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Finding Our Roots Anarchist Conference One Week Away

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Finding Our Roots Update!!!
Finding Our Roots: An Anarchist Conference on Theory and Action, and The 7th Annual Chicago Anarchist Film Festival is only ONE week away.
Join us, April 27-29th

Finding Our Roots Update!!!
Finding Our Roots: An Anarchist Conference on Theory and Action, and The 7th Annual Chicago Anarchist Film Festival is only ONE week away.
Join us, April 27-29th

Loyola University Chicago
Quinlan Life Sciences Building
6525 N. Sheridan Rd. [this is the main campus address]
Chicago, IL 60626
Northwest corner of Sheridan and Kenmore

For further updates, ride information, workshop descriptions, resources, presenter bios, and other Chicago Anarchist projects: check out or

Pre-register- Please send your name, how many people, organization, housing, childcare, or other needs. We will have child care and housing available.

For Main speakers we are pleased to announce:

Saturday: Neala Schleuning: Whatever Happened to Anarchist Theory? Babies, Bathwater, and Big Ideas.

Sunday: Cindy Milstein: The “New” Anarchism

Conference Schedule:

Registration at New world Resource center: 1300 N. Western

Picnic in the Park:
Join us for an evening of soap boxing, games, and food at bughouse square.
Here speeches from Emma Goldman, Lucy Parsons, Durruti, and more!!! Check for updates online. We will have maps of historical labor/radical locations available online for those who want to visit different locations before the conference.

Location: 901 N Clark
Time: 6:30-9:00

Bughouse Square (from “bughouse,” slang for mental health facility) is the popular name of Chicago's Washington Square Park, where orators (“soapboxers”) held forth on warm-weather evenings from the 1910s through the mid-1960s. Located across Walton Street from the Newberry Library, Bughouse Square was the most celebrated outdoor free-speech center in the nation and a popular Chicago tourist attraction.
In its heyday during the 1920s and 1930s, poets, religionists, and cranks addressed the crowds, but the mainstays were soapboxers from the revolutionary left, especially from the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), Proletarian Party, Revolutionary Workers' League, and more ephemeral groups. Many speakers became legendary, including anarchist Lucy Parsons, “clap doctor” Ben Reitman, labor-wars veteran John Loughman, socialist Frank Midney, feminist-Marxist Martha Biegler, Frederick Wilkesbarr (“The Sirfessor”), Herbert Shaw (the “Cosmic Kid”), the Sheridan twins (Jack and Jimmy), and one-armed “Cholly” Wendorf.


Sat. 10am
Room 212 Brief Intro to Anarchism
Room 312 (Guerrilla Workshop)
Room 412 (Guerrilla Workshop)
Sat. 11am
Room 212 The Need to Move Past Rights-Based Theory
Room 312 The Green Scare and Security Culture
Room 412 Surrealist Women, God & the State
Sat. noon Lunch!
Food and speaker provided by Rogers Park Food Not Bombs
Sat. 1pm
Room 212 The Horizontalist Moment
Room 312 Introduction to Social Ecology, the theories of Murray Bookchin
Room 412 Basic Bakunin
Sat. 2pm
Room 212 Anarcho-Transhumanism
Room 312 (Guerrilla Workshop)
Room 412 Radical Affinities
Sat. 3pm
Room 212 Challenges to Capitalism, Challenges for the Left
Room 312 (Guerrilla Workshop)
Room 412 Rockin’ With Kropotkin
Sat. 4pm
Room 212 Emma Goldman In Our Time
Room 312 Anarchism and Workplace Organizing
Room 412 Prison Abolition
Sat 5pm Keynote Speaker: Neala Schleuning
Whatever Happened to Anarchist Theory? Babies, Bathwater, and Big Ideas
Sat. 7:30pm-10:30pm Film Fest
Sat. 9pm-3am Kinetic Club Night
@ Spot 6, 3343 N. Clark, 9pm-3am, 21+, $3 (conference fundraiser)

Sun. 10am
Room 212 Liberation Technology: GNU/Linux
Room 412 Free-Market Anti-Capitalism: Individualist Anarchism
Auditorium (Guerrilla Workshop)
Sun. 11am
Room 212 The Current Condition of the US
Room 412 Revolutionaries Who Tried To Think: STO
Auditorium Haymarket
Sun. noon Lunch!
Sun. 1pm
Room 212 The Jewish Anarchist Tradition
Room 412 Anarchist Theory of Animal Liberation
Auditorium (Social Ecology Workshop)
Sun. 2pm
Room 212 Abolition of Work
Room 412 What Anarchists Can Learn from Marxist Theories
Auditorium (Guerrilla Workshop)
Sun. 3pm
Room 212 Rethinking Guy Debord and the Society of the Spectacle
Room 412 St. Louis Anarchist History
Auditorium Post Colonial Anarchism
Sun. 4pm
Room 212 The Spanish Civil War
Room 412 Insurrectionary Communism
Auditorium (Guerrilla Workshop)
Sun. 5pm Keynote Speaker: Cindy Milstein
The “New” Anarchism
Sun. 7:30pm-10:30pm Film Fest
The 7th Annual Chicago Anarchist Film Festival is pleased to present this year’s line-up:

And then I thought that, one day, maybe, there'd be a human society in a world which is beautiful, a society which wasn't just disgust.--Kathy Acker, Empire of the Senseless

(Todd Snider, 3’51”) Musical artist Todd Snider of Austin, Texas exposes the bully in the White House.

PROJECT PILSEN (Fernando Olszanski, 2007, 4’11”.) Fernando Olszanski works with the Chicago-based, Spanish-language periodical ContraTiempo. His contribution is a rockin-short on the gentrification in process in Pilsen. He was born in Buenos Aries, Argentina. Chicago Premier!

THE MORE THINGS STAY THE SAME (Marc Moscato, 2007.) Over sixty-five years ago lived local hobo-doctor celebrity Dr. Ben Reitman. He gained more fame as lover and press agent to Emma Goldman- possibly the most famous anarchist ever! This documentary gives details on the daily life of Ben, his involvement with the Dil Pickle Club and features interviews with his daughters as to the nature of his relationship with Emma. Marc is not a self-proclaimed anarchist, but likes a lot of the ideas. He lives in Portland and was inspired to make this film after reading Boxcar Bertha.

THE VERY MODEL OF A MODERN LABOUR MINISTER (Claire Civil Will Flash For Cash, 3m) A dancing dog does a Gilbert and Sullivan parody about national identity cards in the UK.

WHAT BARRY SAYS (Simon Robson, 2004, 2m.) An animated explanation of the United States led neo-capitalist, “free-trade” global war.

DURRUTI: EN LA REVOLUCIÓN ESPAÑOLA (Joel Sucher and Steven Fischler, Pacific Street Films, 90m) Another archival piece from the producers of Anarchism In America- shown at CAFF in 2006 and Free Voices of Labor: The Jewish Anarchists shown in 2003. This movie is a most excellent aperitif to the Finding Our Roots anarchist theory conference, happening the same weekend. Cheers!

SUNDAY, APRIL 29, 2007
Anarchism meant that to me, and I would live it in spite of the whole world--prisons, persecution, everything. Yes, even in spite of the condemnation of my own comrades I would live my beautiful ideal.-- Emma Goldman, Living My Life

LOOKING FOR A JOB (Todd Snider, 2006) What to do with a no-end job.

GENDER PLAY (Philipe Lonestar, 2005, 9’50”) a spirited compilation on what gender and sexuality mean to those who challenge it’s social constructs.

HAPPINESS TENDS TO INFINITY (Yinka Selley, Broad Horizons, 3m) Einstein would like this video.

LAND RAIN AND FIRE: REPORT FROM OAXACA (Tami Gold and Gerardo Renique, 2006, 28m.) Informative documentary building the connection between the teachers strike of Seccion 22 to the rise of APPO (Asamblea Popular de los Pueblos de Oaxaca) includes commentary on the death of Brad Will. The filmmakers are based out of NYC and are currently raising money for the families of those who were killed or are now in prison. This is a Chicago Premier!

GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICH (Jonathan Culp, Satan Macnuggit Popular Arts, 2006, 90m.) A hilarious fictional drama, about dead-end living in a dead end town, free food and rebellion. Jonathan Culp is from the north end of la frontera (Canada, eh…) and this is his second film to be screened at CAFF. The first was OCAP Strikes Back in 2003. Check out:

Please see our Finding Our Roots website for more information

All films will take place on the first floor of the Quinlan Life Sciences Building at Loyola University Chicago
Quinlan Life Sciences Building
6525 N. Sheridan Rd. [this is the main campus address]
Chicago, IL 60626
It's on the northwest corner of Sheridan and Kenmore.

Film Fest Raffle
Please purchase raffle tickets — it helps us offset the costs of the festival. We will be holding the raffle prize drawing during the film festival.
1 ticket: $2
3 tickets: $5
Need tickets? Email
So far, we have received raffle prizes from these awesome sponsors:
• Handlebar – a restaurant gift certificate
• Uptown Bikes — a set of lights
• In These Times magazine — one year subscription
• Karen — acupuncture session
• On-the-Fly Farms — box of organic veggies
• Quimby’s Bookstore — $15 gift certificate
• Touch and Go Records — assorted cds.
• Reckless Records — gift certificate
• Facets Cinema — pair of tickets
• FanPro — Shadowrun roleplaying game book
• Myopic Books — tba
• Quenchers — 20 assorted beers
• Early to Bed — tba
• Bleeding Heart Bakery — $20 gift certificate
• Southern Records — Best Before by Crass and other assorted CDs
• Anonymous Donor — 1970 edition IWW songbook
• More to come!

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Fri 28 Apr, 06:39

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We hope in the future you too can contribute to the content of the shows by listening, calling in, and telling us what is going on in your community, events, struggles, celebrations, calls for solidarity, etc. Claro, our show is multilingual whenever possible =)
We are working on podcasting and/or setting a permanent file elsewhere for wider access.
Tune in!

Amor y Acracia!

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submit! between now and April 1st, 2009

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