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Story Title Comment Title Comment Author Comment Posted
Palestine-Israel, Celebrating a 12 years of persistent struggle in Bil'in and a small victory* italian translation Alternativa Lib 11:06pm F18
IN MEMORIA DI DUE ANTIFASCISTI Precisazione su "Borela" Gianni Sartori 4:33am F18
Revolutionary Anarchist Prisoner Umut Fırat Süvarioğulları Ended His Hunger Strike With Victory italian translation Alternativa Lib 6:15am F17
Solidarité avec Théo et toutes les victimes des violences policières ! Non à la loi « Sécurité Publique » ! traducion italienne Alternativa Lib 6:07am F17
A Conservative Threat Offers New Opportunities for Working Class Feminism traducción italiana Alternativa Lib 12:44am F15
38 años de Revolución en Irán no cambiaron el estatus político del pueblo kurdo traducción italiana Alternativa Lib 1:21am F14
[Italia] Pesaro: Ritirare urgentemente il provvedimento di sgombero, restituire il maltolto allo spazio popolare Malarlevèt! altre adesioni donato romito 12:16am J30
[Dielo Truda]. “A Plataforma Organizacional” (fac-simile, nova tradução e ‘Suplemento’) Si, publiquen las portadas... Pablo 10:20pm J25
Devrimci Anarşist Tutsak Umut Fırat Süvarioğulları Açlık Grevinin 39 Gününde italian translation Alternativa Lib 10:24pm J21
Primer encuentro feminista Solidaridad – Federación Comunista Libertaria traducción italiana Alternativa Lib 10:22pm J21
The Fall of Aleppo FSA os not progressive Jag 5:43am J18
Indigenous Armed Group Created in the Mountains of Guerrero email Alternativa Lib 2:55am J16
FAO - Fórum do Anarquismo Organizado - Brasil Revolução L. 2:30am J9
Fidel Castro (1926-2016) And Fidel Left… Gustavo Rodrígu 9:12am J3
Non à l'état d'urgence permanent ! traducion italienne Alternativa Lib 1:21am D29
Prison Sentence to Managing Editor of Anarchist Meydan Newspaper in Turkey italian translation Alternativa Lib 5:38am D27
An Essay on Collectivist Economics Left libertarian approach research Mnehuginn 8:27pm D22
Fascist attack in Croix Rousse (Lyon) and on the anarchist bookstore la Plume Noire Solidarity Metro NY/NJ Wor 9:09am D22
American Anarchist and Wobbly killed by Turkey while fighting ISIS in Rojava What wrong with this world Bender 10:32pm D21
Salud y patriarcado traducción italiana Alternativa Lib 7:23pm D21
Tanya Golan, a member of the anarchist-communist federation Ahdut (Unity) refusing military service government kellyabnorman 9:22pm D19
Not My President! Building Bridges Wayne 6:49am D18
Trump and the myth of the progressive but misled 'white working class' voters A reply on Trump voters, myths and myth-making Cautiously Pess 4:48am D15
10 point guide for post Brexit resistance as racist right wins EU referendum Its too bad Sabrina 9:29pm D13
Misunderstanding syndicalism Thanks Jeffrey Glenn 2:37am D13
Workers’ Self-Directed Enterprises: A Revolutionary Program Vanguard vs. Mass Organizations?? Wayne 7:54am N28
Attaque fasciste sur la Croix Rousse et contre la librairie libertaire la Plume Noire Appel à souscription plume noire CGA LYON 7:56pm N23
100%animalisti: il fascismo di Paolo Mocavero IN MEMORIA DI BARRY HORNE Gianni Sartori 2:00pm N23
Una nuova Associazione Internazionale dei Lavoratori? Commento Laure Akai 10:04pm N19
Red November, Black November – An Anarchist Response to the Election Post-Election Statement WSA 6:44am N18
Trump’s victory speaks to a crumbling liberal order italian translation Alternativa Lib 1:43am N16
No One is Coming to Save Us italian translation Alternativa Lib 5:24am N15
Palestine-Israel, After 13 years of joint struggle (and 12 in Bil'in), we won the right for the unarmed demonstrations against the separation fence, settlers, and occupation* italian translation Alternativa Lib 2:09am N15
For The Caribbean Anarchist Federation Update? mitch 1:43am N7
1986-2016: 30° anniversario di Alternativa Libertaria/fdca thanks Alternativa Lib 10:01pm N6
Resistance at Standing Rock National U.S. Demonstrations Wayne 11:45am N5
El feminismo es cuestión de vida o muerte traducción italiana Alternativa Lib 4:54am N1
International Campaign for the Freedom of Rafael Braga/Campaña Internacional por la Libertad de Rafael Braga Solidarity! mitch 7:40pm O25
Is Trumpism Fascism? Other Comments Wayne 12:06pm O21
Leftists and Communists have damaged the Socialist movement as much as the right-wing did Marx the libertarian alan johnstone 4:03pm O15
Elections are not the answer Elections jessRD 10:24pm O11
Santos, Nobel de Paz: Bofetada a las víctimas de los falsos positivos traducción italiana Alternativa Lib 3:06am O11
[Colombia] La victoria del NO y el actual escenario político traducción italiana Alternativa Lib 10:56pm O4
ZACF Reply to the Misrepresentation of the ZACF by American Journalists and on the Schmidt Affair question interlocutor 2:25pm O4
Palestine-Israel, The Tsumud/persistence of 13 years of joint struggle will continue as long as it takes* italian translation Alternativa Lib 1:20am O4
Hamba kahle comrade Bobo Makhoba (1975-2016) our condolences comrades for this great loss and here an italian translation Alternativa Lib 4:12am O3
Where to now, Zimbabwe? Beyond the “good” charismatic pastor. itlian translation Alternativa Lib 3:18am S27
Fascisti, giù le mani dall'Irlanda best artice sound 10:53am S8
Italia - terremoto tradução em português Virgilio Calett 7:37pm S7
Opinião da CAB diante a atual conjuntura Brasileira tradução italiana Alternativa Lib 7:14pm S7
Turkey's Move into Syria: Challenging the Kurds, Overthrowing Rojava italian translation Alternativa Lib 8:43pm A31
Turkey-FSA Take Jarablus From IS Without Fight italian translation Alternativa Lib 2:52am A28
Rethinking Crimethinc. – Crimethinc überdacht Revolution im täglichen Lebensstil Konrad 4:45pm A23
Palestine-Israel, The Israeli "loses management" diminished the intensity of the weekly confrontations with the joint struggle demos* italian translation Alternativa Lib 1:27am A22
Una lengua, una raza, una bandera, una religión: Erdoğan y su proyecto nacional-islamista El golpe no falló, ha sido un éxito total Augusto Zamora 2:34am A11
The Coup in Turkey: Tyranny against tyranny does not make freedom Any updates Mike Harris 8:35am A9
In retaking Mosul YPG/J and the Guerrillas must be aware of the hidden agenda italian translation Alternativa Lib 4:48am A5
Party of Which People? Not About Voting Wayne Price 6:44am A3
Un visión crítica de la Revolución Española y el anarquismo organizado L'errore di Fanelli donato romito 9:15pm J30
Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle is still kicking even if on lower level* italian translation Alternativa Lib 11:16pm J13
Making sense of the Brexit tide of reaction and the reality of the racist vote E Brexit fu. Il mito della sovranità nazionale. Alternativa Lib 9:00pm J12

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