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international / imperialism / war Wednesday October 25, 2006 02:21 byWayne Price

The crisis over North Korea has only reminded us of the worldwide danger of nuclear war. Anarchists must oppose all development of nuclear bombs, by the US but also by an oppressed nation (such as North Korea) and even by a Federation of Anarchist Communes.

mashriq / arabia / iraq / imperialism / war Saturday September 02, 2006 23:04 byMichael Schmidt
I’m an anarchist communist journalist and wrote this piece specifically for I entered Lebanon via Syria, from the north during the second half of the war, on the last access road not yet bombed by the Israelis (yet a plantation I travelled through was flattened an hour after I passed). I travelled mainly in Beirut and in its bombed southern suburbs, and in Sidon in the south as far south-east as the target of Ghazieh, leaving on the first military transport flight out after the ceasefire came into effect.

Photo: The stone arch of a monument under construction in Ghazieh frames a damaged Mercedes and the rubble of the home in which the 7-member Khalifeh and 14-member Badran families were killed and 28 others injured.
Picture: Michael Schmidt


international / imperialism / war Friday August 25, 2006 17:56 byWayne Price
The war between Israel and Hezballah is temporarily over. The left has taken a range of positions on the Israeli-Lebanese war. Anarchists have opposed the U.S.-Israeli aggression, pointing out the reactionary nature of both sides in the war. However, many have tended to equate the two sides, to treat them as equally bad, and to call for opposing the war on both sides. While there is a good deal of confusion on this issue among anarchists, it is my impression that most have failed to support the oppressed against the oppressor in this war.

Ver en Castellano Lecciones de la Guerra Israelí-Libanesa
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internacional / imperialismo / guerra Thursday July 27, 2006 20:25 byLuta Social
A única hipótese de se impedir um alastramento deste conflito, com as gravíssimas repercussões em termos de perdas de vidas, de destruição de infra-estruturas de países pobres, de aprofundamento da instabilidade nos diversos países da região e do mais que previsível aumento dos actos de retaliação cegos sobre populações civis, é a mobilização unida na base, de todos os trabalhadores, de toda a esquerda europeia e mundial, para fazer barreira a uma AVENTURA BELICISTA duma força supra estatal de intervenção, liderada pelos EUA, que irá «fazer a guerra ao terrorismo» em nome dos valores da «democracia e da liberdade» supostamente mas, na verdade, para garantir os lucros dos fabricantes de armamento, dos grandes empórios petrolíferos, principais beneficiários do aumento do preço do petróleo e para permitir a continuação da sistemática destruição de todas as conquistas sociais e políticas da classe trabalhadora, como massa a ser explorada sempre mais pelo grande capital.

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mashriq / arabia / iraq / imperialism / war Friday July 21, 2006 18:00 byTanya Reinhart
It was Israel's offensive on Gaza that sparked off the new war in Lebanon. Since it withdrew from Lebanon in 2000, Hezbollah has carefully avoided any clashes with the Israeli army on Israeli territory (limiting themselves to the area of Shaba in Lebanon, which continues to be occupied by the Jewish State). The moment chosen by the shia-ite fighters for their first attack, and the rhetoric that followed, indicates that their intention was to reduce pressure on the Palestinians by opening up a new front. Their action can therefore be seen as the first military act of solidarity with the Palestinians from the Arab world. Whatever one might think of what Hezbollah has done, it is important to understand the nature of Israel's war against the Palestinians in Gaza.

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