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international / miscellaneous Wednesday November 14, 2007 20:08 by José Antonio Gutiérrez
The biggest merit of this book is to put forward the anarchist case against the State in a very common sensical fashion, free of any deliberately hard to follow rhetoric. Anarchism is desirable and easy enough to grasp, and when properly explained –as this book does- it is hard for anyone not to share the basic anarchist outlook of a cooperative and truly democratic society.

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greece / turkey / cyprus / miscellaneous Thursday November 01, 2007 00:16 by Ender Yılmaz & José Antonio Gutiérrez D.
Turkey has been under the spotlight this year, due to the threats of the Army against the possibility of an Islamist party taking the presidency. This move came to pose a number of questions to the European establishment, as Turkey has been negotiating its entry to the EU. The apparently uneasy two alternatives of government in Turkey are political Islam or the old fashioned authoritarian Kemalist secularism, which has the army as its vigilante sector of the ruling block.
international / miscellaneous Thursday September 27, 2007 04:09 by Anarkismo Editorial Group

Anarkismo has recently been under attack by a massive amount of spam. Prior we've issued a statement about how this spam attack forced us to moderate all comments. Unfortunately the spam attack persists and have even rendered the administrators ability to approve comments impossible. This means we are not even able to publish all the real comments from our users.

Unfortunately we will not be able to have someone look into this before early next week. By then we'll have more information about when the problem will be fixed. In the meantime we advise our users not to publish any comments (stories are OK to publish). We hope our users will show understanding and patience.

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bolivia / peru / ecuador / chile / miscellaneous Wednesday September 05, 2007 20:15 by Franz García Uceda

Ya todos saben de la magnitud del desastre sucedido al sur del Perú, específicamente en las ciudades de Ica, Pisco y Chincha en el departamento de Ica, Cañete al sur de Lima, la sierra de Huancavelica y Ayacucho fronteriza con Ica.

El terrible movimiento telúrico sucedió el miércoles 15 de agosto a las 6.40 pm aproximadamente. El sismo tuvo su epicentro en Pisco, lugar donde los antiguos pobladores de la cultura Paracas forjaron una cultura milenaria admirada por el mundo entero.

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international / miscellaneous Sunday August 26, 2007 18:13 by Anarkismo Editorial Group

Lately, our visitors have experienced a lot of spam: silly ads disguised as comments. In fact we're getting way more spam comments than real comments.The only way to stop the spam efficiently would be by a proper spam filter - something Anarkismo unfortunately lacks at the moment. Until we've acquired such a spam filter we see no other option than to moderate all comments. This implies that comments won't appear immediately, but have to be OKed before publication.

We hope our users will show understanding and patience. As soon as the technical solution is in place, we will once again make it possible for everyone to comment without having to wait for approval.

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Double Issue 5/6 of Tokologo, the Newsletter of the TAAC, now available

Double Issue 5/6 of Tokologo, the Newsletter of the TAAC, now available


Fri 12 Feb, 21:10

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