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international / gender Monday February 04, 2008 18:40 por Deirdre Hogan
"Capitalist society depends on class exploitation. It does not though depend on sexism and could in theory accommodate to a large extent a similar treatment of women and men. This is obvious if we look at what the fight for women’s liberation has achieved in many societies around the world over the last, say, 100 years, where there has been radical improvements in the situation of women and the underlying assumptions of what roles are natural and right for women. Capitalism, in the mean time, has adapted to women’s changing role and status in society. "

It is quite common these days to hear criticisms of “mainstream” or “middle-class” feminism from anarchists or others on the revolutionary, and even the not-so-revolutionary, left. In particular, anarchists are often quick to criticise any feminist analysis that lacks a class analysis. This article argues that feminism in its own right is worth fighting for and that when it comes to ending sexism an insistence on always emphasising class can end up merely distracting from the fact that as anarchists we need to be unambiguous when it comes to supporting feminism. Rather than distancing ourselves from other feminists or seeking always to qualify our support, our emphasis should shift to developing and promoting our own brand of anarchist feminism.

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international / the left Monday January 21, 2008 16:21 por Wayne Price
The contradictory meanings of "communism:" both as a society of freedom and as one of totalitarianism. What Bakuknin, Kropotkin, and Marx had meant by communism and how this term was changed by the Leninists.

There was a vision, called “communism,” which was held by Kropotkin and other anarchist-communists in the 19th and early 20th century. Marx and Engels shared essentially the same goal. In the stateless, classless, society of communism, the means of production would be held in common (by the community), work would be carried out due to social motives rather than for wages, and consumer goods would be available to all according to their needs.

But during the Cold War, “communism” came to mean something entirely different. Great nations were ruled by self-named Communist Parties. Their economies were managed by totalitarian states, their powerless workers produced commodities sold on the internal and international market, and they worked for wages (that is, they sold their labor power as commodities to their bosses).

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Part 2: It is Not the Label but the Content Which Matters

uluslararası / anarşist hareketin Friday December 21, 2007 06:11 por Ender Yılmaz
Bu yazının amacı komünist sol içersindeki devlet tartışmalarına ve bu tartışmaların evrimine tarihsel bir yöntemle incelemektir. Yöntemin tarihselci olması gerekmektedir, çünkü yazının kapsamını oluşturacak olan zaman döneminde (yaklaşık olarak 1840’lardan 1920’lere kadar) mekân ve zamandan bağımsız açık ve net argümanlarını ortaya koyan iki tutarlı taraftan çok her tartışmada olduğu gibi karşılıklı önyargıları, ortak terminolojinin yokluğunu, kişilerin fikirlerinin zamanla değişmesini, aynı argümanı savunanlar arasındaki farkları ve bu farkların zaman ve mekânın değişimiyle belirginleşmesini göreceğiz. Amaçlarla araçlar arasındaki uyum vazgeçilmez bir ilke olduğu için devlet tartışmasını devrimci örgütlenme meselesini dâhil etmeden yapmak imkânsızdı.
internacional / imperialismo / guerra Monday December 10, 2007 17:03 por Manuel Baptista
A estratégia geral ao nível dos governos, para a Cimeira Europa – África, a 7 e 8 de Dezembro, em Lisboa, apresenta um aspecto muito claro : cooptando abertamente as ONG, sejam elas internacionais, de países europeus ou africanas, pretendem realizar parcerias estratégicas.

As organizações (sindicatos, associações, colectivos, etc.) presentes no terreno social, nomeadamente, no apoio aos imigrantes e outras situações de precariedade, deveriam unir os seus esforços, porém mantendo-se fora da hegemonia política neoliberal. Caso se deixem cooptar, serão em breve neutralizadas, burocratizadas e perderão, por completo, a sua razão de ser.

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international / miscellaneous Wednesday November 14, 2007 20:08 por José Antonio Gutiérrez
The biggest merit of this book is to put forward the anarchist case against the State in a very common sensical fashion, free of any deliberately hard to follow rhetoric. Anarchism is desirable and easy enough to grasp, and when properly explained –as this book does- it is hard for anyone not to share the basic anarchist outlook of a cooperative and truly democratic society.

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Revolutionary Trade Unionism: The Road to Workers’ Freedom

Revolutionary Trade Unionism: The Road to Workers’ Freedom

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