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Story Title Comment Title Comment Author Comment Posted
8 reasons anarchists are voting Yes to Repeal the hated 8th Referendum is not election Andrew 7:03pm M29
Chi Spara Sui Curdi Spara Sulla Rivoluzione CURDI E PALESTINESI UNITI CONTRO L'OPPRESSIONE Gianni Sartori 2:41pm M22
Haití: La Cara Sucia de las Razones Humanitarias Respuesta... José Antonio Gu 2:03pm M21
La Organización Política Anarquista en el Chile de los '50 Fuentes Gabriel Guzmán 10:31am M14
[ZAD] For Immediate Release - Evictions Have Begun; the ZAD Calls for Mobilization Battles on the ZAD ongoing woooo 10:29am A17
Book Review: Radical Unionism Another review Anarcho 6:07am A13
Jesús Santrich: advertencia de lo que se viene “Que no haya un prisionero más, ni un muerto más de las FARC-EP , ni del Movimiento Social y Popular" J. Santrich 4:43pm A12
De la tragedia a la farsa: la represión estructural muestra el cobre en Tumaco Death foretold juan guanus 3:48am A12
The dangers of focusing all our attention on Donald Trump The effects of Trump Wayne Price 2:40pm A5
A Brief History of the Workers' Solidarity Alliance W.S.A: the past has never looked brighter! Alexander Selki 12:59am M30
[Book Review] “Anarchist Encounters. Russia in Revolution”. Edited by A.W. Zurbrugg (London: Anarres Editions -Merlin Press, 2017) Excellent review Victor 1:46pm M6
Solidarity for Afrin and Rojava against the Turkey State Unclear Wayne Price 9:56am F1
Rethinking Crimethinc. Ugh Chris 12:23am J23
"Los trabajadores recordamos perfectamente los recortes del gobierno de Artur Mas en Cataluña" Estamos atados de manos Cegetista 5:39pm J15
Ciao, Donato! Condolences Syndicalist 2:00am J15
El Libertario: Arma falaz de la contrainformación en Venezuela Estoy de acuerdo Loam 2:56am D20
Hands off the anarchist movement ! Solidarity with the FAG and the anarchists in Brazil ! Any updates Syndicalist 5:38am D17
We, anarchists and libertarian communists in the class struggle in capitalist Europe Poor statement AC 6:45pm D12
Para uma Teoria da Estratégia English translation S Nicholas Napp 11:22pm N16
National Self-Determination, Internationalism, and Libertarian Socialism Council Communists on National Liberation Victor Osprey 8:45pm N15
The Meaning of World War II—An Anarchist View Anarchists or Dupes, Welcome to the World's Greatest Police State Andrew Stergiou 1:50am S16
A Conference of the "National Anarchists" A Response to Preston's "Reply to Wayne Price" Wayne 8:24am S15
El acuerdo en preparacion entre la Union Europea y Libia es un crimen de lesa humanidad italian translation Alternativa Lib 11:53pm A28
Comments on “The First International and the Development of Anarchism and Marxism” by Wayne Price Response on the 1st International Wayne Price 2:02pm A25
What is Libertarian Socialism? An Anarchist-Marxist Dialogue Another review Anarcho 3:05am A21
[Johannesburg] Housing and Land: We demand answers Gauteng Civics Mass Rally banned by police, sabotaged by councilors and mafia Gauteng Civic A 5:11am A16
Remembering Erich Muhsam ü @FKAD 6:10pm J24
A Response to “In Which the Anarcho-Syndicalists Discover C4SS” Review of Kevin Carson's Individualist Anarchism Wayne Price 6:06am J22
Anarchism, Ethics and Justice: The Michael Schmidt Case Reason for removing comment by "ZACF" Jon 9:57pm J13
The First International and the Development of Anarchism and Marxism Excellent piece Victor 2:29am J5
We, supporters of Rojava, should be worried about its partnership with the United States. italian translation Alternativa Lib 2:21am M28
Democracia direta já! Barrar as reformas nas ruas e construir o Poder Popular! traducción italiana Alternativa Lib 10:20pm M27
Coyuntura Política en Venezuela: Crisis, Tendencias y el Desafío de la Independencia de Clase traducción italiana Alternativa Lib 6:07pm M26
¡Democracia directa ya! ¡Barrar las reformas en las calles y construir el Poder Popular! traducción italiana Alternativa Lib 12:09am M26
Dès maintenant, passons de la défiance à la résistance sociale ! traduction italienne Alternativa Lib 6:25pm M18
Αλληλεγγύη στα θύματα ομοφοβίας στην Τσετσενία greek translation Alternativa Lib 12:43am M14
17 Mai : Journée Internationale Contre l’Homophobie. Tchétchénie mais pas seulement. trduction en français Alternativa Lib 4:18am M13
May 17, International Day Against Homophobia. Chechnya but not only translation im english Alternativa Lib 3:24am M13
What is an Anarchist? Am I an Anarchist? WE have our sectarians too - sad to say... Larry Gambone 8:10am M12
Palestine-Israel - One apartheid state nearing 50th birthday and the tension rise* italian translation Alternativa Lib 10:33pm M9
LA RIVOLTA OPERAIA DEL 19 APRILE 1968 errata corrige data La Comune Gianni Sartori 6:27am M9
Los Mártires de Chicago: historia de un crimen de clase en la tierra de la “democracia y la libertad” 1 maggio 1886 Centro di Docum 7:13pm M5
Non vogliamo discutere di fronte al nemico la loro morte Un lapsus, presumo: era LIMA non RIMAR Gianni Sartori 2:40am A29
IERI LA RIMAR, OGGI LA MITENI Un "NON" di troppo Gianni Sartori 8:35pm A26
The Turkish army is attacking Yezîdî Kurds and Rojava villages italian translation Alternativa Lib 1:48am A26
Na jornada de luta camponesa Pequenos Agricultores e Sem Terra retomam as terras do Açu Recebemos essa mensagem de companheiros/as que estão ocupando um terreno no Açu. Pedimos que repassem. FARJ 7:39am A21

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