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bolivia / peru / ecuador / chile / movimiento anarquista Tuesday October 15, 2013 12:47 byC.A.L
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"Fue así como hasta hace unos meses atrás teníamos un movimiento libertario en donde convivían en su interior diferentes expresiones ideológicas del movimiento popular, pero que tenían ciertos elementos comunes como la construcción de organizaciones desde abajo y por fuera del Estado, potenciando en todo momento el protagonismo de los sujetos y la democracia interna, teniendo a nivel estratégico la claridad que la tarea era la construcción de poder popular con autonomía de clase y fomentando la acción directa como principal herramienta política de transformación social. Sin embargo la aparición de Red Libertaria como parte del movimiento “todos a la moneda” que levanta la candidatura presidencial de Marcel Claude y el reciente guiño “desmarcado” del Frente de estudiantes libertarios a esta iniciativa, no han hecho más que iniciar una fractura al interior de los libertarios, en donde al parecer las posiciones reformistas y autoritarias han logrado hegemonizar parte de la militancia, a lo cual los anarquistas no hemos hecho más que asistir como pasivos espectadores."


north america / mexico / anarchist movement Thursday August 01, 2013 23:54 byklas batalo
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A short history of the rapprochement process between US anarchist groups the last few years:

"The first weekend of February 2013, delegates representing Common Struggle (Boston, Providence, Western Mass., Buffalo, and at large) Four Star Anarchist Organization (Chicago), Miami Autonomy and Solidarity, Rochester Red and Black, Wild Rose Collective (Iowa City), and Workers Solidarity Alliance (Bay Area, St. Louis, Northeast, at large) convened in Rochester, NY for our first delegate convention. Discussion centered around drafting points of unity and a constitution for our proposed new organization, as well as establishing a time line for our continuing regroupment towards this goal."


balkans region / anarchist movement Tuesday May 14, 2013 20:47 byFederacija za anarhistično organiziranje
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The Federation for Anarchist Organizing (FAO) invites everyone to come to Ljubljana this May and join us at the Balkan Anarchist Bookfair (BAB). It has been ten years since the BAB started its voyage across the Balkans with the aim of connecting the local and regional, as well as international anarchist community and to provide space for exchanges of anarchist ideas, practices, literature, materials, cultural events, workshops and public discussions.

Practices of resistance, solidarity and the construction of communities against and beyond capitalism have always existed through history and have constituted an integral part of anarchist communities. Today the need for such practices has again spread far beyond our small communities and into the wider society.

Second Call for Balkan Anarchist Bookfair 2013

Programme for BAB 2013

brazil/guyana/suriname/fguiana / anarchist movement Friday April 26, 2013 01:11 byPaul Bowman
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In a wide ranging interview Paul Bowman talked to Felipe Corrêa (FC)  a Brazilian anarchist who is member of Organização Anarquista Socialismo Libertário [Libertarian Socialist Anarchist Organization] (OASL) about anarchist orgainising in Brasil, just how global the crisis really is and the forthcoming World Cup.

france / belgique / luxembourg / mouvement anarchiste Wednesday January 30, 2013 21:34 byAlternative Libertaire
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Le XIe congrès d’AL, s’est tenu à Toulouse du 2 au 4 novembre. Près de 100 personnes y ont participé. Retour «à chaud» sur ces trois jours qui ont vu se succéder débats en séance plénière, échanges en ateliers, réunions de commissions mais aussi fête et concert.

Des militantes et des militants ont débarqué des quatre coins de la France, mais aussi de Guyane, et une délégation de l’Organisation socialiste libertaire (OSL), membre suisse du réseau Anarkismo est présente. Le Hangar, très belle salle de spectacle attenante à l’Imprimerie coopérative 34, bien connue du mouvement social toulousain, est un cadre chaleureux, et cela a son importance.

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Verso lo sciopero generale e sociale nel mondo del lavoro, nei territori, nelle piazze

Verso lo sciopero generale e sociale nel mondo del lavoro, nei territori, nelle piazze

Anarchist movement

Thu 30 Oct, 20:48

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