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Like leftists and communists, anarchists and libertarians have been divided over Rojava. Some of them are very supportive and optimistic about the future of this experiment and the others are skeptic I dislike "critical support" concept Johnny 7:19am J31
W.S.A. Launches on-line ideas & action Journal Lots of goodies on "ideas & action" mitch 7:32am J29
Prairie Struggle is Dead and the Struggle Continues Where are they today? mitch 7:26am J29
Response to Crimethinc’s “Why We Don’t Make Demands” response to crimethinks "why we don't make demands" wanye price 7:04pm J28
On the Recent Massacre in Suruç, Turkish Kurdistan about the massacre in Suruc mazen kamalmaz 3:24pm J27
Italia: rottamazione della scuola pubblica E Illich? gianni 4:56pm J26
Incomplete memoirs of early Egyptian anarchism Sources for critique were provided Red and Black A 3:31pm J2
The Meaning of World War II—An Anarchist View Further Comments Wayne Price 10:32am J1
Nace un nuevo referente estudiantil en Chile: Acción Libertaria pregunta eloy 1:39am J18
¡Nace el Núcleo Comunista Libertario! Toda força às compas do novo Núcleo VillorBlue 8:54pm J11
Is primitivism realistic? An anarchist reply to John Zerzan and others Is primitivism realistic? Harriss 12:07am J11
¿Caguanazo a las FARC-EP? Vagón de cola del liberalismo Jon Freddy 2:30pm J2
James Guillaume (1844-1916) & the birth of syndicalism, anarchist communism Comment Wayne Price 4:37am J1
In search of early Italy's "lost" Bakuninist organisations Wrong Jerry Adams 3:37am M31
Review of Debt: The First 5,000 Years by David Graeber another review of David Graeber Wayne Price 4:21am M26
Bajo Cuembí, Putumayo: un ejemplo a seguir en la lucha por el cese al fuego bilateral Opinión Colombiano 3:42am M23
Anarchist in Ireland on todays Marriage equality referendum Brilliant! Wayne Price 3:39am M23
Francis I and the conservative modesty Francis I and the conservative modesty jorge videla 10:15am M14
El gringo y la paz Cuestión de prioridades Catalina Ruiz-N 7:30pm M12
Site Octave Mirbeau Site Octave Mirbeau Pierre MICHEL 4:06pm M11
María Esther Biscayard de Tello, nuestro homenaje from Argentina Luis 5:35am M2
Negociando la derrota política, militar y moral de la insurgencia Hechos de El Cauca: La versión de las comunidades indígenas TeleSUR 5:18am A24
Lo que faltaba: macartismo indigenista Alerta temprana: posible suicidio del prisionero CIVILINO UL SECUE Suyana 1:51am A20
Religion and Revolution PHILOSOPHY Invisible Heart 12:18am A20
An anarchist alternative for the Philippines Almost Hard Critique Faust Ablen 4:16pm A19
An Anarchist Communist Reply to ‘Rojava: An Anarcho-Syndicalist Perspective’ Mass organizations not parties Tom 9:14am A17
Syria: Interview with an Aleppo anarchist Correction Brandon Gray 11:26am A16
Je ne suis pas Charlie (I am not Charlie) "Pure working class" Lucien van der 5:59pm A15
The Forgotten Tradition of French Sovietism CGT inspired mass anarchosyndicalism Michael Schmidt 11:37pm A8
Recovering Portugal's Mass Anarchist History movimento anarchico portoghese Alternativa Lib 10:16pm A1
From a Plow Driver: An Open Letter To Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin Plow Driver is Right! WantsToStayInVT 1:27am M25
Resistencia en medio del malestar: la lucha obrera en el ingenio Risaralda El rostro amargo de los corteros de caña Carlos Piedrahi 9:55pm M19
Kobane’s Second Phase: Resistance and Necessities قۆناخی دووەمی بەرخودانی کۆبانێ و پێداویس KAF 8:32pm M19
Trento. Solidarietà ai lavoratori della Sapes. No alle intimidazioni contro gli operai. News lotta lavoratori Sapes AL/Fdca 6:34am M15
An Essay on Collectivist Economics The model for the post capitalist (libertarian socialist/communist) society Ilan S. 8:30pm M10
Kobane: seconda fase, quella della resistenza e della ricostruzione a tiny japnese translation rebel_JILL 10:53pm M9
Interview about Rojava – Topics for Debate: Questions about the Strategic Scope Here's a couple of reading lists for the many articles on the Rojava revolution: sd 3:26am M3
Fragments of a Reformist Anarchism A Russian Review Wayne Price 4:25am F28
Je ne suis pas Charlie (Yo no soy Charlie) mensajes de odio racista mamado 5:38am F24
Confessions of Yanis Varoufakis, Syriza’s Finance Minister Centralization Wayne Price 3:28am F22
Bridges between Anarchism and Democratic Confederalism To clear miss understanding? Ilan S. 10:36pm F21
On SYRIZA victory Sur Syriza et sa victoire aux récentes élections générales en Grèce MP 12:31am F20
W.E.B. Du Bois and the Fight over His U.S. Memorial WEB DuBois and Stalinism Wayne Price 7:04am F17
Je ne suis pas Charlie You are not... What? BlackCarbon 12:26am F16
After the election of Syriza in Greece - Power is not in Parliament A view from Greek far-leftists Wayne Price 4:45am F10

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