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Israel, Direct action near the border of Gaza Strip

category mashriq / arabia / iraq | imperialism / war | news report author Sunday November 19, 2006 02:29author by Ilan S. - AATWauthor address Tel Aviv Report this post to the editors

It happened when the Zionist leftist peace now (who refused to join the previous Saturday more radical left demonstration against the massacre in Beit Hanun) had their demonstration and at Erez road block. 25 activists organized by the anarchists against the wall initiative traveled to the region bordering the Gaza strip. When the boring speeches started at the peace now not far away demonstration, we entered a compound of army tools of war - about 50 heavily armored soldiers carriers and 5 D9s (of the model that crashed to death Rachel Cury). We climbed on two of the carriers and placed around pictures, banners, and other materials representing massacred people. The soldiers on guard there tried to make us go away but we just ignored their commands. Police officers who came there just asked to see our ID cards, but surprisingly did noting more.

After two hours of pressing our point to the state forces and to the media workers who came to document our action, we called it a day and returned to Tel Aviv.

When we came home we could see that the internet sites of the daily papers already reported about our activity - even included our pictures:

Activists seize IDF tanks in Gaza in protest at army 'war machine' Anarchists Against the Fence strew dummies to symbolize body parts in demonstration between crossings. Soldiers in the area were caught unawares as the activists scattered dummies to symbolize body parts.

The activists said their intention was to "stop the war machine, as citizens in whose name the army operates."

At the main news program of the third TV channel 10, a video clip of our
demonstration was included.

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