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greece / turkey / cyprus / the left Monday January 26, 2015 21:58 by Andrew Flood
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Across Europe, the left is excited by Syriza topping the polls in the Greek election. Some on the left have gone so far as to suggest the election itself will mark the end of austerity policies, in the terminology of the Anglo left, an end to the idea that There Is No Alternative (TINA).

Another indication that something of significance is happening is that ahead of the election a new wave of capital flight has started from Greece with an estimated 8 billion transferred out of the country over the last few weeks. From an anarchist, non electoralist perspective we might hope that Syriza’s election represents the high water mark of the swing to electoralism that came out of the defeat of mass resistance to the imposition of the crisis. That won’t be today or tomorrow, it will take a period of weeks for Syriza to have been in power long enough to demonstrate that the problem with the old electoral left was not reducible to corrupt social democrats and lying politicians. Rather it is in the nature of the electoral system, a system that takes in young idealist transformers and spits out older, corrupt defenders of the status quo.

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yunanistan / türkiye / kıbrıs / miscellaneous Monday May 19, 2014 21:50 by Devrimci Anarşist Faaliyet
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13 Mayıs günü Manisa Soma‘da bulunan kömür ocağında çıkan bir yangın, bu toprakların en büyük katliamı oldu. Vardiya değişimi esnasında çıkan yangınla, madende çalışan yüzlerce işçi yoğun karbonmonoksitle zehirlendi. Yangının çıktığı ilk anda açıklanan yaşamını yitirenlerin sayısı, saatler geçtikçe arttı.

Enerji bakanı, başbakan, çalışma bakanı… Devlet erkanı madende yaşananın “elim bir iş kazası” olduğunu televizyonlardaki canlı yayınlarda söylerken, madende bulunan işçi sayısının kaç olduğunu saatler boyu açıklamadı.

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greece / turkey / cyprus / the left Tuesday June 25, 2013 15:17 by Andrew Flood
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On the barricades

Tear gas is a very good place to start trying to understand what is happening in Turkey.  The main purpose of tear gas is to terrorise and thus break up large crowds of people.  In Istanbul over the last weeks huge quantities have been used over and over to prevent large anti-government demonstrations developing.

This wasn't about 'riot control' - generally there was no riot to control.  In this piece I'm going to put the Gezi park revolt in the context of the cycle of struggles that began in 2010 and of the specific economic, politcal and historical situation of the Turkish republic to try and draw out the lessons for all of us fighting global capitalism.

grèce / turquie / chypre / luttes dans la communauté Tuesday June 04, 2013 15:30 by Aurélie
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« Tayyip casse-toi, démissionne ! », tel est le slogan adressé au premier ministre turc Recep Tayyip Erdoğan que l’on peut entendre dans les rues d’Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, Adana et dans la plupart des grandes villes du pays, depuis quelques jours.

Mais le problème actuel n’est pas les arbres du parc Gezi : ils trouve sa source dans de multiples situations antérieures. C’est la raison pour laquelle des militants d’extrême gauche, des anarchistes, des kémalistes, des islamistes, et des individus issus de tous les horizons possibles défilent côte-à-côte dans les rues, pour des raisons multiples et personnelles mais qui débouchent toutes sur un désir de faire partir le gouvernement AKP.

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greece / turkey / cyprus / economy Tuesday March 19, 2013 17:38 by Paul Bowman
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This Saturday morning Cypriot people woke up to the news that they were about to be robbed. In a pre-planned ambush scheduled to coincide with a local bank holiday weekend, Eurozone apparatchiks threatened to bankrupt the Cypriot banking system by immediate withdrawal of the ECB liquidity support.

The "deal" forced on the Cypriots by Frankfurt means a "bail-out" of the banks to the tune of 17 billion euros, roughly equivalent to the annual GDP of the Republic that makes up the EU-recognised part of this divided island. But only 10 billion will be provided by the ECB and IMF, the other 7 billion will be taken by a combination of a 1.4 billion privatisation programme, but in bulk by robbing anyone with a bank account in Cyprus.


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E' uscito Alternativa Libertaria, giugno 2015

Greece / Turkey / Cyprus

Wed 08 Jul, 14:35

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