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Report and Pictures from the Dublin Anarchist Bookfair

category ireland / britain | anarchist movement | news report author lunedì marzo 05, 2007 20:15author by J.Carax - WSM - personal capacity Segnalare questo messaggio alla redazione

Saturday March 3rd saw Dublin's Second Anarchist Bookfair was extremely well attended and proved to be a huge success.

Comrades from Cork, Belfast, Wexford, Mayo and other parts of the country travelled down for the bookfair. Further a field; anarchists from Wales, England, Scotland and mainland Europe made the trip over. The most interesting and largest foreign contingent was international anarchists currently living in Ireland - Polish, Czech, Italian, French and Spanish activists were all in attendance.

The bookfair saw over 20 stalls, ranging from Dublin groups like Seomra Spraoi, Revolt Video, RAG and Anti - Fascist Action to groups based outside Dublin such as Barracka Books, the Rossport Solidarity Camp/Shell to Sea, Just Books and Organise! Selling everything from books, pamphlets, CDs, DVDs, t-shirts and patches.

For the first time, we had the opportunity to host British Anarchist organisations, namely Class War UK, the Anarchist Federation and Libcom. Plus, non - explicit Anarchist groups specifically Red Banner, the Irish Socialist Network, Eirigi and Oxfam.

The day saw over 13 well-attended discussions. Larry Wheelock spoke passionately on his brother Terence's death in Garda Custody, John Mongahan on the ongoing battle in North West Mayo against Shell and a particularly thought-provoking debate between members of the WSM, the ISN and Eirigi on 'what sort of Ireland we want?' were just some examples of yesterday’s discussions.

Afterwards, attendees made there way to the Hop House in Parnell Street for a post - bookfair gig and social.

Overall, Friday's film screenings and Saturday's bookfair and get-together both turned out to be an exceptional success for the Workers Solidarity Movement and Ireland's Libertarian/Anarchist Movement.

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RAG stall
RAG stall




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