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bolivia / peru / ecuador / chile / la izquierda Wednesday December 13, 2006 03:49 by varios

Selección de artículos y declaraciones sobre la muerte del dictador, quien acabó sus días en la impunidad, protegido por el gobierno de la Concertación y toda la clase politica. Su negro período en el poder no sólo será recordado como una tiranía signada por la tortura y el asesinato, sino que como el inicio de un modelo económico y politico que ha llevado la marginación y exclusión tradicional de los sectores populares en Chile a su grado máximo. La lucha por la liberación ni se acabó con el término formal de la dictadura, ni se acaba con la muerte del criminal.

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venezuela / colombia / la izquierda Tuesday December 12, 2006 05:47 by Grupo Editorial de Anarkismo
La reciente victoria electoral abrumadora de Hugo Chávez resonó en todo el mundo como un nuevo signo de la pérdida de influencia de los EEUU en Sudamérica y el mundo. Sus detractores, le acusan desde ser un demagogo populista hasta ser un dictador; sus partidarios lo llaman un benefactor del pueblo y un campeón anti-imperialista.
international / the left Tuesday November 28, 2006 20:30 by Wayne Price
What should anarchists do when an elected government is overturned by a right-wing coup, as happened in Venezuela or Nepal? It is typical of capitalism that its gains of political democracy are shaky at best. Countries go through cycles of democracy and dictatorship and back again

How should anarchists deal with such situations? The issue points to a historic weakness in anarchism. Despite its excellent goals and great ideas, anarchism has repeatedly been defeated, crushed by fascist or Leninist forces, or merely marginalized. A major reason for this, I strongly believe, has been its rigidity and its tactical and strategic clumsiness. The anarchist movement has consistently failed to maneuver tactically in an effective fashion. Our approach should be FIRMNESS IN PRINCIPLES, FLEXIBILITY IN TACTICS.

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venezuela / colombia / the left Tuesday July 11, 2006 18:33 by Nachie
A detailed analysis of Chávez and Venezuela from a north American anarchist perspective. The author includes a detailed account of a visit to Venezuela at the time of the WSF and encounters with grassroots organisations and the Tupamaros

What had been my intense idealism regarding Chávez - best expressed in the Bolivanarchism essay - was quick to fade away in the face of my physical experiences in the country. On the other hand, my extensive contact with those for whom the revolution is a daily project of self-valorization and the construction of alternative and non-hierarchal associations outside of both the State and capitalism left me with a lot of hope

.. In December of 1999 the people voted for the new constitution largely on class lines, which - in a country where anywhere between 55-80% of the population is impoverished - means that it was approved. While Chávez promised, “I will turn Venezuela into a first world nation in 10 years” tens of thousands of the old bourgeoisie fled to countries that already were - notably Spain and the USA

Venezuela became the first - and possibly, only - country in South America to have saved popular faith in political institutions and electoral participation. The biggest consequence of Chavismo is that it has relegitimized the state and its political class, at the total cost of all gains made in extra-parliamentary struggle over the course of the 90s.

international / the left Wednesday June 28, 2006 00:30 by Wayne Price
The most important reason for studying the nature of the Soviet Union and similar states is the light it sheds on what we mean by anti-capitalism and socialism. . Whether we regard these states as socialist determines what we think is the alternative to capitalism. There are a great many radicals who are attracted to the model of the old Soviet Union or of Maoist China, who are impressed by Cuba today or by the Nepalese Maoists. Conversely, the establishments of Western capitalism have been glad to agree that the Soviet Union, China, Cuba, etc. are/were “socialist” and “communist.” They say, capitalism may have faults, but this is the only “anti-capitalist” alternative which ever was or ever could be.

These three essays published on Anarkismo over the last three months by Wayne Price look at the true nature of these states.

Part 1
What Do We Mean By Anti-Capitalism?

Part 2 The Bureaucratic Ruling Class vs. Democratic Self-Management

Part 3 State Capitalism vs. Libertarian Socialism

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#Nobastan3Causales: seguimos luchando por aborto libre en Chile

#Nobastan3Causales: seguimos luchando por aborto libre en Chile

The Left

Wed 21 Nov, 18:28

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