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Immigration and Racism in Ireland

category ireland / britain | migration / racism | news report author Tuesday October 10, 2006 20:39author by J. Carax - Anarchist Youthauthor email anarchistyouth at riseup dot net Report this post to the editors

Youth Perspective

In the last fifteen to twenty years, two new phenomena have finally reached Ireland –Immigration and alongside it - Racism. This is not to say that we Irish never had our prejudices before the ‘blacks’ arrived, back then we were quite happy directing our bigotry and ignorance towards travellers, gays, Jews and Protestants.

AY Banner at Afghan hunger strike
AY Banner at Afghan hunger strike

This all changed in the early 1990s, when Ireland experienced a major economic boost, wages increased, more jobs were created… the so called Celtic Tiger had arrived. With this development, immigration figures into Ireland rose, young men and women from poor or developing economies looked to Ireland as a chance for a decent job and a better life; much as we looked to England and the U.S.A and countless other countries when in the 1840s, 1950s and 1980s we in our hundreds of thousands went all over the world looking for employment. It is ironic and sad that some people not only do not realise this, others completely ignore it and still have this uneducated view that immigrants are ‘coming over here and taking our jobs’.

Asylum Seekers and Refugees, though being some of the most vulnerable and defenceless members of our society, are more discriminated and lied about than any other. The urban myths of asylum seekers getting free houses, cars and mobile phones are still alive and well. The facts are asylum seekers in Ireland are not allowed to work, do not receive social welfare and do not receive special treatment in the health system.

It will come to no ones surprise that with the rise of racism in Ireland, anti-immigrant groups and political parties have also developed. The Immigration Control Platform (ICP), managed to field two candidates in the last General Election, one in Dublin South Central and the other in Cork South Central, each receiving 926 (2.1%) and 371 (0.7%) votes respectively. Though obviously an extremely poor result by anyone’s standard, the reality is over 1,300 people voted for an openly racist and anti-immigrant political party, a scary thought. Though the ICP is the most well known group, a number of smaller non-parliamentary organisations have come and gone over the last few years - the imaginary Celtic Legion, the one man and his dog outfit the Irish People’s Party, the Limerick based/USA backed NSRUS and the anti choice, catholic nationalist Justin Barrett and his little bunch of followers.

The latest kids on the block, The Celtic Wolves, a tiny group of neo Nazi skinheads were humiliated last June. After a year or two of stickering and having camp outs in the mountains, information gathered led a meeting of theirs to be severely disrupted, pictures taken and the four scared skinheads openly displaying neo Nazi pins and t-shirts being chased up and down O’Connell Street in Dublin.

Nevertheless, anti-fascists and anti-racists will have their work cut out for them in the years ahead as fascist groups try to capitalize on the increasing levels of immigration and the consequent growth of racism in Ireland. Racist graffiti and stickers are more visible in our cities and towns. We saw the brutal reality of racism on the streets at St. Patrick’s Cathedral during the Afghanis’ hunger strike. There is the growing and scary new threat of an extreme nationalist right-wing movement comprising Youth Defence, Ancient Order of Hibernians and disillusioned traditional catholic republicans.

Thankfully with such well organised groups as Residents Against Racism who work with immigrants and oppose state racism and Anti Fascist Action, (who ‘both physically and ideology confront fascism’ and have a strong working class perspective) the threat to Ireland of a fascist coup or experiencing the same horrible fate in the North where racist attacks on immigrants occurs almost daily, is still far from a reality.

As Adolf Hitler said himself ‘‘only one thing could have stopped our movement – if in the days when we were small and weak, our opponents had understood our aims and intentions, and smashed us with the utmost determination’’. Our duty as anarchists is to confront racist beliefs and ideas, while on the other hand, physically oppose fascist groups organising and recruiting in our schools, our workplace and in our communities. We have to learn from history.

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Mon 31 Aug, 14:46

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The Irish government is currently trying to deport women and children under the threat of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), which frequently results in death. Asylum in Ireland can be sought on grounds of religious or political persecution. However the government refuse to acknowlege FGM as a political act and therefore women and children cannot apply for asylum on the basis they have suffered or will suffer FGM if deported.

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Over the last couple of days we have witnessed massive media hysteria about the case of Maria, a young girl supposedly abducted by a Roma couple in Greece. DNA tests and Lombroso-style racial profiling have come into action in a case that has stirred the irrational anxiety that feeds racism and bigotry. Beyond the fact that child abduction is a serious issue, the "whiteness" and "blondeness" of the alleged victim have been emphasised together with the "Roma" condition of the alleged culprits. Let us remember that this is taking place in Greece, a country where blatant racism (as expressed by Golden Dawn) is on the rise, so there are good reasons to be cautious about this whole case.

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In Ireland institutional racism has evolved to come fitted as standard. At the same time the State dithers about making the decision on whether or not to grant Travellers ethnic status. As the Stephen Lawrence family lawyer, Imran Khan stated – when you write laws of the land specifically for a people – it is a sure sign that you recognise them as a specific group when you bring in laws that pertain only to them. So, in Ireland, are Travellers specifically targeted in the Anti-Trespass Act brought in 2002 and Section 24 of the Criminal Justice Act (1994).

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Dale Farm is a halting site  which is also the largest concentration of Irish Travellers in Britain, being home to over 1000 people (about 100 families), many of whom are said to have their cultural roots in Rathkeale in Limerick.  It was started in the 1960s when a number of families bought the former scrapyard site and Basildon council granted planning permission for 40 houses. This happened in the context of broad progress in race relations and a brief breeze of relative official tolerance for Travellers, epitomised in  the liberal-sponsored 1968 Caravan Sites Act.  Basildon Council have put aside an £18 million budget to bulldoze the site and forcefully evict the families (a staggering figure when you consider that in 2010 the total UK budget for providing Travellers with halting facilities was less than 30 million). [Français]

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Local members of the WSM have removed racist slogans which had been painted along the canal.

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