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north america / mexico / community struggles Wednesday October 12, 2011 17:50 by First of May Anarchist Alliance
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The following is a joint statement from the First of May Anarchist Alliance and The Utopian: A Journal of Anarchism and Libertarian Socialism.

We should strive to convince the movement that the problem in the US today is not just Wall Street or the corporations or the fact that the economic system is somehow being “gamed” or “rigged” by tricky selfish individuals. We need to explain that the cause of the crisis is the capitalist system itself, a system in which production is carried on only when it results in profits, the vast majority of which go to the tiny elite that runs the country. Correspondingly, we should work to persuade the movement that its ultimate aim should be the radical democratization of our entire society, in other words, a revolution in which the vast majority of people seize control of the economy and the country as a whole from the rich and disperse power and direct control of all aspects of social life as widely as possible. As a result, we should propose and support radical demands that both point in this direction and unite the broadest sectors of the population.


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mashriq / arabia / iraq / community struggles Tuesday August 09, 2011 02:27 by Ilan Shalif
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Tel Aviv tent camp

In the first demo, two weeks ago, about 30,000 participated in Tel Aviv; in the second, last week, there were nearly 100,000 in Tel Aviv and about 40,000 in the rest of the country. In the third, this Saturday, there were about 250,000 in Tel Aviv - the largest ever in Israel, and about 70,000 all over the country. Who knows how many will come for next Saturday's demos. The call "Revolution!" was second only to "Social justice!"

The main demands are: free education from the age of 3 months, a reduction of sales taxes and an increase in the direct taxes that the rich pay; the provision of low-cost housing to buy and rent by stopping State and municipal speculation on public land and by building small apartments and public housing; an overhaul of the public health system which the doctors' union has been demanding for several months; a stop to the precarization of workers using manpower companies; and the recruitment of 500 inspectors to enforce employer legislation regulating work - especially with regard to minimum wages.


Ελλάδα / Τουρκία / Κύπρος / Λαϊκοί Αγώνες Monday August 01, 2011 15:47 by Αυτόνομος
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Το συγκεκριμένο κείμενο έχει γραφτεί για τις ανάγκες ενημέρωσης συντρόφων στο εξωτερικό, σχετικά με την κατάσταση στην Ελλάδα.

Όσα μέτρα έχει βιώσει από το 2010 μέχρι σήμερα ο ελληνικός λαός, αποτελούν ένα μικρό πρόλογο μπροστά στο τσουνάμι της κοινωνικής πτώχευσης και εξαθλίωσης που του έχουν για κύριο πιάτο το κεφάλαιο και η εκλεκτή του κυβέρνηση, το ΔΝΤ και το διευθυντήριο της Ε.Ε.

Η επίσημη ανεργία έχει ξεπεράσει το 16%, ενώ η πραγματική είναι πάνω από το 20%, στην νεολαία τα πράγματα είναι δραματικά με την ανεργία να αγγίζει το 40%, ενώ μέχρι το τέλος του 2011 υπολογίζεται ότι οι άνεργοι θα ξεπεράσουν το 1.000.000.

[English] [Castellano]

mashriq / arabia / iraq / community struggles Sunday June 19, 2011 17:52 by مازن كم الماز
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انقسم المثقفون أو المحللون السياسيون منذ بداية الانتفاضة السورية إلى موقفين رئيسيين و بينهم مجموعة من المواقف غير الحاسمة لكن التي تميل بصراحة و بالضرورة إلى هذا القطب أو ذاك [Français] [English] [Italiano] [Ελληνικά] [Русский] [أفكار حول الثورة السورية [Français] [Castellano] [Nederlands] [ Türkçe]

àfrica del nord / community struggles Tuesday March 15, 2011 22:56 by José Antonio Gutiérrez D.
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Reflexions sobre el sentit de les actuals revoltes àrabs i les seves conseqüències per a la teoria revolucionària, particularment, per als debats entorn de la democràcia i al poder popular.

Els cridats a la "democràcia" han suscitat un agut debat polític a nivell global pel que fa al contingut polític d’un terme tan flexible com "democràcia". Sobretot perquè no és el mateix quan parlen de "democràcia" liberals encorbatats als passadissos de les institucions del poder, a quan aquesta paraula està en els llavis del poble pla mobilitzat als carrers.

El carrer és l’espai per excel·lència on s’expressa el poder dels de baix. És l’espai simbòlic on lliuren la seva batalla a mort amb els de dalt. Aquí és on experimenten amb formes alternatives de maneig de la "res pública", de la cosa pública. Els sectors populars, quan han irromput en l’escenari de la història mitjançant les protestes, en tot moment han establert, en el ple exercici de la democràcia directa, la seva pròpia institucionalitat al marge i en oposició a la institucionalitat oficial, a l’Estat.

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Community struggles

Thu 18 Jan, 08:16

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