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"Abolishing the Borders from Below" #27 (December 2006) is out !

category elsewhere | anarchist movement | other libertarian press author Monday December 18, 2006 18:46author by Abolishing the Borders from Belowauthor email abolishingbb at riseup dot net Report this post to the editors

The new edition of „Abolishing the Borders from Below“ an anarchist journal from Eastern Europe is out since the beginning of December.

„ABOLISHING THE BORDERS FROM BELOW“ #27 (December 2006) is out !

The new edition of „Abolishing the Borders from Below“ an anarchist journal from Eastern Europe is out since the beginning of December. ABB#27 brings this time „Education and up-bringing“ as a main theme - texts, analyses, historical retrospections on state-communist aproaches, presentation of contemporary alternatives projects and anarchist student networks, aa well as the interviews, all in context of the education, written by various east european anarchists. Among them:

* „The most you learn, you learn aside from school“ - on education in Poland
* „A short survey over education in Romania“
* „The education system and segregation - at times forced assimilation – in Slovakia“
* „System of education discrimination in Ukraine“
* „Polish school system – the revival of a hierarchical institution“
* Interview with Students' Initiative network from Warsaw
* „Anarchist education activities in Czechia“
* „Alternative educational projects in Warsaw“
* „Special education in Romania“
* „About the school-leavers exam in Poland“

In the issue can be found of course many other interesting reports and articles on social struggles and anarchist organizing around Eastern Europe, such like:

* „CONNECTIONS – some comments to the riots in Hungary“ by the Barrikade Collective
* „All of a sudden ... anarchism spreads rapidly through Estonia!“ / PUNA MUST network
* „Conflict between locals and Rromas in Slovenia“
* „Anarchists supporting the mail carriers strike all around Poland“
* „One year after fascist assassination of TIMUR KACHARAVA“ - interview on the current situation on the streets of St. Petersburg
* „We will rock you“ - weekend of music and protest in Czech Republic
* Reports from antifascist resistance in Russia, Romania and Poland
* Invitation to international anti-G8 meeting in Warsaw (9-11.2.2007)
* „Food Not Bombs in Bucharest“ by Initiativa Libertara
* and much more stories ...

This edition closes the fifth year of activity of the „Abolishing the Borders from Below“ as anarchist collective and as a publication. So check if it is still a project needed by the anarchist movement. If you believe it is, please support it by spreading around and by sending benefits to the collective from time to time – the journal hardly works for itself.

„AbolishingBB“ is available in anarchist/libertarian bookstores, info-shops, distributions, libraries and bars around the globe.

If you want to start distribution in your region, write the ABB-collective under:

If you want to contact the editorial crew in any other terms, write under:

Journal is free to the prisoners (of all kind of prisons including the refuge-camps) if only the interest will be announced and contact established. In this specific issue contact the group under:

„If education supposes to be a key to the doors of life, then we propose or to encourage everyone to shape its own pick-lock or to get together and smash the doors to make it sure nobody will be left outside“


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