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international / anarchist movement Thursday January 28, 2010 18:42 by Richard Estes and Ron Glick
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"The whole idea of 'anarchism', the whole word, has gathered a lot of connotations over time which have obscured people’s ability to understand it. I mean, in the public mind in the States I imagine it’s pretty similar to a lot of other English-speaking countries: anarchism is seen as chaos, disorder, and so on. But when you look closely at anarchism, to understand what its core ideas are, you have to look at its history, you have to look at when it emerges. And when you look at its emergence, you have to go back to the 1860s, you find it emerging in the union movement, the workers’ movement, in the socialist movement."

Richard Estes and Ron Glick interviewed  Lucien van der Walt, co-author of Black Flame: The Revolutionary Class Politics of Anarchism and Syndicalism, on their show “Speaking In Tongues,” KDVS, 90.3 FM, University Of California, Davis. The interview took place on September 25, 2009.
The interview covers issues like defining anarchism, anarchism and trade unions today,  the issue of centralisation, anarchism and globalisation then and now, the Soviet Union and Communism,  the Spanish Civil War, anarchism and immigration today, the relationship between class struggle and other forms of oppression, anarchism after Seattle, and anarchism and postmodernism.

brazil/guyana/suriname/fguiana / movimento anarquista Thursday November 26, 2009 21:51 by Federação Anarquista de São Paulo
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Federação Anarquista de São Paulo

Foi fundada em 18 de novembro de 2009 a Federação Anarquista de São Paulo (FASP)!

Funcionando como Pró-FASP desde o início de 2008, a organização foi formalmente fundada em um evento ocorrido no último final de semana que reuniu a militância da própria FASP, além de delegados da Federação Anarquista do Rio de Janeiro (FARJ).

No evento de fundação, foi lido um Manifesto de Fundação, apresentado um vídeo, em que os militantes relataram a teoria e a prática deste um ano de atividades, a leitura das declarações de solidariedade das organizações: FARJ, Organização Resistência Libertária (ORL), Federação Anarquista Uruguaia (FAU), Federação Anarquista Gaúcha (FAG) e Rusga Libertária, além de mensagens de individualidades.

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Em março de 2011, a FASP mudou de nome para Organização Anarquista Socialismo Libertário (OASL)

iberia / movimiento anarquista Wednesday November 18, 2009 15:01 by Secretariado Permanente de la CGT
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Eladio Villanueva Saravia (1960-2009)

Nuestro querido compañero Eladio Villanueva Saravia, viajero por tierras, gentes e ideas, luchador incansable de sueños de justicia y libertad, maestro de muchos sin querer serlo, aprendiz a bocanadas de la vida, meramente un militante de esa raza que “lucha toda una vida y son los imprescindibles”. Nos ha dejado el que fuera Secretario General de la CGT del 2001 al 2008.

international / anarchist movement Wednesday November 11, 2009 16:32 by Deric Shannon and J. Rogue
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Anarchism can learn a lot from the feminist movement. In many respects it already has. Anarcha-feminists have developed analyses of patriarchy that link it to the state form. We have learned that no revolutionary project can be complete while men systematically dominate and exploit women; that socialism is a rather empty goal if men's domination of women is left intact.

This essay argues that anarchists can likewise learn from the theory of "intersectionality" that emerged from the feminist movement. Indeed, anarchist conceptions of class struggle have widened as a result of the rise of feminist movements, civil rights movements, gay and lesbian liberation movements, etc. But how do we position ourselves regarding those struggles? What is their relationship to the class struggle? Do we dismiss them as "mere identity politics"?


russia / ukraine / belarus / anarchist movement Wednesday September 23, 2009 21:34 by Ellenor Hutson
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The setting of the assembly

Earlier this year, decided to send a delegate, as an observer representing the organizations which run the Anarkismo project, to the 8th annual conference of Autonomous Action (AD), a libertarian communist organization with branches across Russia, Belarus and the Ukraine. Present at the conference were delegates from 12 different branches of AD, together with observers from the Union of Autonomous Youth and the youth wing of the Siberian Federation of Labour.

The conference was held at a secret location in the Ural Mountains where a campsite was set up from resources laboriously carried uphill over a 6-hour hike. This was a necessary precaution police attention and in addition provided economical conference accommodation in a country were poverty is widespread.

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Issue #3 of the Newsletter of the Tokologo African Anarchist Collective

Issue #3 of the Newsletter of the Tokologo African Anarchist Collective

Anarchist movement

Sun 21 Sep, 18:10

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