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italia / svizzera / genero Friday March 08, 2013 18:01 by Commissione etiche e politiche di genere FdCA
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8 marzo, nulla da festeggiare in questa data che segna al suo attivo, in Italia, già ben 10 donne uccise per mano di ex, compagni, mariti, fidanzati.
Dopo secoli di silenzio, anche l'Italia scopre finalmente il femminicidio. E la donna velina (oggetto in vendita) cede il posto alla donna vittima (oggetto di violenza).

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ireland / britain / gender Friday November 16, 2012 23:11 by Workers Solidarity Movement
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There are some stories that are hard to cover - the death of Savita Halappanavar, a pregnant women, from septicemia whose life might have been saved if an abortion was not delayed is a hard as they come. According to the Irish Times Praveen Halappanavar, the husband of Savita said she had asked for a termination several times over a three day period only to be told "this is a catholic country."

All the ruling parties – Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael, the Greens and the Labour party - have prevaricated, delayed, avoided and ignored the issue. This has led to two further court cases where girls in care had to go to the courts in order to be allowed to travel to another country. It has led to court cases over ownership of eggs used in IVF. It has, no doubt, led to the forced pregnancies of immigrant women who cannot travel. It has led to women ordering abortion drugs over the Internet. It has forced women to travel under stressful conditions at great expense to other countries, including women who are carrying foetuses who will not survive birth. And now the delay in carrying out a termination has led to the death of a women. Whether it’s due to cowardice or callousness, all the ruling parties have shown little concern for the misery they inflict on women's lives.

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international / genre Tuesday June 19, 2012 18:08 by Irene
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À partir du dernier ouvrage de Roland Pfefferkorn, "Genre et rapports sociaux de sexe", nous proposons ici une façon de lire et de comprendre les multiples dimensions des inégalités persistantes entre hommes et femmes.

Dans "Genre et rapports sociaux de sexe", Roland Pfefferkorn propose une initiation aux concepts utilisés pour aborder les inégalités sociales hommes/femmes. En particulier, son approche met en avant l’apport des travaux issus du féminisme matérialiste. Cela le conduit à mettre en valeur les ambiguïtés de la notion de genre et à montrer les avantages théoriques de l’analyse en termes de rapports sociaux de sexe. Dans l’introduction, l’auteur met en perspective l’histoire de la sociologie en rappelant que ce n’est qu’à partir des années 1970, par l’action des militantes et de chercheuses féministes, que cette discipline est conduite à prendre en compte le fait social de l’inégalité homme/femme.


international / gender Friday March 11, 2011 05:19 by Libertære Socialister
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8. marts folder fra LS-Aalborg

Kapitalismen bidrager til at opretholde diskrimination og sexisme i samfundet. Det har store konsevenser for alle mennesker, især kvinder. Men hvordan slipper vi af med sexismen og de fastlåste kønsroller?

Sexisme, racisme og militarisme udgør selvstændige onder, samtidig med at de overlapper og forstærker hinanden. Sammen hindrer sådanne undertrykkelsesmekanismer arbejderklassen i at forene sig. Eftersom autoriteter i udgangspunktet er grundlæggende uretfærdige, har autoriteterne altid et behov for at forsøge at retfærdiggøre sig. En måde at gøre dette på er ved at fremvise ”fakta”, som siger, at nogle er mere værd end andre.

Sexismen deler menneskeheden i to og påstår, at det ene køn fra naturens side er underlagt det andet: Kvinden er til for manden.

Dette har forfærdelige konsekvenser - hovedsageligt for kvinder, men også for queers og mænd - fx i form af stærk fremmedgørelse, seksuel chikane og voldtægter.

Denne tekst stammer fra den folder, som Libertære Socialister Aalborg delte ud ved 8. marts demonstrationen i Aalborg 2011.


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8 de marzo - Día Internacional de las Mujeres Trabajadoras

international / gender Thursday August 13, 2009 16:28 by J. Rogue
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Transfeminism developed out of a critique of the mainstream and radical feminist movements. The feminist movement has a history of internal hierarchies. There are many examples of women of color, working class women, lesbians and others speaking out against the tendency of the white, affluent- dominated women’s movement to silence them and overlook their needs. Instead of honoring these marginalized voices, the mainstream feminist movement has prioritized struggling for rights primarily in the interests of white affluent women.

While the feminist movement as a whole has not resolved these hierarchal tendencies, various groups have continued to speak up regarding their own marginalization – in particular, transgendered women. The process of developing a broader understanding of systems of oppression and how they interact has advanced feminism and is key to building on the theory of anarchist feminism.

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Issue #3 of the Newsletter of the Tokologo African Anarchist Collective

Issue #3 of the Newsletter of the Tokologo African Anarchist Collective


Thu 02 Oct, 10:24

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