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international / environment Saturday February 21, 2015 17:44 by Anarkismo
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For more than 20 years, Val di Susa residents, common people and militants have opposed the construction of a high-speed railway to connect Lyons with Turin. This useless major infrastructural project would be a catastrophe, wreaking destruction on Nature and ravaging the ecological system. Some of the tunnels are meant to be pierced through uranium and asbestos ore, which would spread the dust of these minerals throughout the valley's atmosphere. Collaterally, many expropriations are planned to enable the railway's construction, especially of agricultural lands.

It has been demonstrated that these construction works will cost a fortune to local populations, while the existing rail lines could be improved and put to better use, especially to carry freight, which is currently delivered by road, causing massive pollution. Every metre of the TAV costs €158,000! These are public resources being diverted from socially-useful works and services to be consigned into the hands of mafias and profiteers!

Strong protest has never stopped since the project began, with thousands protesting, and the Val di Susa also being occupied, together with other acts of resistance and sabotage against the work sites imposed on the population. This movement brings together militants from the valley, people from all over Italy and even collectives from France, and has become a struggle of reference for the Italian social movement of the last 20 years. It has also been heavily repressed by the Italian State.

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ireland / britain / repression / prisoners Tuesday February 17, 2015 19:19 by Andrew
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A prolonged revolt is happening in Ireland against the introduction of yet another austerity tax, this time as a charge on water. Across the country housing estates have seen conflict between residents, Garda and private security over the installation of water meters. Marches of tens of thousands have taken place.

This week seizing on a minor incident 3 months ago when water charge campaigners sat in front of the Tanaistes (Deputy Prime Minister) car for two hours the Irish police (Garda) have mounted dawn raids against the houses of 21 water charge campaigners. The piece that follows is the Workers Solidarity Movement reportage of these raids as they happened over last week.

The enormous use of Garda resources in terms of a 3 month investigation and large squads of Garda arriving on people's doorsteps in the early morning reveal the highly political nature of these arrests. And these carried out in revenge for a minor protest against a deeply unpopular Labour party political.


brazil/guyana/suriname/fguiana / repressão / prisioneiros Saturday February 07, 2015 06:24 by Federação Anarquista Gaúcha
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O companheiro Vicente, assim como os demais militantes e lutadores de outras organizações, coletivos e ideologias, não foi o primeiro e não será o último jovem negro e anarquista a ser condenado nesse Brasil racista. São milhares de homens e mulheres negros/as e pobres exterminados e condenados diariamente pelas polícias militares e pela justiça burguesa e racista.

É a elas e eles que nossa solidariedade militante é direcionada e será junto de cada trabalhador/a que cerraremos nossos punhos. Não nos intimidaremos e em cada marcha de rua, piquete, greve, ocupação estaremos ombro a ombro com todos e todas que lutam!

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greece / turkey / cyprus / the left Monday January 26, 2015 21:58 by Andrew Flood
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Across Europe, the left is excited by Syriza topping the polls in the Greek election. Some on the left have gone so far as to suggest the election itself will mark the end of austerity policies, in the terminology of the Anglo left, an end to the idea that There Is No Alternative (TINA).

Another indication that something of significance is happening is that ahead of the election a new wave of capital flight has started from Greece with an estimated 8 billion transferred out of the country over the last few weeks. From an anarchist, non electoralist perspective we might hope that Syriza’s election represents the high water mark of the swing to electoralism that came out of the defeat of mass resistance to the imposition of the crisis. That won’t be today or tomorrow, it will take a period of weeks for Syriza to have been in power long enough to demonstrate that the problem with the old electoral left was not reducible to corrupt social democrats and lying politicians. Rather it is in the nature of the electoral system, a system that takes in young idealist transformers and spits out older, corrupt defenders of the status quo.

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bolivia / peru / ecuador / chile / education Sunday January 25, 2015 13:08 by Melissa Sepúlveda
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Publicado en la edición n°26 del periódico anarquista chileno Solidaridad.

Los últimos años, desde el mundo libertario hemos sido capaces de instalar la necesidad de la participación de base, la legitimidad de las asambleas como los espacios que debieran determinar las posiciones políticas de las y los dirigentes, y la necesidad de una política vinculada con los espacios locales; sin embargo, de poco sirven esas conquistas en términos del sentido común si no estamos desarrollando una política que efectivamente se haga cargo de manera constante de fortalecer esos espacios a los cuales hemos otorgado la facultad de resolver. Es dentro de este desafío que tenemos que pensar las distintas dimensiones que cobra dicha responsabilidad, la responsabilidad de ser dinamizadores de la participación, la discusión y la apropiación cada vez más profunda de un proyecto de lucha que vayamos creando como pueblo.
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E' uscito Alternativa Libertaria, giugno 2015

Sun 05 Jul, 15:47

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