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international / migration / racisme Monday August 02, 2010 16:33 byOrganisations européennes
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Campagne internationale des organisations européennes du réseau Anarkismo

Ces dernières années, la xénophobie, le racisme et la peur des impacts économiques des migrations ont dominé le débat politique dans bien des pays européens. L'immigration est un effet inévitable des politiques économiques et militaires conduites par les Etats européens. Les efforts concertés pour l'empêcher est le résultat du racisme et de la volonté de ne pas en affronter les conséquences dans son pays.

En tant qu'internationalistes nous nous opposons à tout type de frontières ou de barrières entre les peuples et nous nous opposons au renforcement des frontières aux portes de l'UE. Nous combattrons tout type de racisme et de xénophobie comme facteur de division à l'intérieur de la classe laborieuse et comme un problème majeur en soi-même. Nous combattrons toute discriminations à l'encontre des migrant-e-s et des personnes de couleur.

[English] [Norsk] [Italiano] [Čeština] [Ελληνικά] [Nederlands] [Dansk]

international / education Tuesday July 13, 2010 16:10 bySteffi and Aragorn
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Anarchism: A Documentary

To the best of our knowledge, no comprehensive documentary about anarchism has ever been made. This is a project to create a documentary which is as much a basic introduction to anarchism, as well as a story which looks at anarchism historically and globally.

[Deutsch] [Português] [Русский] [Ελληνικά][Castellano][Français] [Türkçe]

international / workplace struggles Wednesday May 05, 2010 18:48 by墨爾本安那其共產主義者小組
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[English] [Ελληνικά] [العربية] [Castellano]

international / anarchist movement Wednesday March 31, 2010 21:22 byThomas
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How do we, as anarchists, differ from others in how we view organization? Or more specifically, how does our view of individuality differ from the common misconception of anarchism as the “absence of all accountability”. This essay will describe anarchist accountability and how it differs from the types of accountability we’re trying to replace. Implementing accountability in all of our practices is fundamental to our effectiveness now in our practice and how it prefigures the kind of society that we want to replace the existing society.

A key anarchist insight in opposing top-down accountability is that to address the root of the problem the top-down structure and relation must be changed, not the person or group holding it. Anarchists believe that it’s the structures and relations of hierarchical domination and oppression themselves that must be destroyed and replaced with egalitarian and horizontal structures and relations.

[Nederlands] [Ελληνικά]

international / anarchist movement Monday February 15, 2010 20:53 byEuropean Conference
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European Conference

Last weekend delegates from six European anarchist organisations met in Paris for a European conference of groups.

Members of Alternative Liberataire (France), Organisation Socialiste Libertaire (Switzerland), Workers Solidarity Movement (Ireland), Liberty & Solidarity (Britain), Federazione dei Comunisti Anarchici (Italy) and Counter Power (Norway) spent the weekend debating and agreeing a set of texts and proposals.

[Italiano] [Castellano] [Norsk] [Ελληνικά] [Français] [Português]

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Revista "Socialismo Libertário" num. 2

Revista "Socialismo Libertário" num. 2

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