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Italy: Fuck Them All… A report on Vaffanculo day!

category italy / switzerland | community struggles | other libertarian press author Friday September 28, 2007 00:12author by Michael Leonardiauthor email mikeleonardi at hotmail dot com Report this post to the editors

with solidarity for the editorial staff of the Collegian at Colorado State

The controversy surrounding the Fuck Bush! editorial run in the Colorado State University newspaper provides a fitting context for a report on the Vaffanculo (Fuck Off) Day! and movement organized by Italian comedian turned Political Activist Beppe Grillo as it continues to send shockwaves through the corrupt halls of Parliament in Rome.

Fuck Them All…

A report on Vaffanculo day! in Italy with Solidarity for the editorial staff of the collegian at Colorado State

by Michael Leonardi

The controversy surrounding the Fuck Bush! editorial run in the Colorado State University newspaper provides a fitting context for a report on the Vaffanculo (Fuck Off) Day! and movement organized by Italian comedian turned Political Activist Beppe Grillo as it continues to send shockwaves through the corrupt halls of Parliament in Rome. Organized to ban convicted felons from holding office as well as to set two term limits on elected politicians, Vaffanculo Day! met with tremendous success on September 8th and Grillo continues to mobilize a grassroots movement of Italians fed up with their corrupt and ineffective political class. Beppe Grillo organized this action through his blog, one of the most active in the Europe and most popular in Italy, while the mainstream press gave no publicity to the Fuck Off Day! until after it happened. Last week President Georgio Napolitano described Grillo’s and the growing anti-political movement in the Country as dangerous to the stability of the Republic. On Wednesday of last week, Mauro Mazza the director of Tg2 one of Italy’s national television stations, likened Grillo and his followers to terrorists. And now the V- day phenomena is continuing to attract daily media attention.

The government has much to be concerned about. A stagnant economy, ecological crisis, and a corrupt out of control global economy are holding the citizen’s of this country hostage, while those in the governing class stand by and do nothing. The dissatisfaction of most Italians -- 68 percent in the most recent poll -- with both the center left and center right has found an outlet for expression in Beppe Grillo’s political satire and with his development of a democratic mechanism to construct and propose viable alternatives to the political establishment. This while the do nothing politicians continue to wine and dine on the perks paid for by the taxpayers, while mired in corruption and sleazy backroom cronyism. Grillo’s recent jabs at current Prime Minister Romano Prodi were describing him in one word “Valium” and pondering as to whether or not he might have Alzheimers?

Beppe Grillo could be termed a radical populist with a strong anti-capitalist bent. He is an avid environmentalist and proponent of renewable energy; he first gained international recognition for his political activism when he exposed the Parmalat Crack before any elected government officials. He is against America’s terror war and the continued presence of American military bases in Italy. He crusades against the destructiveness of corporate rule. He leads by example, with solar panels on his home and a hybrid car. His blog provides a forum where citizens offer and discuss proposals for solving Italy’s wide range of problems, while addressing the government’s corruption and ineptitude. It was through this blog that V day was organized and it’s also in English Grillo’s comic routines leave people laughing and crying at the same time as he describes in witty detail the enabling of multinational corporations to exploit, plunder and profit by our pathetic and corrupt politicians and governments.

Grillo’s next Vaffanculo day! is going to target the media. In Italy as in the United States the corporate controlled media is complicit in the crimes of our politicians and their corporate puppet masters. As Italy’s center-left and center-right battle for control of the public’s airwaves, the citizens are left more and more in the dark about real issues that effect their lives. The major newspapers like La Reppublica and Corriera Della Serra have become nothing more than rubber stamps for the Prodi’s and Berlusconi’s, much like the New York Times and Wall Street Journal in America.

While the politicians and pundits speak of the danger of the growing anti-political movement and liken the citizens to terrorists, it is we who are suffering from the negligence and complicity of our terrorist governments as they allow and perpetrate the destruction of our natural resources, criminal and genocidal wars, and the poisoning of our air water and land in the name of profit and the growth of the global economy. The students of Colorado State and David McSwane should feel proud at demonstrating their anger toward the terrorist in the White House and know that they have solidarity from across the Atlantic. Their’s should be a model of journalistic integrity in an America where the servile journalists ask permission to ask questions to the assholes who have stolen our democracy. Maybe it’s be time for a Fuck Off Day in America? Or an International Fuck Off Day! It seems that the entire planets governing regimes – with the possible exceptions of Chavez, Morales and Zapatero, deserve a big Fuck Off!

So, with Vaffanculo Day! in Italy and the editorial staff of the Collegian at Colorado State here’s a Fuck Off Bush! Did you really fucking think that you could get away with lying to the American people for the past 8 years? And a follow up, are you really a son of a Bitch or does your mom just act like one on T.V.? Go fuck yourself Cheney! What the fuck is wrong with you, anyway? Fuck you too Kerry you skull and bones prick! Why the fuck did you stand quietly by while Andrew Meyer was tasered by fat ass, too many donut eating cops? And what’s your answer to his questions on why you stood idly by while our so called fucking democracy was stolen for a second time in the last presidential campaign? What the fuck happened in Ohio you cocksucker? You make me Fucking sick Pelosi! Why the fuck don’t you and the rest of your corporate sponsored party put impeachment back on the fucking table? What the fuck are you afraid of Conyers? Fuck you, your corporate backers and your illusions of system supremacy Hillary Clinton! And what about you Bill, you still fucking all over town? Fuck Off Ratzinger, you pedophile protecting slimeball! We’ve had enough of you and your child fucking clergy! Fuck Off Prodi, or at least wake the fuck up! Fuck Off Merkel, you G8 ho! Fuck you and your french fries Sarkozy! Fuck off to the governments that continue to use the death penalty like in Iran! Yeah, that means you too Ahmadinejad, No Fucking Nukes? Fuck off Putin and your Kremlin clowns! Fuck off to the Israeli government with their concentration camp complexes! Fuck off Hamas for playing into the hands of the Israeli wackos with your own wackiness! Fuck off to Stephen Harper in Canada! Fuck you too Gordon Brown! Fuck you John Howard, you ass kissing piece of shit! And one big fuck you to all you Nader hating democrats who have continued to blindly follow a worthless and spineless party of asses as they lead us to absolutely fucking nowhere! Are you ever gonna wake the Fuck up!!!!!

Michael Leonardi is originally from Toledo, Ohio but currently lives in Rome, Italy. He is currently serving on the coordinating committee of US Citizens for Peace and Justice, Roma and can be contacted at Or you can visit palude near at

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