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Story Title Comment Author Comment Posted
Is Trumpism Fascism? Wayne 1:06pm O21
Leftists and Communists have damaged the Socialist movement as much as the right-wing did alan johnstone 5:03pm O15
Elections are not the answer jessRD 11:24pm O11
How the West Undermined Women’s Rights in the Arab World Johnny E. Burt 6:45pm O11
Santos, Nobel de Paz: Bofetada a las víctimas de los falsos positivos Alternativa Lib 4:06am O11
IN RICORDO DI IVAN DELLA MEA Gianni Sartori 7:10pm O9
10 point guide for post Brexit resistance as racist right wins EU referendum Jill 9:39pm O7
[Colombia] La victoria del NO y el actual escenario político Alternativa Lib 11:56pm O4
ZACF Reply to the Misrepresentation of the ZACF by American Journalists and on the Schmidt Affair interlocutor 3:25pm O4
Palestine-Israel, The Tsumud/persistence of 13 years of joint struggle will continue as long as it takes* Alternativa Lib 2:20am O4
Hamba kahle comrade Bobo Makhoba (1975-2016) Alternativa Lib 5:12am O3
Where to now, Zimbabwe? Beyond the “good” charismatic pastor. Alternativa Lib 4:18am S27
Fascisti, giù le mani dall'Irlanda sound 11:53am S8
Italia - terremoto Virgilio Calett 8:37pm S7
Opinião da CAB diante a atual conjuntura Brasileira Alternativa Lib 8:14pm S7
Turkey's Move into Syria: Challenging the Kurds, Overthrowing Rojava Alternativa Lib 9:43pm A31
Turkey-FSA Take Jarablus From IS Without Fight Alternativa Lib 3:52am A28
Rethinking Crimethinc. – Crimethinc überdacht Konrad 5:45pm A23
Palestine-Israel, The Israeli "loses management" diminished the intensity of the weekly confrontations with the joint struggle demos* Alternativa Lib 2:27am A22
Una lengua, una raza, una bandera, una religión: Erdoğan y su proyecto nacional-islamista Augusto Zamora 3:34am A11
The Coup in Turkey: Tyranny against tyranny does not make freedom Mike Harris 9:35am A9
In retaking Mosul YPG/J and the Guerrillas must be aware of the hidden agenda Alternativa Lib 5:48am A5
Party of Which People? Wayne Price 7:44am A3
Un visión crítica de la Revolución Española y el anarquismo organizado donato romito 10:15pm J30
Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle is still kicking even if on lower level* Alternativa Lib 12:16am J14
Making sense of the Brexit tide of reaction and the reality of the racist vote Alternativa Lib 10:00pm J12
[Colombia] Ante el acuerdo de cese al fuego bilateral y definitivo entre el gobierno colombiano y las FARC-EP Alternativa Lib 1:01am J2
Murray Bookchin— Anarchism without the Working Class Wayne Price 12:04pm J20
Does Anarchist Movement in Iraqi Kurdistan, Bashur, exist? Pouyan 1:22am J18
Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle continue in spite of the drop out of activists* Alternativa Lib 7:58pm J13
Palestinian workers in Israel: between scylla and charybdis Alternativa Lib 12:11am J6
FAO - Fórum do Anarquismo Organizado - Brasil Daniel Davi 12:30pm J2
In Defense of Revolutionary Class-Struggle Anarchism Johnny 9:13pm J1
France : et maintenant, tout bloquer ! Alternativa Lib 3:08am M26
A Socialist On City Council: A Look At The Career Of Kshama Sawant Wayne 9:40am M21
Should Anarchists Raise a Program of Demands? Wayne 7:06am M20
Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle persist in spite of burn-out of veteran activists*. Alternativa Lib 4:21am M10
Trento: sgombero della Nave Assillo ea 10:53pm M8
Remembering the 1916 rebellion in Ireland together Alternativa Lib 8:41pm A28
A New Vision or a New Reformism? Wayne Price 6:23am A9
Bill Andrews and South Africa’s Revolutionary Syndicalists Alternativa Lib 10:27pm A6
"Seek Ye First the Political Kingdom"? Learning from Kwame Nkrumah's Failures in Ghana Alternativa Lib 5:38am A5
To Cure Africa's Heart-Rending Misery, we Need Working Class/Peasant Counter-Power, Anarchism Alternativa Lib 11:46pm A4
How Imperialism and Postcolonial Elites have Plundered Africa: And the Class Struggle, Anarchist-Communist Solution Alternativa Lib 5:07am A1
Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle continue in spite of the huge changes in the region* Alternativa Lib 5:02pm M30
NATO against the Kurds: The battle for A’zaz Cautiously Pess 12:47am M29
What sort of Uprising do we need in Iraqi Kurdistan? mazen kamalmaz 8:32pm M10
Remember and Revive the Militant Tradition of September 3, 1984! Jonathan 8:35pm M9
8 March, International Womens’ Day Alternativa Lib 4:11am M9
The Attempted “Rehabilitation” of the Communist Party USA wayne Price 2:39am M4
NEWROZ 2016: FUOCHI DI LIBERTA' Gianni Sartori 6:31am F28
Tanya Golan, a member of the anarchist-communist federation Ahdut (Unity) refusing military service Syndicalist 11:22pm F27
Press Advisory- N.Y. City Anarchist Bookfair Apr 16, 2016 Edward Saroyan 9:10pm F26

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