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NewEngland subregional of Northeast Anarchist Network, Oct 13 and 14, Lowell, Ma

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The New England subregional assembly of the Northeast ANarchist Network (NEAN) will be held on October 13th and 14th. Help us in building this Anarchist Network by solidifying our movement in our subregion, connecting our local struggles, and building the skills we need to agitate and organize for an anti-authoritarian and horizontal popular movement for autonomy.

The Northeast Anarchist Network (NEAN), is a horizontal network of anarchist collectives that thus far stretches from Pittsburgh to Maine, and Cape Cod to Syracuse, NY. We have had four founding meetings thus far, the first right here in Boston, one in Amherst, one in Syracuse, and one in New York City. At the last meeting, we solidified Network wide committees, such as outreach, defense, education and media committees, and began to organize for a NEAN contingent at the IMF protests in DC from October 19th-12st (the weekend after our Subregional).
The NEAN, being a regional network, is split up into subregions. The New England subregional assembly of the NEAN will be held on October 13th and 14th. Help us in building this Anarchist Network by solidifying our movement in our subregion, connecting our local struggles, and building the skills we need to agitate and organize for an anti-authoritarian and horizontal popular movement for autonomy.
As our Network's decision-making structure is consensus by the Network's local collectives and organizations, please consider with your local group affiliating with the Network. (See end of message for Points of Unity and contact info)


Day 1:
Focused on networking and developing skills. We will also give a report-back on the process of building the Northeast Anarchist Network. Please bring literature about your organization and a table for our anarchist "org fair." Have skills to share? Let us know! Skillshare list thus far:
Know your Rights (Boston ABC), Street Tactics-focusing on D.C. (BAAM) Research training, and more!
Saturday, October 13th,
119 Gallery
119 Chelmsford Street
Lowell, MA 01851

Day 2:
This is the bulk of the meeting. Talk about projects, local, regional and national! Please send in suggestions for the agenda and proposals ASAP Sunday 10-6...7... whenever we feel like it.
Lowell Telecommunications
246 Market Street
Lowell, MA 01853


Northeast Anarchist Network, Points of Unity:
1. A very clear rejection of capitalism, imperialism, and
2. A rejection of all forms and systems of domination. Embracing the full dignity of all.
3. An attitude of active resistance towards all state, corporate, and other oppressive institutions.
4. A call to direct action, support for emancipatory social movements, advocating for the liberation of all, as well as the construction of local alternatives.
5. An organizational philosophy based on decentralization and autonomy. This network is specifically inclusive of all Anarchist struggles and supports all of them so long as they adhere to these Points of Unity, even though not everyone in the Network might consider a particular struggle a priority. Anarchists must show solidarity with each other's struggles as a principle of revolutionary necessity. In order to embody these values, we see the need for an Anarchist social revolution.


Some things to remember!

I. Getting there

1. You can get to both the 119 gallery as well as LTC easily from the train
a. To 119: Take a left as you are leaving the building, and another left onto Thorndike street. follow Thorndike until you see an underpass (actually a rotary). Go up the hill, staying on the left-hand side of the street. Take yr first left at the top of the hill -- (onto Chelmsford St). Walk down Chelmsford until you see the 119 Gallery on yr right.
b. To LTC: Follow Thorndike, again, going up over the rotary then down again. Thorndike becomes Dutton. Take a right at the Haffner's gas station -- This will be Market St. LTC will be on yr right.

2. Both locations are also easily accessible from the highway. Take 495 to the Lowell Connector, then take the Thorndike St exit (second to last exit on yr right). Directions are pretty much the same as if you were coming from the train station. So i won't bother repeating.

>>Parking is FREE on weekends -- do not feed the meters. At the 119 there is a parking lot as well as street parking. At LTC, you may park in the Visitor's lot (off of Dutton street, take a right at the set of lights before Market St) or just park on Market St.

II. Staying here/eating here

1. If you need a place to stay, or have a place to stay in Boston or Lowell, please contact me (Kimberly). There is space available in Lowell now, we can probably house 25 people or so.

2. TJ's, a vegan pizza place in Boston, will be donating pizzas for the first day. We could use help obtaining/cooking food for Sunday, so definitely get in touch if that's your thing.


I think that's all the information I have for you all right now! Please let me know if i have left anything out, or if you have any clarifying questions/concerns/etc.

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