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Linchpin 5 - paper of Common Cause - is online

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This is the August / Sept 2008 issue of the Linchpin paper, published by Common Cause. We publish articles written by our members as well as by others involved in action / movements. We make copies of this paper available in the Ontario communities in which we have a presence, and are always looking to expand. If you'd like to get involved in helping in our distribution efforts, please contact us.
Front cover of Linchpin 5
Front cover of Linchpin 5

Please contact us if you would like to contribute or have any feedback at

Copies are available at a number of locations, including: HAMILTON - The Skydragon Centre, 27 King William St. - OTTAWA - Exile Infoshop, 256 Bank St.; Oneness Grassroots Promotions, 430 Rideau St.; - TORONTO - GlobalAware Infoshop, 19 Kensington Ave.; Toronto Women’s Bookstore, 73 Harbord St.

Consider printing off pages of the PDF file from your computer - read, display, and/or pass on!

PDF of Linchpin issue 5 to download - 620.61 KB -

In this issue
Autoworkers – Nothing to Lose

According to the Canadian Auto Workers union (CAW), the Canadian auto industry including both assembly and parts has lost a total of nearly 30,000 jobs since 2001. If autoworkers do not respond strongly, even radically, to this blatant attack on their livelihoods, it is likely that these trends will continue in both Canada and the USA, writes Mick S.

Residential School Apology: An Anarchist View

Residential schools were a project to spread capitalism. Residential schools were meant to turn Indigenous peoples into settlers and make them workers and peasants for the capitalist system. Harper will never apologize for the real goals of the residential schools, writes Rev.

It's the Stupid Economy

Hard as it is to ignore when people walk away from their homes en masse, cannot manage their debts en masse, cannot afford to heat their homes, or drive their cars en masse – and when whole economies contract around the cost of supplying the fuel necessary to bring the goods to market, it would seem inevitable that tough times are ahead, writes Big B.

Against the State and Capital on the High Seas

Thanks to the work of a rare breed of historians (see below) we now know that the pirates of the 17th and 18th centuries, rather than violent thieves, were in fact rebels against the oppression of the young modern state and of a still-emerging capitalism, writes Marley B.

Practicing Anarchism

There is a widespread belief that anarchism means chaos and disorganization instead of its true meaning: direct democratic control over all aspects of society including the economy, social and economic equality and liberty. However, at least for one night in Hamilton, those 20 or so people who attended Kim Keyser’s talk, “The Prefigurative Organization,” got a glimpse of what anarchism really means, reports Marley B.

Updates on Indigenous Activism

A round-up of key developments in the ongoing struggles of Indigenous people in Ontario.

Hamilton's Anarchist Book Fair and Monthly Discussion Groups

Read a brief report on Common Cause Hamilton's successful Anarchist Book Fair held in June and join us for our monthly anarchist discussion groups.

Toronto Bad Books

If you are in the Toronto area, join Common Cause Toronto's book club held the first Saturday of every month.

Ottawa Anarchist Discussion Group and Fall Conference

Common Cause Ottawa is keeping busy re-starting Ottawa's long running monthly Anarchist Discussion Group and putting together the Organizing for Justice conference for late fall.

You can read the articles at

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