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southern africa / workplace struggles Thursday April 07, 2011 22:51 byShawn Hattingh
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A container outside the factory

The economic crisis in South Africa has seen inequalities, and the forced misery of the working class, grow. While the rich and politicians have continued to flaunt their ill-gotten wealth, workers and the poor have been forced to suffer. It is in this context that the majority of the leaders of the largest trade unions have, unfortunately, elected to once again place their faith in a social dialogue and partnerships with big business and the state. So while the state and bosses have been on the offensive against workers and the poor, union officials have been appealing to them to save jobs during the crisis. Not surprisingly, this strategy has largely failed. While union leaders and technocrats have been debating about the policies that should or should not be taken to overcome the crisis, bosses and the state have retrenched over 1 million workers in a bid to increase profits. It is, therefore, sheer folly for union leaders to believe that the state and bosses are interested in compromise – without being forced into it.

As seen by their actions, the elite are only interested in maintaining their power, wealth and lifestyles by making the workers and the poor pay for the crisis. For the elite, social dialogue is simply a tool to tie the unions up and limit their real strength – direct action by members. In fact, even before the crisis, social dialogue had been a disaster for the unions contributing towards their bureaucratisation and having abysmal results in terms of them trying to influence the state away from its pro-rich macro-economic policies.

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north america / mexico / workplace struggles Saturday April 02, 2011 04:18 byJuan Conatz
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Appeal for solidarity from the Madison, Wisconsin Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) branch:

International Capital is confronting International Labor on the world stage. Our neighbors in Egypt, Libya, and Tunisia have recently shown the world how to bring governments and rulers to their knees. As the struggle unfolds, we are learning from each other minute-to-minute.

In Madison, The Industrial Workers of the World are active in a fight against Governor Scott Walker, who serves the infamous Koch brothers and the wider corporate interests. We believe it will take a General Strike to stop Walker's legislation and strengthen the labor movement. Governor Walker and conservative legislators have pushed through a plan that will virtually destroy all unions for public employees, except for firefighters, police, and the state patrol. They also plan to severely cut welfare and medical programs, and reduce rights for immigrants.

We need to let union and non-union workers, the unemployed, and all disenfranchised people of the world know that true power does not rest in the marble halls of the capitol building or corporate boardrooms. It is through unity and action that our hearts and minds become the pathways of power and resistance.

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france / belgique / luxembourg / luttes en milieu de travail Sunday November 07, 2010 02:43 byCuervo
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Alternative libertaire : Anticapitalisme & Autogestion

La bataille contre la réforme des pensions a commencé il y a 6 mois, a atteint son point culminant durant les deux derniers mois et, d'après le gouvernement, est en train de s'essouffler.

Nous ne voulons toujours pas de cette réforme. La lutte n'est pas terminée mais entre dans une nouvelle phase. La phase difficile.

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iberia / workplace struggles Tuesday September 28, 2010 14:53 byManu García
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El Estado español es uno de los que afronta una de las situaciones económicas más difíciles. La crisis está siendo particularmente intensa y persistente y sus efectos se están dejando notar en el crecimiento del déficit de las cuentas públicas, en el deterioro de las condiciones de vida y de trabajo de las grandes mayorías y en la destrucción acelerada de puestos de trabajo, comenzando por el sector que alimentó durante los años de bonanza el espejismo de un crecimiento sin fin, la Construcción, y extendiéndose de ahí al conjunto de la estructura económica.

Las medidas de ajuste presentadas o previstas por el gobierno y sus asesores para llenar las arcas del Estado y estimular la economía hacen cargar todo su peso sobre las clases populares, en forma de bajada de salarios, impuestos sobre el consumo, reducción de las pensiones, recortes en las prestaciones por desempleo, privatizaciones y trabas a la organización de los trabajadores.

Es muy importante que esta Huelga General sea un éxito y el 29 de septiembre haya en los lugares de trabajo y en las calles una contestación lo más multitudinaria posible a las políticas del gobierno de Zapatero, que sólo benefician a la banca y a la patronal y le hacen el juego a la reacción más dura, organizada en el Partido Popular, que capitalizará políticamente la bancarrota de un Partido Socialista que, en un ejercicio suicida de “responsabilidad de Estado”, está dinamitando su base social tradicional y entregándola en brazos de los herederos del franquismo que, por cierto, como no podía ser de otra manera, se oponen tanto al gobierno (dentro de una estrategia de desgaste) como a la huelga.

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iberia / workplace struggles Friday September 24, 2010 15:41 byInternational statement
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General Strike - 29th September 2010

Of all the European Union countries, the Spanish State is facing one of the most difficult economic situations of all, with 20% of the potential workforce unemployed. The measures proposed by the government place all the burden on the popular classes in the form of lower wages, consumer taxes, pensions cuts, cuts in unemployment benefits, more privatization and the introduction of more obstacles to workers organizing.

Ever since the crisis broke, the more militant sectors of the trade union movement [including the CGT, CNT, SO, etc.] have been demanding that a general strike be called to oppose these unpopular measures, but because they were confined only to certain sectors and geographic areas, they were unable to achieve it alone, until a general strike for 29th September was eventually - and reluctantly - called by the big unions, the CCOO and the UGT. It is very important for the General Strike to be a success and for the 29th September to see as many people as possible opposing the policies of the Zapatero government, outside the workplace and on the streets.

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Double Issue 5/6 of Tokologo, the Newsletter of the TAAC, now available

Double Issue 5/6 of Tokologo, the Newsletter of the TAAC, now available

Workplace struggles

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