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Story Title Comment Title Comment Author Comment Posted
Could a Revolution Happen in the US? Rebeliões na AMÉRICA DO NORTE Revolução Unive 8:07am D15
Non vogliamo discutere di fronte al nemico la loro morte MEA CULPA Gianni Sartori 11:45pm D13
"ZINGARI": UN POPOLO IN FUGA PERMANENTE un filosofo “fuori dal coro” o un caso di disgregazione della Sinistra? Gianni Sartori 10:16pm D13
An Anarchist Communist Reply to ‘Rojava: An Anarcho-Syndicalist Perspective’ Brilliant Article Oso Sabio 5:33am D12
CSAAWU South Africa: Plea for assistance Solidarity Statement M 10:18am D11
The neo-Makhnovist revolutionary project in Ukraine Reply to granarchist and akai - zsp Michael Schmidt 3:29pm D9
Kevin Carson’s Revival of Individualist Anarchist Economic Theory Clarifying managers' role in the aggregate worker Wayne Price 8:13am D9
Review of Ready for Revolution, by Jorge Valadas very important Wayne Price 7:54am D9
Reflexiones en torno a los libertarios en Chile y la participación electoral Una critica profunda anarc 11:51am D7
Notre Dame des Landes: una Larzac bretone TINA MERLIN VIVE! Gianni Sartori 4:12pm D5
14 novembre 2014 - scioperare e manifestare LA COMUNE DI KRONSTADT VIVE! Gianni Sartori 4:33am N29
Fascisti, giù le mani dall'Irlanda GIORELLO & C: DA CASAPOUND A BRESCIA? Gianni Sartori 2:35pm N21
The social revolution will sweep Turkey Kurdistan sooner or later Curdi CSA Arcadia Gianni Sartori 2:32pm N16
Anarchist Communists: A Question Of Class spanish translation nestor 12:13am N14
Our Conception of Anarchist Organisation castellano? Truck Dee 5:22am N12
Per l'Alternativa Libertaria Atti del Congresso nestor 2:17pm N11
Interview with Mike Harris WSA 30 years On.... Syndicalist (Mi 8:28am N11
Rojava: An Anarcho-Syndicalist Perspective Author's reply Syndicalist 4:06am N5
Rojava: Anarkosendikalist Bakış Açısına Cevap english translation Johnny - 1 of a 6:51pm N4
International Libertarian-Socialist Statement in Solidarity with the Kurdish Resistance precedent post has been hided Johnny 6:13pm O28
La rivoluzione vincerà a Kobanê! rivoluzionari? giovanni 7:52am O27
An Anarchist Response to a Trotskyist Attack: Review of “An Introduction to Marxism and Anarchism” by Alan Woods (2011) Chattopadhyay V Woods alan johnstone 6:09pm O24
Entrevista com a Comandante do YPJ em Kobane: Kobane não cairá Goiania Vanecleudia f.l 11:29pm O20
La Violencia Estructural Oligárquica, Freno para la Paz en Colombia respuesta cesar escobar j 10:58pm O19
¿Por qué el mundo está ignorando a los kurdos revolucionarios en Siria? Pourquoi le monde ignore-t-il les révolutionnaires Kurdes de Syrie ? Martin 1:17am O12
Latest news from Kobanê Kobane: Civilians flee IS street-to-street fighting Paul Adams 7:52pm O7
Turkish anarchists in Syria to support Kurdish people joining anarchist struggle against ISIS and mutual protection Kurt 5:53am O6
Tra le macerie dell'imperialismo USA Il solito imperialismo statunitense... Gianni Sartori 5:38am O4
Paros cívicos y conflicto social en Colombia Arde el Putumayo: Teteyé Alfredo Molano 8:30pm O1
The Great Swindle: 'This is not the tale of Salvador Puig Antich' Can anarchy survive? ruby2zdy 11:26am O1
A Brief History of the Workers' Solidarity Alliance WSA recollections Syndicalist 1:19am S28
Workers’ Self-Directed Enterprises: A Revolutionary Program Peculiarities Abound Wayne 8:01am S27
“Estar presos así, tan inocentemente”: Sobre los cuatro soldados de La Marina acusados de rebelión YA NO MÁS!!! ANDREA 12:14am S24
Anniversario del Primo CNLA Anarchici in due convegni bolognesi del 1973 Marco caco 9:33pm S11
1984-2014: 30 anni fa a Fano il primo meeting anticlericale Trentennale del meeting anticlericale Alternativa Lib 3:26pm S7
Concerning the 23rd IWA-Congress pretentious nonsense akai 2:19pm S3
Andrómeda: el Estado profundo en Colombia El giro de “Andrómeda”: hackerismo y política envenenada Miguel Ángel He 12:18pm A31

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