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international / anarchist movement Tuesday September 01, 2015 17:41 byCorporate Watch
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DAF - Devrimci Anarşist Faaliyet

In May this year, Corporate Watch researchers travelled to Turkey and Kurdistan to investigate the companies supplying military equipment to the Turkish police and army. We talked to a range of groups from a variety of different movements and campaigns.

Below is the transcript of our interview with three members of the anarchist group Devrimci Anarşist Faaliyet (DAF, or Revolutionary Anarchist Action) in Istanbul during May 2015. DAF are involved in solidarity with the Kurdish struggle, the Rojava revolution and against ISIS' attack on Kobane, and have taken action against Turkish state repression and corporate abuse. They are attempting to establish alternatives to the current system through self-organisation, mutual aid and co-operatives.

The interview was carried out in the run-up to the Turkish elections, and touches on the election campaign by the HDP, the pro-Kurdish People's Democratic Party. Soon after the interview took place, the HDP passed the threshold of 10% of the total vote needed to enter the Turkish parliament.

The DAF members – who all preferred to remain anonymous – began the interview by talking about the history of anarchism in the region.


argentina/uruguay/paraguay / movimiento anarquista Monday April 20, 2015 14:10 byFederación Anarquista de Rosario
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Durante los meses de marzo y abril realizamos nuestro primer congreso como organización política. Abrimos una nueva etapa para nuestra organización y es por eso que hemos decidido reflejarlo cambiando el nombre de la misma, por uno que dé cuenta de forma más cabal nuestras formas organizativas y nuestros horizontes de construcción. Es así que la Federación Anarquista de Rosario es la continuación de la Columna Libertaria Joaquín Penina.

Son 7 años los que llevamos organizados como anarquistas, en los cuales hemos tratado de dar nuestro aporte libertario a las resistencias y luchas de nuestra clase oprimida, este recorrido, que aunque con idas y venidas, fruto de aciertos y errores, muestra una marcada tendencia a consolidarnos como organización política, referencia del anarquismo organizado en la ciudad de Rosario y es así que creemos que podemos (y debemos) dar un paso más en el fortalecimiento de nuestra organización política anarquista.


Saludos Anarkismo al Iº Congreso Columna Libertaria Joaquín Penina
Anarkismo message of support to 1st Congress of Columna Libertaria Joaquín Penina

argentina/uruguay/paraguay / movimiento anarquista Thursday April 09, 2015 03:59 byBiblioteca Popular José Ingenieros
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María Esther Biscayard de Tello (a la derecha)

La Mamá, La Abuela, La Compañera, La Militante que siempre resistió, a la que se le podía contar de todo y sobre todo pedirle su opinión basada en su largo camino de lucha revolucionaria, falleció el pasado 1 de Abril.

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north america / mexico / anarchist movement Thursday November 13, 2014 19:21 byWayne Price
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Why hasn't there been more rebellion in the US lately? What are the indications that a popular movement may develop which leads to revolution? What is meant by revolution, anyway?

Throughout the USA there is discontent. Under the apparently placid political surface there is bubbling dissatisfaction. Yet there has been only limited rebellion, all kept within the limits of Democratic-Republican politics as usual. Certainly, to most people, the possibility of a revolution — an uprising against capitalism and its state — seems distant, if not absurd. I want to argue that a revolution is quite possible (but not inevitable). And I want to clarify what revolution means.

Most political theorists ask why there are occasional rebellions and revolutions. I think it is more fruitful to ask why there are not more rebellions — popular struggles leading up to revolutions. Consider the unfairness of a tiny minority — the “one percent” — ruling over and getting rich from the big majority. Consider the dangers of ecological catastrophe, economic collapse, and nuclear war, not to mention many other issues of oppression and unfairness. Why do people put up with this? Why isn’t there at least a large movement to get rid of this system?

russia / ukraine / belarus / anarchist movement Saturday August 09, 2014 13:26 byAutonomous Action
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The Revolutionary Confederation of Anarcho-Syndicalists - N. I. Makhno (Революционная конфедерация анархо-синдикалистов им. Н. И. Махно), established in Ukraine in 1994, was one of the most famous anarchist organizations which emerged from the former Soviet Union. Platformist in essence, the organization managed to assemble a cohort of vigorous activists who wanted to adopt a strategic and responsible approach to the question of achieving a libertarian society.

The RKAS survived many troubles, it was involved in the miners' strike and had several long-tem projects, but it was not without its internal squabbles and splits. Over the past year, however, the organization has been heard from less and less. To find out what had happened to the RKAS, and also hear their opinion on the current events in Ukraine, our Russia-based comrades of Autonomous Action interviewed a comrade from the RKAS, Samurai.



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