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italy / switzerland / anarchist movement / press release Saturday November 01, 2014 - 22:26 byFederazione dei Comunisti Anarchici   image 1 image
On Saturday 1 November and Sunday 2 November 2014, the FdCA – Federazione dei Comunisti Anarchici – will hold its 9th National Congress at the Cascina di Cingia commune in Cingia de' Botti, near Cremona.

After a year of debate and pre-congressional seminars dealing with a range of aspects, the FdCA Congress will be approving documents concerning political strategy and general tactics, above all on themes such as the world of labour and union struggles, local movements and struggles and the economic context which has arisen out of the capitalist restructuring over the past 7 years. [Italiano] ... read full story / add a comment
italy / switzerland / anarchist movement / news report Tuesday November 01, 2011 - 02:59 byFederazione dei Comunisti Anarchici   image 1 image
The Federazione dei Comunisti Anarchici (Federation of Anarchist Communists) completes its 25th year of existence, making it the longest-lived anarchist communist political organization in Italy ever. [Italiano] ... read full story / add a comment
italy / switzerland / environment / press release Saturday June 18, 2011 - 16:17 byFederazione dei Comunisti Anarchici   image 1 image
For once it is good to be able to say "We won!", we managed to win the repeal of bits of laws with a clear class bias which, if passed, would have hit us badly with regard to our water, our air, our health, our wallets and our rights. [Italiano] ... read full story / add a comment
italy / switzerland / workplace struggles / press release Friday April 15, 2011 - 16:15 byFederazione dei Comunisti Anarchici   image 1 image
The 79th Council of Delegates of the FdCA held at Fano on 10 April 2011 wishes to make known the text of the concluding motion passed by the "Conference of anarchist communists and libertarians active in the CGIL" which took place in Livorno on 2 April 2011 and where it was decided to set up a network of anarchist and libertarian communist activists within the CGIL, as a way of encouraging debate, improving our analysis and exchaning views and information. [Italiano] [Ελληνικά] ... read full story / add a comment
north africa / imperialism / war / press release Monday March 28, 2011 - 19:24 byFederazione dei Comunisti Anarchici   text 3 comments (last - tuesday march 29, 2011 - 01:22)   image 1 image
The Arab peoples, the Arab proletariat, finally seem to be entering the post-modernist age. After centuries of domination and violence by the Turkish Empire first, then colonialism and finally the dictatorships that lasted throughout the second half of the last century, these peoples, this proletariat, are finally coming out of their solitude and challenging the power that oppresses them and denies them their freedom and dignity in which to live their lives... [Italiano] [Ελληνικά] ... read full story / add a comment
italy / switzerland / migration / racism / press release Wednesday December 22, 2010 - 20:52 byFederazione dei Comunisti Anarchici
We must struggle against all the differences be they religious, ethnic or social. We must establish united struggles against all those who oppose the construction of a society of free and equal men and women; we must build a new society where there are no exploited and no exploiters. [Italiano] ... read full story / add a comment
italy / switzerland / education / press release Monday November 29, 2010 - 20:30 byFederazione dei Comunisti Anarchici   image 1 image
The situation in Italy's universities is somewhat untypical compared with other areas of the public sector, all of whom are in serious difficulty as a result of the crisis and this government's actions. For years now, universities have been seeing their resources and personnel drain away, a decade of reform has weakened the university system in favour of the logic of neo-liberalism and the casualization of researchers and lecturers, to the detriment of education and research. [Italiano] ... read full story / add a comment
italy / switzerland / environment / press release Friday May 21, 2010 - 19:20 byFederazione dei Comunisti Anarchici   image 1 image
The Federazione dei Comunisti Anarchici supports the initiatives in defence of the public ownership of water, including the campaign for a referendum by the Forum Acqua Bene Comune which seeks to repeal three articles from laws concerning the environment, energy and economic development, as well as opposing the obligatory enforcement of EU regulations. [Italiano] [Ελληνικά] ... read full story / add a comment
italy / switzerland / gender / press release Tuesday April 13, 2010 - 18:59 byFederazione dei Comunisti Anarchici   image 1 image
With the Regional elections now over, the political coalitions continue to court the Vatican, offering the Catholic Church a breather from the tragic situation it finds itself in thanks to the scandal of paedophile priests. And given the fact that current policies are geared towards criminalizing foreigners or, in less extreme cases, reducing the numbers of foreigners in the various holding centres - which translates into big business for Catholic bodies - the only ace left up Italian politicians' collective sleeve in their attempt to curry favour with the Pope is to take it out on women. [Italian] ... read full story / add a comment
italy / switzerland / the left / press release Monday April 12, 2010 - 17:41 byFederazione dei Comunisti Anarchici   image 1 image
It doesn't need to stand for elections, be they national, regional or European, itself. It knows it will win anyway. From elections, it expects the State and local government system to be put at its disposal. From coalitions it expects the electorate to be divided by the various programmes and parties on geographical, language, religious, ethical bases (even ideological if necessary), as long as citizens' class interests are hidden from view. [Italiano] ... read full story / add a comment
italy / switzerland / migration / racism / press release Tuesday January 12, 2010 - 18:01 byFederazione dei Comunisti Anarchici
What happened in Rosarno has without doubt come as a slap in the face to all those who believe in and fight for a different world where sides based on race, language and religion face up to each other are just an ugly memory, and to all those who see the unity of all workers, wherever they are from, as the only force able to build a better society of free equals. [Italiano] [Ελληνικά] [Castellano] ... read full story / add a comment
italy / switzerland / education / press release Friday October 30, 2009 - 20:29 byFederazione dei Comunisti Anarchici
Certain right-wing politicans have surprisingly launched the idea of introducing a weekly hour of Muslim religious instruction into the country's public schools, giving rise to a debate based on nothing, given the enormous range and complexity of the changes that would be necessary in order to accord Islam with the same status currently enjoyed by Roman Catholicism. [Italiano] ... read full story / add a comment
italy / switzerland / workplace struggles / press release Wednesday September 16, 2009 - 16:21 byFederazione dei Comunisti Anarchici
Capitalism has turned us into merchandise, buying our labour and transforming our existence into a life that only has value if one has an income, if one works. So when our labour is no longer required because profits can be made elsewhere or in some other way, they take it off us, thus taking value from our lives. Because they know that if we are no longer human merchandise, we are no longer worth anything. [Italiano] ... read full story / add a comment
western asia / community struggles / press release Thursday July 09, 2009 - 14:51 byFederazione dei Comunisti Anarchici
The bloodbath being carried out by the leaders of the islamic republic is crushing the peaceful opposition of the people, putting an end to the myth that Islam-inspired States are different from the West's so-called "secular" States: when the classes in power, be they a secular bourgeoisie or a religious bourgeoisie, are called by the people on the streets to account for their power, their abuse of power, their privileges, their limitations on the freedom of opposition forces, the result is always the same - fierce repression, people being shot, security forces savagely launching themselves on the people to destroy the demonstrators physically, be they workers, women or students. [Italiano] [Ελληνικά] ... read full story / add a comment
international / environment / press release Thursday April 23, 2009 - 16:51 byFederazione dei Comunisti Anarchici   image 1 image
The FdCA is participating in the anti-G8 demonstration in Syracuse on 23rd April. This statement was issued and will be distributed as a leaflet at the demonstration. [italiano] [Ελληνικά] ... read full story / add a comment
greece / turkey / cyprus / repression / prisoners / press release Tuesday December 09, 2008 - 05:24 byFederazione dei Comunisti Anarchici   text 3 comments (last - monday december 22, 2008 - 00:32)   image 1 image
Solidarity with the Greek anarchist movement and with the victims of repression, international solidarity with all social struggles, in Greece and in the rest of Europe! [Italiano] [Castellano] [Ελληνικά] [Français] [Nederlands] [العربية] ... read full story / add a comment
international / imperialism / war / press release Tuesday November 04, 2008 - 17:21 byFederazione dei Comunisti Anarchici   image 1 image
90 years later, let 4 November be a day for repudiating war, for anti-militarism and non-violence between peoples, for ceasefires and the de-militarization of all war zones, for the withdrawal of the Italian army and all armies from fake peace-keeping missions. [Italiano] ... read full story / add a comment
italy / switzerland / community struggles / press release Thursday October 02, 2008 - 17:31 byFederazione dei Comunisti Anarchici
The municipal council of the town of Vicenza has agreed to hold a referendum on 5th October 2008 when citizens will be able to express their opinion on the question. The Federazione dei Comunisti Anarchici supports and call for the participation of everyone in the Vicenza referendum in order to obtain a "Yes" vote. [Italiano] ... read full story / add a comment
italy / switzerland / education / press release Friday September 12, 2008 - 15:12 byFederazione dei Comunisti Anarchici
The Berlusconi cabinet's Executive Order DL.137, issued on 1st September 2008 with the strong support of the education minister, Gelmini, seriously threatens the country's state school system, which risks being replaced with a mere baby-sitting service for infants and a dumping ground for (mis)educating adolescents to become ignorant and flexible for the work market, with the cost of all this being placed firmly in the lap of the country's regional authorities. [Italiano] ... read full story / add a comment
international / repression / prisoners / press release Saturday August 23, 2008 - 12:47 byFederazione dei Comunisti Anarchici   image 1 image
On 23 August 2008, on the occasion of the 81st anniversary of the killing of Sacco and Vanzetti, the Federazione dei Comunisti Anarchici will be participating in a vigil organized by the Associazione Sacco & Vanzetti together with Amnesty International, Nessuno Tocchi Caino and the World Coalition Against The Death Penalty. [Italiano] [Ελληνικά] ... read full story / add a comment

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textPalestine-Israel, the joint struggle in turbulent times of the fragmentation in the Zionist rilling ... 15:22 Sun 22 Mar by Ilan S. 0 comments

The merger between the Zionist leadership and the capitalist elite which started 1948 picked in the Tycoons dominance, at 20010. The "too successful" neo-liberalism was challenged by the social struggle, conflicts within the capitalist elite and threatened by international pressure yielded the diminishing power of the old order when the right lost its absolute power in the parliament depending now on the opponent of the milder Zionist right (Kachlon). It is not sure how fast the retreat in the neo-liberal trend and the defeat of the Tycoons combined with the international pressure will yield also retreat in the advance of the Zionist settler and transfer effort. Mean time the joint struggle continue in Bil'in, Ni'ilin, Nebi Saleh, Kadum, Ma'asarah, Southern Hebron Hills, Sheikh Jarrah, the Bedouins of the south, Dahamsh... with additional locations from time to time.

961629_10153135186282509_1027313244_n.jpg imageIf The Government Is Thirsty For Blood, Then Take It! 21:59 Wed 11 Mar by LAF 0 comments

On the first anniversary of the murder of Berkin Elvan, our comrades opened a pankart on the stairs of Gezi Park, written " Berkin is here".
Our 8 comrades are assaulted, abused and taken into custody, handcuffed from the back.

They poured red paint on the stairs of the Gezi Park, shouting " If the government is thirsty for blood, then take it."
We are going to call the murderers to account!
Berkin is here, we are here!

1.jpg imageEvery Woman is the Fight, Woman on the Fight! 00:23 Wed 11 Mar by Anarchist Women 0 comments

Last year again the lives of women have been stolen by men. Violence
of man at home, oppression of the boss at work, abuse and rape on the
streets, on every single space the women’s body have been scattered…

textPalestine-Israel, The joined struggle in a decisive year* 23:42 Mon 09 Mar by Ilan S. 0 comments

The minimal pressure of the imperial power on Israel to soften its pressures applied to the would be transfered Palestinians of the 1967 occupied areas have its results (more in the west bank than in the Gaza Ghetto). The about 100.000 Palestinians of the occupied territories are employed by Israelis. Most of the roadblocks were removed. The rebellion of the Palestinians in the west bank is channeled mostly through a small minority of activists in the joint and separate week end activities. People are like holding their breath to see if the culminated crisis in the international arena will yield a significant break throw. Mean time, the persistent week end struggles - though in a diminished intensity in Bil'in, Ma'asara, Ni'ilin, Nabi Saleh, Qaddum, South of Hebron Hills, Sheik Jarrah... with sporadic struggles in other locations.

Banner from the action. Photo: Christian Vassdal imageBanner action against Oslo Energy Forum 23:33 Thu 05 Mar by Motmakt 0 comments

Today we, a group of autonomous environmental activists, hung a 40 square metre banner from the Holmenkollen ski jump to protest the Oslo Energy Forum. The forum is being held at Scandic Holmenkollen Hotel, which is located just a couple of hundred metres from the ski jump. There are two primary reasons for why we chose to have our banner action at this location: firstly, because it is a national landmark that lies in close proximity to the place where the forum is held, and secondly, because winter sports like skiing will be something only found in history books if the fossil fuel industry is allowed to continue at its current levels of pollution. [Norsk]

textMeet the new boss: Greek police baton & tear gas migrant demonstration 22:54 Mon 23 Feb by Andrew Flood 0 comments

Saturday police in Greece batoned and tear gassed protesters outside one of the migrant detention camps now being run by Syriza. Militant protests both inside and outside the camp resumed last weekend after the suicide of a Pakistani migrant, Nadim Mohammed who had been held for 18 months, released and then returned to the Amygdaleza camp. The news of the suicide broke on February 14th along with the news that another migrant had killed themselves in Thessaloniki police station.

a.jpg imageOZGECAN ASLAN IS OUR REVOLT 02:55 Mon 16 Feb by ANARSİST KADİNLAR 0 comments

Today was found the burned body of Özgecan who was raped and murdered in Mersin, Tarsus.
Today Özgecan, who was murdered by the driver of the minibus she took, became the revolt all round the region.

textPalestine-Israel, 10 years of the joint struggle in Bil'in against the settlers, the separation fenc... 20:49 Sun 15 Feb by Ilan S. 0 comments

The joint struggle of the villages local popular comities and the Israeli "anarchists against the wall" initiative started about 12 years ago in the Maskha camp. Joint struggles were developed in various villages with various successes but only the struggle of Bil'in persisted for year after year holding high the flag of popular unarmed struggle and became the focus of attention and inspirations for Palestinians of the whole west bank, many thousands of international activists who joined us for short periods (and some for long ones)... spreading the news and the struggle after returning home. Even the few thousand of the Israeli wide spectrum of the radical left been in Bil'in at least once and helped us to prevent the marginalization of the popular Palestinian resistance. On the coming Friday - the 20th of February, we will celebrate our 10 years of contributing to the Palestinian Tsumud (persistence) - the only thing that prevented the Zionist total transfer out of the Palestinians. [Italiano]

textShow your ass to the authorities: call for solidarity with Belarusian anarchists from 25th February ... 20:15 Mon 09 Feb by ABC 0 comments

The forth presidential term of Alexander Lukashenko will expire in 2015. In 21 years Lukashenko has managed to suppress almost all social struggles in the country, kill several political opponents in the 90s, and eradicate nearly all of the official opposition. Lukashenko didn’t allow Belarusian society to transcend the limits of Soviet mentality. Any complaint or criticism of the government are met with repression from the police or the KGB. Any attempts of organizing face with prosecution and hysteria from the state. The policy of the government can be described simply as follows: “Everything that cannot be controlled must be destroyed”. At this moment Belarusian state is slowly but steadily getting to the extermination of any dissent or independent thinking.

manifportoalegre_2.jpg imageDo not be intimidated, do not demobilise! All our solidarity with comrade Vicente! 16:39 Mon 09 Feb by Federação Anarquista Gaúcha 0 comments

Comrade Vicente, like other militants and fighters from other organisations, collectives and ideologies was not the first and will not be the last black and anarchist youth to be sentenced in this racist Brazil. Thousands of black and poor men and women are exterminated and condemned daily by the military police and the racist and bourgeois justice system. It is to them that our militant solidarity is and will be directed alongside every worker with whom we raise our fists. We will not be intimidated and in every street march, picket, strike and occupation we will be shoulder to shoulder with all those who struggle! [Português] [Français]

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textLate contemplations about the Charlie Hebdo massacre Mar 24 by Mazen Kamalmaz 0 comments

The attack on Charlie Hebdo last January was carefully designed to the full benefit of IS, but also to the benefit of the ruling Elite in the advanced capitalist world. It was not intended as punishment for Charlie Hebdo's satiric attitude toward what IS considers as "sacred", but as punishment for millions of Muslims who accepted such an attitude by their silence, especially Muslims who live in France and the west. IS, like everyone else, knew very well that Muslims in Europe and the west will be under heavier pressure after such an attack. IS offered Muslims only one way to defend themselves: to accept its fundamentalist hyper-dogmatic version of Islam and join its ranks - martyrdom and heaven through killing and suicide bombing. The message of IS was clear: freedom of conscience and expression is never a part of Muslims' identity, so it must be declined, denied and fought against. Both IS and the western elite accepted this as a "fact".

imageAn Essay on Collectivist Economics Mar 10 by BrunoL 1 comments

(By: Bruno Lima Rocha)

This essay is the beginning of an attempt to develop a left libertarian approach toward an economic model, specifically to a model which is compatible with the political formations of Democratic Confederalism, also referred to as Libertarian Municipalism. At this stage the goal is the development of a working set of tools of analysis, and foster learning among the Libertarian Left. To this end I submit this relatively simple text to provide accessible notions for those struggling to build a society based on Democratic Confederalism.

imageFlora Tristan: precursor of feminism and proletarian emancipation Mar 08 by Nahuel Valenzuela 0 comments

Flora Célestine Thérèse Henriette Tristán y Moscoso Lesnais (1803-1844) was a French writer of Peruvian descent. Little known in official historiography, probably intentionally forgotten because of the rebellion and desire for freedom that emanates from her writings. Among her works were Peregrinations of a Pariah (1839), Promenades in London (1840) and the booklet The Workers' Union (1843). [Castellano]

imageThe Europe of repression strikes a blow at social protest in Ireland Mar 04 by José Antonio Gutiérrez D. 0 comments

Hundreds of thousands of people in this small country have been protesting against this policy and the government has encountered a campaign of civil disobedience without precedent, in which the majority of the population refuse to pay. [Castellano]

imageKobane’s Second Phase: Resistance and Necessities Mar 04 by KAF 3 comments

After 134 days of fierce resisting and defending. The women, men and their combatants with the support and solidarity from millions of people around the world had finally defeated the vicious attack from ISIS and liberated their town Kobane. This was not just a defeat for ISIS and it’s dream to establish an Islamic Kelifat. But it had also destroyed the ISIS’s ally the current Turkish government’s dream to resurrect a Neu-othman empire.

The attack on Kobane was a proxy war launched by ISIS on behalf of the regional regimes and others against the bravery people in Kobane and the Democratic Self administration (DSA). [Italiano] [Français]

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imageDo not be intimidated, do not demobilise! All our solidarity with comrade Vicente! Feb 09 FAG 0 comments

Comrade Vicente, like other militants and fighters from other organisations, collectives and ideologies was not the first and will not be the last black and anarchist youth to be sentenced in this racist Brazil. Thousands of black and poor men and women are exterminated and condemned daily by the military police and the racist and bourgeois justice system. It is to them that our militant solidarity is and will be directed alongside every worker with whom we raise our fists. We will not be intimidated and in every street march, picket, strike and occupation we will be shoulder to shoulder with all those who struggle! [Português] [Français]

imageAppeal for financial support Jan 28 0 comments

Libertarian Syndicalist Union (ESE Athens) supports and joins in solidarity movements for the Syrian refugees (victims of war) which live in Greece. Apart from their fair request for direct provision of asylum and travel documents, these people have huge needs in terms of accommodation, food, health care, etc. Hundreds of Syrian refugees reside in hotels (as a stopgap solution), not in good conditions , being under the responsibility of the Greek government and Athens' mayor. We can also report that food supplies for the above refugees are οbtained from charities and solidarity movements.

imageFor freedom of speech, against the Sacred Union Jan 14 Alternative Libertaire 0 comments

Alternative libertaire, Mouvement des Objecteurs de Croissance, Nouveau Parti Anticapitaliste, Parti Communiste des Ouvriers de France The slaughter perpetrated atCharlie Hebdo editorial offices has caused a perfectly legitimate wave of indignation and anger, that we share. Our condemnation of this massacre, that aims at wreaking terror and silencing journalists defending freedom of speech, is total.
We condemn with equal determination the murderous antisemitic violence that has been unleashed against a cosher supermarket's customers.

textRegarding the release of prisoners and the re-establishment of diplomatic relations between the Cuba... Dec 23 0 comments

The”normalization” of diplomatic relations between the governments of the USA and Cuba should help eliminate many antiquated impediments imposed by these very same governments upon basic human bonds in both countries. [Castellano]

imageProtest in solidarity with Spanish anarchists Dec 22 Anarkismo 0 comments

On 16 December 2014, Spanish police launched ‘Operation Pandora’. Round-ups, searches, and arrests were carried out at squats in the ‘Casa de la Montaña’ district of Barcelona, at the libertarian San-Andres reading room, the anarchist Poble-Sec reading room, as well as 15 private homes.
Presently, 11 anarchists have been detained incommunicado by the state and accused of belonging to an ‘anarchist terrorist’ organisation (’s-box-17122014).

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