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yunanistan / türkiye / kıbrıs / cinsiyet / news report Thursday March 14, 2013 - 04:46 byAnarchist Women   image 1 image
10 Mart Pazar günü Kadıköy’de düzenlenen kadın mitingine Anarşist Kadınlar olarak katıldık. ... read full story / add a comment
north america / mexico / gender / press release Saturday March 09, 2013 - 16:48 byMiami Autonomy & Solidarity   image 1 image
On this International Women’s Day, we stand in solidarity as, and with, the gender oppressed and the many global struggles that centrally challenge the various forms of patriarchy in our lives as part of a broad movement against capitalism, the state and all forms of oppression! ... read full story / add a comment
venezuela / colombia / género / comunicado de prensa Saturday March 09, 2013 - 05:01 byGrupo Libertario Vía Libre   image 1 image
Conmemoremos el 8 de marzo trabajando por una sociedad libre de dominación de género, conmemoremos recordando el pasado, aprendiendo de él y luchando en este presente; siguiendo los legados de la lucha feminista e imaginando nuevas formas de transformar el sistema patriarcal dominante. Seamos mujeres y hombres que se transforman y transforman constantemente sus relaciones y prácticas, seamos conscientes de lo cotidiano y afirmemos desde allí la posibilidad de acabar estructuralmente con el machismo y el sexismo ... read full story / add a comment
venezuela / colombia / género / comunicado de prensa Saturday March 09, 2013 - 00:12 byGrupo Estudiantil Anarquista   image 1 image
En la historia de las luchas por la emancipación femenina, el 8 de marzo, nos trae a la memoria, uno de los momentos más significativos; es la fecha en que las mujeres trabajadoras con su tenacidad y aliento aguerrido, conmemoran y dejan muy claro que ellas no son el sexo débil, reivindicando así su papel activo tanto en los ámbitos públicos, históricamente reservados para los hombres, ciudadanos y propietarios, así como en los ámbitos privados absurdamente reducidos a las tareas del hogar. ... read full story / add a comment
international / gender / press release Friday March 08, 2013 - 22:32 byWorkers Solidarity Alliance   image 1 image
We strive for a society in which one person or group of people do not dominate or exploit another. In such a society there would be no basis for sexual oppression, domination, or class exploitation. We must work to replace the institutions of power, the nation-state, and capitalism with a worldwide system of grassroots empowerment and self-management of all facets of social and economic life. ... read full story / add a comment
iberia / gender / press release Tuesday March 05, 2013 - 22:45 byConfederación General del Trabajo   image 1 image
For years now, the Confederación General del Trabajo (CGT), together with the feminist movements, has been continuing its efforts in this country for recognition of equal rights between women and men. Despite these efforts, which continue those undertaken by our grandmothers, mothers, friends - women's rights as citizens, workers and people continue to be violated to this day. [Castellano] ... read full story / add a comment
iberia / género / comunicado de prensa Tuesday March 05, 2013 - 19:23 byConfederación General del Trabajo   image 1 image
La Confederación General del Trabajo (CGT) manifiesta que, junto a los movimientos feministas, sostiene en este país un esfuerzo desde hace años para que se reconozca la igualdad de derechos entre las mujeres y los hombres. A pesar de este esfuerzo –que continúa el emprendido por abuelas, madres, amigas – al día de hoy se siguen vulnerando derechos como ciudadanas, trabajadoras y personas. [English] ... read full story / add a comment
nordafrica / genero / cronaca Thursday February 21, 2013 - 22:14 byRussian Anarcho-feminists   image 1 image
Le Anarca-femministe si sono presentate il 12 febbraio 2013 davanti all'Ambasciata egiziana a Mosca per esprimere la loro solidarietà con le donne vittime delle aggressioni e delle violenze sessuali che sono avvenute in Egitto durante e dopo la rivoluzione, quando i Fratelli Musulamani sono giunti al potere. [English] ... read full story / add a comment
north africa / gender / news report Tuesday February 19, 2013 - 21:00 byRussian Anarcho-feminists   image 1 image
Anarcha-feminists came today, 12 february 2013, to the embassy of Egypt in Moscow to express solidarity with the victims of sexual assault/violence, that took place throughout Egypt during the revolution and even after the revolution, when the Muslim Brotherhood came to power. [Italiano] ... read full story / add a comment
Lui vota "a favore della vita"
irlanda / gran bretagna / genero / cronaca Wednesday January 23, 2013 - 23:06 byandrew   image 6 images
Sabato a Dublino ha visto un altro disperato tentativo da parte della coalizione "anti-scelta" [ossia contro la scelta della donna di decidere - ndt.] di evitare che il Dáil (la Camera irlandese) introduca legislazione che permetterebbe l'aborto in casi in cui la vita della donna è in pericolo. Nonostante mesi di preparazione, comportando una spesa che deve essere stato vicino a un milione di euro, e nonostante che i parroci, durante la messa in ogni parocchia, abbiano reso obbligatorio la partecipazione a tutti i cattolici, meno di 15.000 si sono presentati alla manifestazione. Rispetto alle 150.000 donne che hanno dovuto viaggiare per ottenere aborti negli ultimi decenni, ciò equivale a quasi nulla, un pugno di fanatici trasportati in autobus da tutto il paese. [English] ... read full story / add a comment
ireland / britain / gender / news report Wednesday January 23, 2013 - 04:18 byandrew   image 6 images
Saturday in Dublin saw another desperate attempt by the anti-choice coalition to prevent legislation coming to the Dail (Irish parliament) to allow abortion where a women's life is under threat. Despite months of preparation, a spend that must have ran close to a million euro, and the parish priest at every mass in the country telling catholics they should attend, less that 15,000 turned up. Compared to the 150,000 women who have had to travel to obtain abortions in the last ecades this amounts to almost nothing, a handful of bigots bussed in from all over the country. [Italiano] ... read full story / add a comment
france / belgique / luxembourg / genre / nouvelles Thursday December 20, 2012 - 19:56 byOdile   image 1 image
La campagne «pour une égalité des salaires entre les femmes et les hommes maintenant» a débuté il y a un an et demi. Un meeting a eu lieu à la bourse du travail de Saint-Denis, le 20 octobre dernier, rassemblant plus de 200 femmes venues de différentes régions de France. ... read full story / add a comment
ireland / britain / gender / news report Wednesday December 19, 2012 - 18:40 byAndrew Flood   image 1 image
This afternoon the government had finally confirmed that it is to legislate for abortion access under the conditions of the X-case. While we can welcome the failure of the anti-choice movement to stop this announcement, despite frantically spending a quarter of a million dollars euro in ten days, this is so little so late that it is almost meaningless. ... read full story / add a comment
indonesia / philippines / australia / gender / press release Wednesday December 05, 2012 - 19:38 byMACG   image 1 image
The Melbourne Anarchist Communist Group supports the clinic defence actions organised by the Campaign for Women's Reproductive Rights.
Keep Up the Clinic Defence Build the Numbers! ... read full story / add a comment
france / belgique / luxembourg / genre / communiqué de presse Tuesday December 04, 2012 - 04:15 byCGA
L’hétérosexualité comme « norme » unique de vie et de rapports entre les individus, norme définie par le système capitaliste et le patriarcat, fonde une des bases du Système de Domination que nous subissons, qui nous opprime toutes et tous… ... read full story / add a comment
ireland / britain / gender / news report Friday November 30, 2012 - 23:59 byandrew   image 1 image
Last night saw hundreds of pro-choice activists blockade the gates of the Dáil after TD's once more refused to pass X-case legislation. Twenty years after the X-case and one month after the death of Savita Halappanavar women in Ireland were told once more that the politicians had not had enough time. The political parties, in particular the Labour Party, were once more engaged in a cynical game of playing politics - a game that leaves pregnant women at continued risk in Irish hospitals. ... read full story / add a comment
france / belgique / luxembourg / genre / communiqué de presse Saturday November 24, 2012 - 18:32 byCoordination des Groupes Anarchistes   image 1 image
Alors que les violences faites aux femmes sont quotidiennes, on peut regretter qu’une seule date soit retenue, depuis 1981, pour n’y concéder qu’un rappel en forme d’anniversaire. Autour du 25 novembre, dans le cadre de « la journée mondiale des violences faites aux femmes », partout où des manifestations et des rassemblements seront appelés à dénoncer les pratiques inhérentes au système de domination masculine, les groupes et liaisons de la Coordination des Groupes Anarchistes se mobiliseront et appellent à se mobiliser... ... read full story / add a comment
france / belgique / luxembourg / genre / communiqué de presse Wednesday November 14, 2012 - 16:38 byRelations Extérieures de la CGA
Pour en finir avec les idées reçues sur le viol !

En France, une femme sur six est victime de viol ou de tentative au cours de sa vie. Il y a 75 0001 viols par an, soit 206 viols chaque jour, selon l’Observatoire national de la délinquance. Le viol n’est pas un fait divers sordide mais un fait de société démontrant la domination que subissent les femmes. ... read full story / add a comment
indonesia / philippines / australia / gender / news report Tuesday October 30, 2012 - 19:45 byMelbourne Anarchist Communist Group   image 1 image
The Melbourne Anarchist Communist Group distributes this message from the Campaign for Women's Reproductive Rights in the spirit of the united front. We support the clinic defence actions of CWRR. ... read full story / add a comment
iberia / género / comunicado de prensa Saturday July 28, 2012 - 00:43 byConfederación General del Trabajo   image 1 image
Ante el anuncio del ministro Gallardón de su intención de reformar la Ley Orgánica 2/2010 de 3 de marzo, de salud sexual y reproductiva y de la interrupción voluntaria del embarazo, la CGT quiere manifestar lo siguiente. ... read full story / add a comment
Employees at the Zarfati Garage in Mishur Adumim vote to strike on July 22, 2014. (Photo courtesy of Ma’an workers union)

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