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bolivia / peru / ecuador / chile / cultura Friday January 15, 2016 18:23 by Gastón Carrasco
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El joven Manuel Rojas, con dos camaradas anarquistas

Los relatos de Manuel Rojas recogen experiencias marcadas por los conflictos sociales y políticos de principios del siglo XX: desde el movimiento obrero hasta la vida en los márgenes de la sociedad, el gran escritor chileno expresa la búsqueda constante de una sociedad distinta, a través de la dignidad y la solidaridad humana.

italy / switzerland / culture Sunday September 15, 2013 19:44 by Anarchist Bookfair Biel/Bienne
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20th - 22nd September 2013, Biel-Bienne (Switzerland)

2010 was the first time an anarchist bookfair took place in the bilingual city of Biel/Bienne. With more than 500 visitors, more than two dozen exhibitors, and lectures on the theory and practice of anarchism, the event was a great success.

Due to this experience, the decision was made to organize another bookfair on the language border in 2011. In 2012, the bookfair became larger when it took place during the International Anarchist Gathering in St. Imier and took up a large part of a hockey rink. The stands were occupied by exhibitors from well-over a dozen countries, exhibiting in eight languages. The popular bookfair will take place again this year. This time, it will be at the same place in the heart of Biel/Bienne, but it will be held later in the year from the 20th-22nd September.

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north america / mexico / culture Friday March 26, 2010 17:49 by RudolfTB
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Joe Hill (1879–1915)

This article discusses how the early IWW used music both as an organising tool and as a means of developing a sense of community among its members. It puts these activities in the context of the politics and practical activity of the IWW during this period.

One of the main reasons for the establishment of the IWW in 1905 was a recognition that there was a need for a revolutionary labor union that could organise on a national level. The industrial tactic that the IWW promoted aimed at creating cohesion in the working class and ensuring that union organized workers would stand together and support each other when there was a strike. It was important for the IWW to organize groups of workers that others were hesitant to organize and in some cases directly hostile to, for example women, unskilled workers, unemployed workers, black workers and immigrants.
In their struggle to promote their politics, the IWW was a singing union. From 1910 to 1960 the IWW's songbook, still in print, was regarded by many workers as one of their most beloved possessions. The songbook was one of the IWW's most important documents and its songs were sung in numerous situations: around hobo campfires, in boxcars, in Wobbly halls, in the streets, on picket lines, at strike rallies, in court, on the way to jail and in jail. The songs were a crucial aid in recruiting new members, and they were important in building a sense of fellowship and in keeping spirits up in hard situations

north america / mexico / culture Saturday February 03, 2007 20:42 by Randy Lowens

Most progressives agree that traditional institutions, cultural or political, deserve a good shaking up. So we approve of discourse that challenges the boundaries set by staid literary journals or moribund political organizations. In letters as in politics, we speak on the one hand of the traditional, mainstream elements deserving of comeuppance, and on the other of the avant-garde, the rebels.

But inevitably, some wish to be more radical than the radicals, the newest new wave. This latter tendency is typically irrelevant at best, but often does real harm by posing as the "true" avant-garde and attacking more productive rebellious movements.

In the following article we will examine two cases of extremism for its own sake, consciously postmodern experimental literature, and also a school of thought called Post-Left Anarchy. We will situate each in its cultural context, and make distinctions or draw parallels as appropriate.

international / culture Thursday March 03, 2005 22:59 by Ray
Fight Club is an anarchist inspiration to some, fascist propaganda to others, and it's easy to see why opinions are divided. It's an attack on the emptiness of consumerism, the way society robs us of real choice, the void at the heart of capitalism. But the solution it portrays is just as bad
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Neste 8 de Março, levantamos mais uma vez a nossa voz e os nossos punhos pela vida das mulheres!

Neste 8 de Março, levantamos mais uma vez a nossa voz e os nossos punhos pela vida das mulheres!


Wed 26 Feb, 03:48

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