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nordafrica / genero / cronaca Thursday February 21, 2013 - 21:14 by Russian Anarcho-feminists   image 1 image
Le Anarca-femministe si sono presentate il 12 febbraio 2013 davanti all'Ambasciata egiziana a Mosca per esprimere la loro solidarietà con le donne vittime delle aggressioni e delle violenze sessuali che sono avvenute in Egitto durante e dopo la rivoluzione, quando i Fratelli Musulamani sono giunti al potere. [English] ... read full story / add a comment
north africa / gender / news report Tuesday February 19, 2013 - 20:00 by Russian Anarcho-feminists   image 1 image
Anarcha-feminists came today, 12 february 2013, to the embassy of Egypt in Moscow to express solidarity with the victims of sexual assault/violence, that took place throughout Egypt during the revolution and even after the revolution, when the Muslim Brotherhood came to power. [Italiano] ... read full story / add a comment
greece / turkey / cyprus / repression / prisoners / news report Friday August 21, 2009 - 01:03 by (((Anarchográpher)))   image 1 image
Solidarity to Thodoris Iliopoulos, and the anatomy of a Greek anarchist banner ... read full story / add a comment
bolivia / peru / ecuador / chile / repression / prisoners / news report Tuesday December 12, 2006 - 19:02 by Anarcho   image 1 image
For lovers of freedom, 2006 has been a good year with P.W. Botha, Milton Friedman and now General Pinochet shuffling off this mortal coil. Pinochet was the head of the military dictatorship which overthrew (with the aidand backing of the CIA) the democratically elected Chilean government ofMarxist Salvador Allende on September 11th, 1973. Officially,his troops killed or disappeared over 3,000 people (according to Human Rights and Church groups, it is over 10,000). Thousands were tortured and tens of thousands went into exile. ... read full story / add a comment
ireland / britain / economy / news report Friday November 10, 2006 - 21:07 by Anarcho
Inequality is on the rise. The gap between the pay of a FTSE 100 company's chief executive and that of one of their workers has widened. It is now 98 times more than the average for all UK full-time workers, according to Incomes Data Services. ... read full story / add a comment
north america / mexico / the left / news report Thursday November 09, 2006 - 17:39 by Anarcho   text 5 comments (last - sunday november 12, 2006 - 08:10)
Amidst the Democratic mid-term election victories on November 8th, an independent won the Senate race in Vermont. What is significant is that he is a self-proclaimed socialist and so the first socialist senator in US history. The previous best result in a Senate race by a socialist was in 1930 when Emil Seidel won 6% of the vote. ... read full story / add a comment
ireland / britain / economy / news report Friday October 13, 2006 - 16:34 by Anarcho
Neo- liberal capitalism is based on monetary policy which explicitly tries to weaken working class resistance by means of unemployment, by manipulating what Marx termed "the reserve army of labour." If "inflation" (i.e. labour income) starts to increase, interest rates are raised so causing unemployment and, it is hoped, putting the plebs back in their place. ... read full story / add a comment
mashriq / arabia / iraq / imperialism / war / news report Friday October 13, 2006 - 16:23 by Anarcho
According to a new study published by a medical journal between 420,000 and 790,000 Iraqis have died as a result of war and political violence since the beginning of the US-UK invasion in March, 2003, with 655,000 considered the most likely figure. ... read full story / add a comment
ireland / britain / repression / prisoners / news report Friday February 17, 2006 - 17:17 by Anarcho   text 2 comments (last - wednesday april 19, 2006 - 00:04)
Despite the hopes of the left for a revolt Labour MP's in Britain have voted for the introduction of ID cards. This does not mean the struggle against them is over, we can use direct action to them. But it would be a mistake to think that it is only the state which seeks to track our every movement. Capital does so too and in the free market, demand will be supplied ... read full story / add a comment
mashriq / arabia / iraq / imperialism / war / news report Friday December 02, 2005 - 20:18 by Anarcho
Standing before a gold and blue banner proclaiming "Plan For Victory", Bush spoke, as he usually does these days, before a military audience. The obvious benefit is that the military will be under orders not to heckle their Commander in Chief. It also saves his cronies having to vet crowds to so-called "public" appearances in remove non-believers ... read full story / add a comment
mashriq / arabia / iraq / imperialism / war / news report Wednesday November 16, 2005 - 18:18 by Anarcho
It has been admitted that the USA has used chemical weapons in Iraq, namely incendiary weapons. This includes white phosphorous which was dropped in massive quantities during the assault on Fallujah. Phosphorus burns bodies, in fact it melts the flesh all the way down to the bone. So what of the moral case for war? Invasion, torture, collective punishment and the use of chemical weapons against civilians. How can Bush or Blair claim they are any different than Saddam? ... read full story / add a comment
north america / mexico / economy / news report Friday November 04, 2005 - 18:38 by Anarcho   text 4 comments (last - wednesday march 07, 2007 - 11:13)
During the Great Depression of the 1930s, unskilled and non-unionised workers got $7.89 per hour in today's money. In other words, the Republican politicians have decided that America's workers should get a minimum wage 35% lower than workers 70 years ago ... read full story / add a comment
north america / mexico / religion / news report Wednesday October 19, 2005 - 17:55 by Anarcho
A "preacher of hate" has struck again. His Medieval views on women are well known, stating that feminism "encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians." He hates gays. Now he has turned his venom to advocating assassination, urging the murder of Chavez, a head of state whose policies he disagrees. ... read full story / add a comment
ireland / britain / community struggles / news report Wednesday October 19, 2005 - 17:48 by Anarcho   text 3 comments (last - friday may 26, 2006 - 20:52)
New labour are attacking people on Incapacity Benefit. But why people are on it in the first place and what it says about neo-liberalism and unemployment ... read full story / add a comment
mashriq / arabia / iraq / economy / news report Friday July 22, 2005 - 17:09 by Anarcho
What a surprise, the Iraqi government is planning to lease its oil fields to international oil companies. ... read full story / add a comment
mashriq / arabia / iraq / imperialism / war / news report Friday July 01, 2005 - 18:05 by Anarcho
The Bush Junta has admitted that it will negotiate with Iraqi insurgents. This has caused some issues of language in an attempt to justify the new line. After all, Bush argued back in 2002 that "no nation can negotiate with terrorists. For there is no way to make peace with those whose only goal is death." ... read full story / add a comment
ireland / britain / economy / news report Thursday May 12, 2005 - 17:24 by Anarcho
Welcome to modern Britain, where the difference in life expectancy between the poorest and most affluent parts of the country is now wider than in Victorian times. Where thousands of people are dying prematurely in poor inner city areas as the gap between rich and poor in Britain widens for the past 11 years. ... read full story / add a comment
north america / mexico / imperialism / war / news report Monday April 25, 2005 - 16:22 by Anarcho   text 2 comments (last - tuesday december 05, 2006 - 03:43)
Judicial Watch is an American conservative organisation which claims to fight government corruption. At the end of April it announced some staggering news. It obtained a document through the Freedom of Information Act which the FBI invoked privacy right protections on behalf of Osama bin Laden. ... read full story / add a comment
Employees at the Zarfati Garage in Mishur Adumim vote to strike on July 22, 2014. (Photo courtesy of Ma’an workers union)

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Sat 03 Dec, 05:20

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15111087_1786563878290518_1121866889955481545_o.jpg imageState Is Rape 19:21 Fri 25 Nov by Anarchist Women 0 comments

Here is the text of comrades from Anarchist Women organisation about the last situation in Turkey. We will share the news about the protests after the action today. [Türkçe] [Ελληνικά] [Italiano] [Castellano]

laplumenoirenouvellefacade9608.jpg imageΥποστηρίξτε το «La Plume Noire» 16:41 Fri 25 Nov by «La Plume Noire» 0 comments

Συγκέντρωση χρημάτων για την υποστήριξη του «La Plume Noire» και των δραστηριοτήτων του

15027836_353866834965958_2947771895459148195_n.jpg image“Hermano, sabed que vuestra lucha continúa en la tierra”, en memoria de Javier Ascue Caliz 09:03 Wed 16 Nov by Rebeldía Cotrainformativa 0 comments

Se ha ido un compañero, un hermano, un guerrero milenario de la lucha por la Liberación de la Tierra en el Norte del Cauca. Javier Ascue Caliz asumió con valentía y fuerza la coordinación del punto 3 de liberación de Corinto. Su espíritu bello y noble estaba lleno de energía y fuerza, nunca retrocedió ante la violencia de los terratenientes y del Estado, siempre actuó con responsabilidad, cuidando la vida de todos los compañeros y compañeras que estaban en esta lucha. Su pensamiento claro, su compromiso y su valentía continúan llenando de fuerza a todos los compañeros y compañeras.

textPalestine-Israel, After 13 years of joint struggle (and 12 in Bil'in), we won the right for the unar... 16:36 Sat 12 Nov by Ilan S. 1 comments

At the beginning, up to 450 Israelis of the radical left joined the hundreds of Palestinians of Bil'in and the region in the struggle against the robbery of the village land for the Modi'in Elit settlement and the separation fence used for that. It took more than 7 years till the state forces stopped to try to prevent activist from joining the Bil'iners in the Friday joint demonstrations. It took another 5 years till they stop to shoot on us tear gas and "non lethal" bullets. Two Bil'iners paid with their life, hundreds of Palestinians and Israelis were injured, detained and even arrested (Palestinians for long time up to a year and a half, Israelis no more than a day or two). Many thousands of international activists participated with us and contributed later for the international struggle against the occupation. The harassment of the village activists at nights mainly continue, but the struggle will not stop.

dscn1966.jpg imageΚατάργηση της κυρι&#... 16:02 Mon 07 Nov by ΕΣΕ Ιωαννίνων 0 comments

Μαζική ήταν η σημερινή κινητοποίηση ενάντια στην κατάργηση της κυριακάτικης αργίας στα Γιάννενα, την οποία κάλεσε το Συντονιστικό ενάντια στο ξεχείλωμα του ωραρίου. Η συγκέντρωση ξεκίνησε στις 11:00 με μικροφωνική στην συμβολή των οδών Χαριλάου Τρικούπη & Μιχαήλ Αγγέλου.

autogestion.jpg imageΔελτίο Εργατικής Α&#... 15:44 Tue 01 Nov by ΕΣΕ-Αθήνας 0 comments

Aπό το μπλογκ της ΕΣΕ-Αθήνας

women052.jpg imageΓυναίκες της Αναρχ&#... 19:09 Mon 31 Oct by Dmitri 0 comments

Περιλαμβάνονται κείμενα των Λούσι Πάρσονς, Έμμα Γκόλντμαν, Λουίζ Μισέλ, Βολτερίν ντε Κλαιρ, Μαίρη Τζόουνς, Ρόουθζ Πεσότα, Ελίζαμπεθ Μπάιρν Φερν, Ντόροθι Ντέι, Ίτο Νόε, Φεντερίκα Μοντσενί, Λουτσία Σάντσεθ Σαορνίλ, Μόλυ Στάιμερ, Λουτσε Φάμπρι, Μάργκαρετ Σλάνγκερ, Μαρί Λουί Μπερνέρι, Βιργίλια Ντ’Ανδρέα, Τερέζα Κλαραμούτ, Σάρα Μπαρντ Φηλντ και άλλων.

text[Santos-SP/Brasil]: Companhia de teatro é atacada pela PM e Guarda Municipal 05:25 Mon 31 Oct by R.U. 0 comments

Integrantes da Trupe Olho da Rua, companhia de teatro de rua, foram cercados, ameaçados e um dos seus integrantes foi preso pela PM de Santos na tarde deste domingo, 30 de Outubro.

14590298_340037909682184_3699084747642125873_n.jpg image[Colombia] Corinto: Atentado contra activista campesino. Un nuevo ciclo de violencia contra las orga... 06:39 Mon 24 Oct by Rebeldía Contrainformativa 0 comments

El pasado 19 de octubre, dos hombres armados en una moto llegaron a las 8pm hasta la casa de Esneider Gonzalez, ubicada en el casco urbano de Corinto, Cauca, y le dispararon en repetidas ocasiones, dejándolo gravemente herido con dos disparos en la espalda y uno en la cabeza. Esneider Gonzalez se encuentra en este momento luchando por su vida en centro hospitalario de Cali.

14034833_954430388036531_5036652134993266582_n.jpg imagevideo[Colombia] [Audio/Entrevista] Violenta arremetida del ESMAD contra indígenas de la Emperatriz 21:23 Sun 16 Oct by Rebeldía Contrainformativa 0 comments

El día 14 de octubre durante el marco de lucha y recuperación de tierra la comunidad Nasa del resguardo de Huellas se encontraba trabajando en la hacienda la Emperatriz cuando se vieron fuertemente violentados por los esbirros del Estado

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imageConfederalismo ibérico. La plurinacionalidad viable. Dec 02 by José Luis Carretero Miramar 0 comments

El problema territorial en el Estado Español ha pasado a convertirse en una de las más candentes cuestiones de la actualidad. El procés catalán, masivamente apoyado en las calles por un parte muy importante de la ciudadanía, junto a los históricos reclamos de autonomía e independencia en Euskadi o Galicia, conforman los hitos principales de una situación que puede conducir a una quiebra desordenada del Régimen del 78, tanto como a su restauración autoritaria sobre la excusa de la unidad nacional.

imageFidel Castro (1926-2016) Dec 02 by Samuel Farber 0 comments

Dopo una lunga malattia che lo ha costretto a ritirarsi dalla carica nel luglio 2006, Fidel Castro è morto lo scorso 25 novembre. Nel corso della sua vita Castro era sopravvissuto a molti sforzi degli Stati Uniti per rovesciare il suo governo ed anche eliminarlo fisicamente, vedi la sponsorizzazione di invasioni, numerosi tentativi di assassinio e attacchi terroristici. Castro ha tenuto il potere politico supremo a Cuba per più di 47 anni, e anche dopo aver lasciato il suo alto ufficio ha continuato ad essere politicamente impegnato per diversi anni incontrando numerose personalità straniere e scrivendo le sue Reflexiones sulla stampa del Partito Comunista Cubano. [English] [Castellano]

imageLos video-foros como herramientas de construcción colectiva Dec 02 by Rebeldía Contrainformativa 0 comments

En la realización de video foros las comunidades se reconocen a sí mismas en las practicas que realizan, se ven en el medio audiovisual como lo que son, sujetos colectivos que se organizan y transforman la realidad en la que existen, este reconocimiento empodera a las comunidades, fortalece sus identidades colectivas y reafirma sus posiciones de lucha.

imageFidel Castro (1926-2016) Nov 30 by Samuel Farber 1 comments

After a long illness that forced him to withdraw from office in July 2006, Fidel Castro died on November 25. Castro had previously survived many U.S. efforts to overthrow his government and physically eliminate him including the sponsorship of invasions, numerous assassination attempts and terrorist attacks. He held supreme political power in Cuba for more than 47 years, and even after having left high office he continued to be politically engaged for several years meeting with numerous foreign personalities and writing his Reflexiones in the Cuban Communist Party press. In light of a likely future state capitalist transition and the role that foreign capital and political powers such as the United States, Brazil, Spain, Canada, Russia and China may play in it, the prospects for Cuban national sovereignty—perhaps the one unambiguously positive element of Fidel Castro’s legacy—are highly uncertain. [Italiano] [Castellano]

imageFidel Castro (1926-2016) Nov 30 by Samuel Farber 0 comments

Tras una larga enfermedad que le obligó a renunciar a su cargo en julio de 2006, Fidel Castro murió el 25 de noviembre pasado. Castro había sobrevivido antes a muchos intentos de EEUU de derribar su gobierno y eliminarlo físicamente mediante el patrocinio de invasiones militares, numerosas tentativas de asesinato y ataques terroristas. Ejerció el poder político supremo en Cuba durante más de 47 años, e incluso después de retirarse continuó políticamente activo durante varios años, reuniéndose con numerosas personalidades extranjeras y publicando sus Reflexiones en la prensa del Partido Comunista Cubano. Dada la probable transición futura hacia un capitalismo de Estado y el papel que puedan desempeñar los capitales y poderes políticos extranjeros, como EE UU, Brasil, España, Canadá, Rusia y China, el porvenir de la soberanía nacional cubana –tal vez el único elemento indudablemente positivo del legado de Fidel Castro– parece sumido en la incertidumbre. [Italiano] [English]

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imageΑληλεγγύη σε πρόσφ&#... Dec 02 0 comments

Από τη πλευρά μας ως αναρχικοί, αλληλέγγυοι με τους φτωχούς και τους εξεγερμένους όλης της γης, θα στεκόμαστε δίπλα σε κάθε καταπιεσμένο και καταπιεσμένη αυτού του κόσμου και θα αγωνιζόμαστε μαζί για τη ζωή και την αξιοπρέπεια. Στοχεύουμε στη σύνδεση των αγώνων των μεταναστών/προσφύγων με το πρόταγμα της συνολικής ανατροπής κράτους και κεφαλαίου. Από κοινού όλοι οι εκμεταλλευόμενοι και καταπιεσμένοι αυτού του κόσμου να αντισταθούμε στους δολοφονικούς σχεδιασμούς του κράτους και των αφεντικών. Να προτάξουμε την κοινωνική και ταξική αυτοοργάνωση, τους κοινούς αγώνες ντόπιων και μεταναστών ενάντια στη φτώχεια, την εξαθλίωση, τον φόβο, τον ρατσισμό και την κρατική και παρακρατική τρομοκρατία. Να προωθήσουμε τον διαρκή αγώνα για την παγκόσμια κοινωνική επανάσταση, την αναρχία και τον ελευθεριακό κομμουνισμό.

imageEl Estado es una violación Dec 02 Mujeres Anarquistas 0 comments

Comunicado de la organización de Mujeres Anarquistas en el Estado turco sobre la actual situación de represión a las mujeres. [Türkçe] [English] [Ελληνικά] [Italiano]

image2ο Συνέδριο Αναρχικ&... Nov 29 0 comments

Το Σαββατοκύριακο 26 και 27 Νοέμβρη πραγματοποιήθηκε στην Πάτρα (Εργατικό Κέντρο) το 2ο συνέδριο της Αναρχικής Πολιτικής Οργάνωσης – Ομοσπονδία Συλλογικοτήτων.

imageLo Stato E' Stupro Nov 28 0 comments

Anche se la legge sugli "abusi sessuali" presentata il 17 novembre da 6 deputati dell'AKP è stata ritirata, è importante capire cosa significhi per noi donne questa proposta che è stata contestata dalle nostre proteste fin dagli inizi. La bozza di legge abbassava l'età minima per il consenso sessuale da 15 a 12 anni a puntava a disporre una situazione di impunità per i colpevoli di molestie e di stupri attualmente sotto processo nonchè per quelli futuri: una depenalizzazione dei crimini sessuali. Assoluzione per i colpevoli di violenze e di stupri nel caso sposino le bambine di cui hanno abusato; esposizione delle ragazze al rischio di violenze e stupro all'età di 12 anni e la previsione di bambine spose. Il ritiro della legge da un lato è diventato uno degli esempi più consistenti di come noi donne diventiamo libere se resistiamo e dall'altro ha mostrato la politica di stallo dello Stato.
[English] [Türkçe] [Ελληνικά] [Castellano]

imageΤο κράτος είναι βια&... Nov 28 1 of Anarkismo Editorial Group 0 comments

Ο μόνος τρόπος της ύπαρξής μας ενάντια στο κράτος, το οποίο συντηρεί την ύπαρξή του με την καταστροφή της ζωής μας, είναι να οργανωθούμε και να αγωνιστούμε. Ενάντια στο κράτος με τους νόμους του, τις απαγορεύσεις και υποτιθέμενη δικαιοσύνη, με την οποία περιμένουν από εμάς να τους παρακαλέσουμε, αντιστεκόμαστε και γινόμαστε ελεύθερες δημιουργώντας μια νέα ζωή. Καλούμε όλες τις γυναίκες να αγωνίζονται μέχρι να καταστραφούν η πατριαρχία και το κράτος. [English] [Türkçe] [Italiano] [Castellano]

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