Catalunya nov 23 07:59 by Azadi 0 comments

Hace unos días publicamos la propuesta de organización para los Comités de Defensa de la República de Cataluña que, inspirada en el confederalismo democrático kurdo, planteó la Plataforma Azadî. Traducimos ahora un nuevo escrito de la plataforma, en que confirman que el anterior se aprobó cara a la coordinación de los CDRs y en el que observan algunos "puntos donde no se está siguiendo nuestra propuesta".

@CDRCatOficial: Twitter de la coordinadora nacional de CDRs. Mapa con los CDRs actualmente existentes.

ap_17274270518815353x221.jpg imageΗ ανεξαρτησία τω_... nov 22 18:39 by Σαλβαδόρ* 0 comments

...η δημιουργία νέων εθνικών κρατών, με θεσμούς δημοκρατικούς, σοσιαλιστικούς, φασιστικούς ή κομμουνιστικούς δεν λύνει τα ήδη υπάρχοντα προβλήματα. Η αυτοδιάθεση και η ανεξαρτησία των λαών είναι πάντα καλοδεχούμενη, αρκεί να έρχονται μέσα από κοινωνικά απελευθερωτικά προτάγματα και να προωθούνται μέχρι τις εσχατιές τους. Να πάψει ο κόσμος να γίνεται έρμαιο πολιτικών επιδιώξεων, που το μόνο που εξυπηρετούν είναι να σφίξουν περισσότερο οι αλυσίδες στα σώματα των λαών.

1286890_06_0025_11172017_20171117203118__mg_49251510945375_4_1.jpg imageΕνάντια στον αντ^... nov 20 04:31 by Αναρχοσυνδικαλιστική Πρωτοβουλία Ροσινάντε 0 comments

Η εικόνα που κυκλοφόρησε από τον βαρύ τραυματισμό της Νατάσας Τσουκαλά, δεν αφήνει κανένα περιθώριο στην αμφιβολία: οι ομάδες αυτές λειτουργούν με απόλυτη αδιαφορία προς την ανθρώπινη ζωή, που είναι το μέτρο κάθε ελευθεριακής και εξεγερτικής αντίληψης, προκειμένουν να επιδοθούν σε ασκήσεις δύναμης, επιβολής, κυριαρχίας και εξουσίας. Οι ομάδες αυτές δεν αντιμάχονται το Κράτος, λειτουργούν ως ένα εν δυνάμει Κράτος που διεκδικεί την αυθαίρετη εξουσία για λογαριασμό τους.

azadi.jpg image[Catalunya] Propuesta de organización para los Comités de Defensa de la República inspirad... nov 20 00:54 by Azadi 0 comments

Mucho se ha hablado en los últimos años de la lucha del pueblo kurdo y el modelo de sociedad que están construyendo en Rojava. No hace mucho tuvieron en lugar en Bilbao las segundas Jornadas Internacionales de Ecología Social, donde, entre otras cosas, se abordaron otras experiencias prácticas que tienen cierta similitud: Luchas por la defensa del territorio en el bosque de Hambach y Euskal Herria, el neo-zapatismo chiapaneco,... El confederalismo democrático kurdo no es sólo una bella y lejana idea, sino una fuente de inspiración. En esa línea la plataforma catalana Azadî de solidaridad con el pueblo kurdo ha realizado una interesante propuesta de organización para los Comités de Defensa de la República [CDRs].

Recordamos que los Comités de Defensa de la República son grupos surgidos en Cataluña en 2017 con el objetivo inicial de facilitar la realización del referéndum de independencia del 1 de octubre. Tras el referéndum, adoptaron el nuevo objetivo de luchar por el cumplimiento de su resultado y la proclamación de la república catalana. Se basan en asambleas abiertas y realizaron su primera reunión de coordinación el 15 de octubre en Sabadell, a la que asistieron delegaciones de más de 100 CDRs. La cuarta reunión de coordinación tuvo lugar el 4 de noviembre en Manlleu donde representantes de 172 comités de los más de 250 existentes a día de hoy [ver mapa] decidieron cambiar su denominación por de Defensa de la República [hasta entonces habían sido de Defensa del Referéndum] y dieron por concluído el proceso de creación de la coordinadora nacional [@CDRCatOficial en Twitter]. A los 4 días tuvo lugar la huelga del 8N en la que participaron activamente.

Sin entrar a valorar aquí el procés, o la participación de las libertarias en él, reproducimos a continuación la propuesta, que no deja de ser las típicas asambleas de delegadas revocables en las que se basan los comités y los consejos obreros, pero incorporando algunas de las herramientas que han utilizado en Kurdistán para una mejor integración de las distintas sensibilidades.

fag1.jpg imageBrasil, deriva neoliberal y represión de los movimientos populares y del movimiento libert... nov 20 00:42 by José Luis Carretero Miramar 0 comments

La situación social y política en Brasil es cada vez más comprometida. Desde la llegada al gobierno de Michel Temer mediante un golpe institucional y palaciego, la deriva neoliberal, en lo económico, y fascistizante, en lo relacionado con los derechos civiles, del gobierno del principal representante de los BRICS en América Latina, es cada vez más acusada. El gigante emergente ha iniciado un proceso cada vez más autoritario de enfrentamiento con los movimiento sociales al hilo del despliegue de toda una barahúnda de medidas de ajuste y reformas flexibilizadoras de la regulación laboral y de pensiones. El movimiento libertario, de hecho, ha sufrido también sus zarpazos.

460_0___30_0_0_0_0_0_economicimperialisminindiaexamplemeaning.jpg imagePer una definizione dell'imperialismo nella fase del capitalismo globale e finanziario pos... nov 17 02:04 by BrunoL 0 comments

consideriamo essenziale interpretare il concetto di imperialismo globalizzato e finanziario. Questo si manifesta con forme più grossolane, come l'invasione militare, all'oggetto di studio a cui questo testo si collega, i rapporti complementari e subordinati delle Transnational Corporations (TNC), paradisi fiscali, capitale finanziario come forma di accumulazione selvaggia contemporanea, indebitamento assicurato di intere popolazioni e l'esistenza di una nefasta somma di élite organiche che agiscono attraverso porte girevoli su scala nazionale e transnazionale, servendo e localizzando l'attuale versione del neoliberismo.

donosl8waaaumn7.jpg image17 Νοέμβρη, Όλοι στο... nov 15 18:09 by Αναρχική Ομοσπονδία 0 comments

Τότε και τώρα τα καθεστώτα έχουν διακυμάνσεις: άλλες φορές «προσφέρουν» επιπλέον ελευθερίες- άλλες φορές τις περιστέλλουν. Δεν πρέπει να επιτρέπουμε στους εαυτούς μας να αυταπατώνται από τα παιχνίδια πότε του ενός και πότε του άλλου κομματιού της Κυριαρχίας. Εκείνο που πάντα αποκρύπτεται είτε από τις "Χούντες" είτε από τις αστικές "Δημοκρατίες" είναι το γεγονός της εκχώρησης: έχουμε εκχωρήσει το δικαίωμα κάποιος να μας δίνει ή να μας αφαιρεί ελευθερίες ή ακόμα και να θεωρεί πως δεν αξίζει καν να γίνει λόγος για αυτές.

maorilandworkerheader1912.jpeg imageThe Maoriland Worker on the Haymarket Martyrs nov 15 11:11 by Copasetic65 0 comments

On the 11 November 1887 the ‘Haymarket Martyrs’ – August Spies, Albert Parsons, Adolph Fischer & George Engel, all anarchists – were murdered by the state in Chicago. A fifth, 23-year-old Louis Lingg, killed himself in his cell last night, cheating the state executioners.

This is how the Maoriland Worker commented on the anniversary in 1911

65327777a0f1ee1ab8a82c5d1d88c0c0.jpg imageTraditional Values: Housing & Direct Action nov 15 11:06 by AWSM 0 comments

This brief article advocates a return to traditional values of solidarity and direct action to tackle the housing crisis in Aotearoa.

economicimperialisminindiaexamplemeaning.jpg imageTraçando uma definição de imperialismo na etapa do capitalismo global e financeiro pós-200... nov 15 07:37 by BrunoL 0 comments

Vemos como essencial interpretar o conceito de imperialismo globalizado e financeiro. Este se manifesta desde formas mais grosseiras, como uma invasão militar, até o objeto de estudo o qual este texto se vincula, as relações complementares e subordinadas de Transnacionais (TNCs), paraísos fiscais, capital financeiro como forma de acumulação selvagem contemporânea, endividamento securitizado de populações inteiras e a existência de uma soma nefasta de elites orgânicas agindo através de portas giratórias em escala nacional e transnacional, a serviço e se locupletando da versão atual do neoliberalismo.

textGenova: Incontro europeo delle organizzazioni comuniste anarchiche/libertarie. nov 14 07:24 by Alternativa Libertaria/FdCA 0 comments

con la presenza di delegazioni di Alternative Libertaire - Francia; Workers Solidarity Movement - Irlanda; Organisation Socialiste Libertaire - Svizzera; Ffederasiwn Anarchaidd Cymru - Galles; Alternativa Libertaria/fdca-Italia

textPordenone: welfare aziendale nov 14 07:12 by Alternativa Libertaria/FdCA 0 comments


ulteriore strumento per ridurre il costo del lavoro e far avanzare il processo di privatizzazione dei servizi pubblici.
Necessità di una prospettiva solidaristica ed unitaria per le classi subalterne.

28b9eebf550d43177f73a101bb5894a5_1.jpg imageIl movimento anticapitalista nella Repubblica Catalana nov 14 06:35 by Aitor Tarradellas 0 comments

Un articolo introduttivo sulla situazione in Catalogna e sulla posizione di alcuni anarchici catalani.

textLucca: Donne Contro - intervista a 10 donne anarchiche, marxiste e femministe nella Rivolu... nov 14 06:09 by Alternativa Libertaria/FdCA 0 comments

Interviste a dieci donne Anarchiche, Marxiste e Femministe che hanno vissuto la guerra civile spagnola (1936/1939) incontrate tra la Catalogna, la Francia e l'Italia dal marzo 1997 al febbraio 2013.

460_0___30_0_0_0_0_0_28b9eebf550d43177f73a101bb5894a5.jpg imageΗ κατάσταση στην ... nov 13 19:43 by Aitor Tarradella 0 comments

Ένα εισαγωγικό άρθρο σχετικά με την κατάσταση της Καταλονίας και τις θέσεις ορισμένων Καταλανών αναρχικών. Εάν κάποιοι από τους Ισπανούς συντρόφους μας δεν μπορούν να κατανοήσουν την πολυπλοκότητα της θέσης μας ούτε και οι διεθνείς μας φίλοι, έγραψα αυτό το άρθρο στα καλύτερα αγγλικά που μπορώ, για να προσπαθήσω να εξηγήσω τη θέση πολλών Καταλανών αντικαπιταλιστών που υποστηρίζουν την Καταλανική Δημοκρατία.

15.jpg imageΌχι πυρηνικά στο_... nov 13 04:18 by «δυσήνιος ίππος» 0 comments

Ενημέρωση από τη διαδήλωση ενάντια στην εγκατάσταση πυρηνικών όπλων στην αεροπορική βάση Αράξου

28b9eebf550d43177f73a101bb5894a5.jpg imageThe anticapitalist movement in the Catalan Republic nov 09 18:14 by Aitor Tarradellas 0 comments

An introductory article about the situation of Catalonia and the position of some Catalan anarchists.

122115a1ad15482bbd2649c87bda8a88.jpg imageΔικαίωμα στην αυ`... nov 09 04:11 by Αναρχική Συλλογικότητα mⒶnifesto 0 comments

Δεν τρέφουμε αυταπάτες για τους απολογητές της έμφυλης βίας που διατρανώνουν με διάφορα μέσα τον δήθεν αντισεξισμό τους, με σκοπό το «ξέπλυμα» μιας σειράς περιστατικών που συγκαλύπτονται και θάβονται.
Καμιά ανοχή στους θύτες της πατριαρχίας και τους απολογητές τους, είτε δικαστές και μπάτσοι, είτε συγγενείς, φίλοι, γνωστοί, είτε «σύντροφοι», είτε οικογενειάρχες και «καλά» παιδιά.

rating_agencies.jpg imageAs agências de “análise” de risco e a violação de soberanias nov 08 21:41 by BrunoL 0 comments

As agências de “análise” são empresas privadas dos EUA operando como vetores do cassino financeiro global, gerando a subordinação de sociedades inteiras. Isso ocorre em todos os países do “ocidente” ampliado, sendo que as regiões eurasiáticas sob a influência direta da China, Rússia e Índia conseguem sofrer outras projeções de poder. No caso da América Latina, sofremos hoje uma dupla intervenção, tanto das potências ocidentais – com os Estados Unidos à frente - como da presença chinesa cada vez maior em todas as camadas da economia real. Neste texto, fazemos uma breve digressão no papel de operador político das agências de “análise” na Europa pós-crise de 2008 e depois voltamos ao nosso Continente observando uma das chances desperdiçadas no período anterior.

kiel_ne_endas__portada__a5.png imageKiel ne endas fari revolucion nov 08 16:21 by Jurgo 0 comments

Kompilaĵo el diversaj verkoj pri la rusa revolucio de anarkiista vidpunkto ĵus esperantigita de Jesús González kaj eldonita de la Biblioteko Mateo Morral (ĜKL de Viladekans', Katalunio)

001africa1968africalazaroabreuemorydouglas.jpg imageNational Self-Determination, Internationalism, and Libertarian Socialism nov 08 05:56 by Wayne Price 0 comments

Some anarchists and libertarian Marxists oppose the concepts of national self-determination and national liberation. They argue that these slogans deny class struggle, endorse nationalism, is contrary to anarchist principles, and lead to Leninism. I respond to these arguments, saying that anarchists should be in solidarity with the people of oppressed nations without endorsing their nationalist leaders.

textFace à la situation en Catalogne nov 08 01:13 by Several Organizations 0 comments

Communiqué conjoint entre la CNT-e, la CGT-e et Solidaridad Obrera

sebokengphoto0042.jpg imageThe Cheap Politics that Destroy Our Communities nov 07 23:24 by Nonzukizo Mute 0 comments

Political fighting has destroyed the peace in Sebokeng township in the Vaal. Politicians are using government resources for private purposes, and parties and factions are fighting over which politicians get the most.

anarchistbanneratantiprivatisationforummarchjohannesburgca2007.jpg imageThe Way Forward for South Africa nov 07 23:19 by Nkululeko Khubisa 0 comments

South Africa is in a mess. That is clear, more than 20 years since the end of apartheid. We have won many things. It was our struggle that beat apartheid laws and the old government. But we are not free yet. Corruption, poverty, job losses, hatred, violence, the apartheid legacy are all part of the mess.

What is the way forward for South Africa? It is struggle by the masses of the people for a better society.

What does that require?

powertotheworkers.jpg imageHail the October Revolution nov 07 16:22 by Melbourne Anarchist Communist Group 0 comments

The October Revolution in Russia was a momentous event and the Melbourne Anarchist Communist Group celebrates its centenary. The Soviets and the Factory Committees were great achievements of the working class and taking power was an even greater achievement. We are angered by the betrayal of the Revolution by Lenin and its total perversion by Stalin, but we are not disillusioned. Rather, we have learned lessons and work in the confident expectation that, if capitalism doesn’t destroy us in the meantime, there will be another revolution, and it will be worldwide. Unlike last time, workers won’t get taken in by the siren song of leaders who tell us fairy tales about a workers’ state. We won’t be fooled again.

.jpg imageΠιοτρ Κροπότκιν, ... nov 07 15:49 by ΕΠΙΜΕΛΕΙΑ: ΔΗΜΗΤΡΗΣ ΤΡΩΑΔΙΤΗΣ 0 comments

Πιοτρ Κροπότκιν, Το πνεύμα της επαναστάσεως
Μετάφραση Ιωάννη Μαγκανάρα
Επιμέλεια - Εισαγωγή Νίκου Παπαχριστόπουλου
Εκδόσεις opportuna

textNella battaglia dell'acciao GENOVA protagonista contro i LICENZIAMENTI! nov 07 15:17 by Alternativa Libertaria /fdca 0 comments

Lo scontro sull'acciaio è una contesa mondiale che vede, oggi come in altre fasi passate, in primo piano l'Europa con al centro gli stabilimenti siderurgici dell'ex-ILVA.

textStuck in a Rut nov 07 10:45 by Pink Panther 0 comments

This article addresses the issue of Public Private Partnerships (PPP) in the context of major roading infrastructural work undertaken in Aotearoa/New Zealand, with some comparative reference to the Grenfell Towers disaster in London.

textBrasile - Giù le mani dal movimento anarchico! Solidarietà con la FAG e gli anarchici bras... nov 06 18:26 by Anarkismo Organizations - Anarkismo Network 0 comments

Solidarietà alla Federação Anarquista Gaúcha (FAG), alla Coordenação Anarquista Brasileira (CAB) ed al movimento anarchico di Porto Alegre ed in Brasilel!
Solidarietà con gli scioperi dei lavoratori della scuola e del Comune a Rio Grande do Sul!
Per il socialismo e per la libertà!

textBas les pattes du mouvement anarchiste ! Solidarité avec la FAG et les anarchistes au Brés... nov 05 22:33 by Anarkismo Organizations 0 comments

Nous avons appris que le 25 octobre, une grande opération de police appelée « Erèbe » (Érebo en portugais, le nom du dieu grec des ténèbres) a été lancé contre le mouvement anti-autoritaire.
La police civile a envahi au moins 4 lieux libertaires et prétend avoir des mandats contre une douzaine de lieux et environ 30 personnes. Ils ont perquisitionné le squat Pandorga et les locaux de Parrhesia, ainsi que l’espace politique et culturel de l’Athénée Libertaire Batalha da Várzea, qui était connu pour être les locaux officiels de la FAG (ce n’est plus le cas). La Fédération Anarchiste Gaúcha (FAG) est particulièrement ciblée par cette opération : elle est considérée par la police, toujours aussi stupide, comme le cerveau du mouvement anarchiste à Porto Alegre. Les camarades sont accusé-e-s d’association de malfaiteurs dans l’objectif de commettre des dépradations contre des propriétés publiques et privées.

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