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southern africa / repression / prisoners Wednesday January 25, 2006 23:57 por Jonathan
A woman is dead as a result of the injuries incurred from her torture, by the Swazi police, for being married to a member of the Peoples’ United Democratic Movement

This appeal for international solidarity with Swaziland comes after 16 pro-democracy activists were arrested in December after a spate of firebomb attacks. There charges have now been upgraded to High Treason. They are awaiting their sentences of possible death or life imprisonment.

We radicals and revolutionaries in South Africa and worldwide must remember that the people of Swaziland aided South African freedom fighters during the anti-apartheid struggle and now it is time to repay the favor.

southern africa / repression / prisoners Thursday June 30, 2005 20:30 por Bukharin
Everyday the people of Zimbabwe pray that some miracle will save the country from degenerating into the curse of Malawi under Kamuzu Banda; Harsh brutal rule under a ruthless, insensitive, self-enriching dictator who lacked even the decency to die on time. Conversations are dominated by the talk of the Tsunami in reference of the devastation on ordinary peopleís lives caused by the government's so called "Operation Murambatsvina" [Sweep out the Trash] which is nothing but a senseless and callous attack on poor people of the townships.

The country is reeling under a massive economic crisis resulting from failed IMF/ World Bank neo-liberal economic policies that the government adopted under the Economic Structural Adjustment Program (ESAP) of 1990. Unemployment is widespread, now estimated at 80%. The formal sector continues to shrink with companies folding down everyday resulting in massive job loses.

southern africa / miscellaneous Wednesday May 18, 2005 20:12 por ZACF International Secretaries
Today the people of Swaziland are so completely downtrodden that the youth are starting to speak of going for guerrilla training and taking up the armed struggle. But that path is the road to disaster, as clearly shown by the ANC-lead state's military invasion of the constitutional monarchy of Lesotho in 1998 in order to crush a pro-democratic mutiny. The revolutionaries among SWAYOCO's youth must start building counter-power in Swaziland by forming horizontal links with like-minded groupings in the region, especially in South Africa, who have more members and resources to assist them. They must start building secret rank-and-file members' networks within SWAYOCO, PUDEMO, SFTU, SFL and the suspended unions, and within social groupings of the working class, peasantry and poor, whether of women, or high-school children.
southern africa / miscellaneous Thursday May 05, 2005 19:05 por Zababaza
South African anarchists analyse developments in Zimbabwe in the struggle for freedom. How did ZANU-PF defeat the popular mobilisations of the past decade. How did the MDC which was built by unions, students and township fighters, became a moderate party so that direct action - which had turned the tide against Mugabe - was now on the backburner and all efforts were to be concentrated on elections?
southern africa / anarchist movement Saturday April 09, 2005 20:36 por Unknown
The collectives we are members of are among the founding collectives of the ZACF. Some of them, like ZB, originated as underground collectives a decade ago in the twilight of apartheid.
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