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Israel, North, direct action against the war in Lebanon

category mashriq / arabia / iraq | imperialism / war | news report author Tuesday August 08, 2006 23:26author by Ilan Shalif - AATW Report this post to the editors

Antiauthoritarian anticapitalist direct action initiative* made its point to day. It was mentioned by the main radio news channel, it was also in electronic media. Pictures from Direct action against the war, Ramat David Israeli Air Forces base, 8/8/06, Israel at - Hebrew article at and also,7340,L-3288042,00.html as translated below: PROTEST - Jonathan Polak: "This is a war of choice"...

Antiauthoritarian anticapitalist direct action initiative* made its point to day. It was mentioned by the main radio news channel, it was also in electronic media. Pictures from Direct action against the war, Ramat David Israeli Air Forces base, 8/8/06, Israel at - Hebrew article at and also,7340,L-3288042,00.html as translated below: PROTEST - Jonathan Polak: "This is a war of choice"...
12 activists of the left were arrested in demonstration in front of the air force base. About 25 activists stood this morning (Tuesday) in front the Ramat David base carrying placards on which was written: "stop killing of civilians", "stop the war crimes". They called for immediate cease fire and releasing all the prisoners and war prisoners.

They were confronted by police and 12 were arrested. Hagay Matar: "from this base fly daily pilots who murder innocent citizens. Instead of arresting the war criminals, the police decided to transform us to criminals" [Hagai with 4 others were sentenced to more than two years in prison and served it till about a year ago for refusing to serve the mandatory 3 years of in the Israeli army nearly all 18 years olds are subject to.]

The demonstration was without permit, and police force who came from the near by town Migdal Haemek police station arrested 12 of the demonstrators who confronted them on the suspicion of disturbing the public order, obstructing traffic, and unlawful demonstration.

One of the arrested demonstration - Jonathan Polak, who was arrested too during that activity told YNET that the the demo near the air force base is because: "this base is responsible for war crimes - airplanes that take of this base drop bombs on civilians." He added "according to law we must stop these war crime - otherwise we will be regarded as accomplices to these crimes". He added that the war in Lebanon is a war of choice that must be stopped. "This is a war of choice that have no connection to the kidnapped soldiers or the efforts to release them' this war is part of the efforts to redesign the middle East.

Hagai Matar, activist of the comity against war crimes who demonstrated too, said: "We came to block the war crimes initiated daily from this place by pilots who murder innocent citizens and destroy infrastructure. We totally object to inflicting harm to citizens of both sides. The Israeli army go to war that also harm us - the Israeli society". About the arrest Matar said: " we lied down on the road and blocked the entrance to the base. When the police came we told them to arrest the war criminals, but they chose to transform us to criminals and arrested us". The police informed that the suspects will be interrogated and will be brought to court for extension of the arrest period.
* Haarez daily on-line report that in this action were
about 40 activists and is action of the Israeli Anarchists
Against The Wall initiative.

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author by Nestor - FdCA-pers.capacitypublication date Wed Aug 09, 2006 01:52Report this post to the editors

Without wishing to criticise or take away from the action in any way, since when has a plain and simple protest or demonstration become a "direct action". Surely this use of the expression only demeans and hides its original sense. Or are we destined to lose this term as well as the many others we have been forced to drop throughout the decades (party, vanguard, communist, power...)?

author by Manuel Baptista - «Lua Social»publication date Wed Aug 09, 2006 18:18Report this post to the editors

Portuguese version:

[Translators note: In my view direct action is an appropriate designation for this because it is in agreement with the concept. Not done through representatives, but my the people themselves.
It was an act of disobedience and they new that it would end up in arrests. In our point of view it was not illegal, but in the point of view of the police it was. ]

author by Manuel Baptista (tradução) - «Luta Social»publication date Wed Aug 09, 2006 19:13Report this post to the editors

Veja aqui as fotos:

Acção directa de protesto
- Jonathan Polak: "Isto é uma guerra deliberada"

12 activistas foram presos na manifestção em frente da base da força aérea.

Cerca de 25 activistas colocaram-se na Terça (8 de Agosto) frente à base de Ramat David com dísticos onde estava escrito: "parem de matar civis", "parem os crimes de guerra". Apelaram para cessar-fogo imediato e para a libertação de todos os prisioneiros de guerra.
A polícia veio e prendeu 12 activistas. Hagay Matar: "a partir desta base voam diariamente pilotos que assassinam civis inocentes. Em vez de prender os criminosos de guerra a polícia decidiu nos transformar em criminosos, a nós, que protestamos." [Hagai e outros 4 foram sentenciados a mais de
dois anos de prisão e cumpriam penas até há um ano atrás por recusarem servir os 3 anos de serviço obrigatório no exército de Israel, a que os maiores de 18 anos quase todos estão sujeitos]

A manifestação não possuía autorização e a polícia prendeu os 12 com acusação de perturbação da ordem pública, obstruir o tráfego e manifestação ilegal.
Um dos que foram presos, Jonathan Polak, disse à YNET que esta manif. junto da base aérea era porque: "esta base é responsável por crimes de guerra - aviões que descolam desta base deitam bombas sobre civis". Ele
acrescentou: "de acordo com a lei devemos parar este crime de guerra, senão seremos considerados cúmplices deste"
Ele também declarou que a guerra no Líbano é uma guerra deliberada que
tem de ser parada. "Isto é uma guerra deliberada que não tem conexão com o
rapto dos dois soldados ou com esforços para os libertar; esta guerra é parte dos esforços para redesenhar o Médio Oriente".

Hagai Matar, activista do comité contra os crimes de guerra disse:
"Viemos para bloquear os crimes de guerra cometidos quotidianamente a partir deste local pelos pilotos que assassinam civis inocentes e destroem as infra-estruturas. Nós somos totalmente contra se cause danos aos civis de ambos os lados. O exército de Israel vai para uma guerra que também nos está a causar dano - à sociedade israelita." Matar explicou em relação às prisões: "deitámo-nos sobre a estrada, bloqueando a entrada da base.
Quando a polícia veio dissémos para prenderem os criminosos de guerra,
mas eles escolheram transformar-nos em criminosos e prenderam-nos"
A polícia informou que eles seriam mantidos presos até serem ouvidos
por um juiz.
[tradução para português M.B.]

author by Ilan S. - AATWpublication date Wed Aug 09, 2006 19:50Report this post to the editors

Demonstration is one thing.
Vigil is another.
Blocking road to an airfield by lying down on it seems to me to be a direct action. (according to another media report, the action was organized by the Anarchists Against The Wall, and the road was blocked for 20 to 30 minutes.

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The 6 days of actions to commemorate the atrocities of the 40 years of Israeli occupation from the 1967 war started in Tel Aviv this afternoon, after an appetizer in the form of nightly hanging of placards during the last few weeks.

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On Monday 20th November 2006 at the Istituto Tecnico-Commerciale Battisti in Fano, eastern Italy, with Lior Volinytz, a 19-year-old Israeli refusnik and activist in the Anarchists Against the Wall initiative.

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It happened when the Zionist leftist peace now (who refused to join the previous Saturday more radical left demonstration against the massacre in Beit Hanun) had their demonstration and at Erez road block. 25 activists organized by the anarchists against the wall initiative traveled to the region bordering the Gaza strip. When the boring speeches started at the peace now not far away demonstration, we entered a compound of army tools of war - about 50 heavily armored soldiers carriers and 5 D9s (of the model that crashed to death Rachel Cury). We climbed on two of the carriers and placed around pictures, banners, and other materials representing massacred people. The soldiers on guard there tried to make us go away but we just ignored their commands. Police officers who came there just asked to see our ID cards, but surprisingly did noting more.

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This article is about retaking the city of Mosul that has been under control of Isis since 09/06/2014. At the moment the Iraqi government is in talk with KRG and US forces about making plan to liberate it. In my opinion this will be one of the bloodiest battle that could happen in Iraq since 2003 after the invasion. I believe there is a hidden agenda, when Isis is defeated, it will try to run away. The liberator forces may push them to withdraw towards Jazeea in Rojava. So it is necessary for YPG/J and the Guerrillas to change their tactic.

imageNATO against the Kurds: The battle for A’zaz Feb 24 by José Antonio Gutiérrez D. 5 comments

NATO, represented by the Turkish State, for the last two days has been bombing the Kurdish militias of the YPG that had advanced to the north of Aleppo towards the cities of A'zaz and Such Rifaat. The bombings, which have killed at least 23 civilians, are concentrated around the military airbase of Menagh, conquered in 2013 by a coalition of “rebels”, including Al - Qaeda (Al- Nusra Front) and others that later would end up as the Islamic State. That is a key point to supply the “rebellion,” which serves the petro-theocracy and the interests of the USA and the EU. Ahmet Davutoğlu said that he has informed the vice-president of the USA Joe Biden about the bombings. Although Biden has not publicly approved Turkey’s military intervention, he has neither condemned it nor taken any action to restrain the Turkish State, which would never act without the absolute certainty that the U.S. would end up supporting them. [Castellano] [Català] [Italiano]

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The attack on Kobane was a proxy war launched by ISIS on behalf of the regional regimes and others against the bravery people in Kobane and the Democratic Self administration (DSA). [Italiano] [Français]

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Leaflet distributed today at a rally and march in Melbourne in solidarity to the Kurdish struggle.

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For some years now the Kurdish movement has been moving in the direction of libertarian ideas. While not an anarchist movement, this move is a sign that anarchist ideas of freedom and equality through solidarity, our ideas of horizontality and radical direct democracy and our radical critique against the State are not only valid and strong, but are also necessary for movements in order to break away from the authoritarian legacy within the left. It is our duty to express our solidarity with Rojava and the Kurdish movement, because they represent hope in this region and because they are the oppressed fighting the oppressors. Real struggles are never perfect but they carry diverse degrees of potential to being about a free society. Expressing our solidarity with the revolutionary movement in Rojava means we understand our role is to continue developing the core tenets of our ideas in order to inspire revolutions and revolutionaries all over the world. - Editorial Group [Italiano] [Ελληνικά] [Castellano] [Français]

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In Kurdistan, people are fighting against ISIS, “the procreated violence” given birth by capitalism and the states that start wars for their own benefits. ISIS, subcontractor of the states that pursue income strategies on the region, is attacking people while yelling “islamic state!” and “holy war, jihad!”. People are suffering from hunger and thirst, getting ill, getting injured; migrating ad dying. They are still fighting in that struggle for existence. People are fighting not for the schemes and strategies around meeting tables, not for income, but for their freedom.

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The Iraq crisis has been continued for decades while it has been under the power of Saddam Hussein or under the “current democratic Regime” since the invasion of 2003. There were no freedom, no social justice; no equality and also little opportunity for those who were independent from the political parties who were in power. In addition to existing brutality and discrimination against women and the ordinary people a very big gap was created between the rich and poor, making the poor even poorer and the rich richer. [Italiano]

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For six days, June 5 to 10 - corresponding to the days of the 1967 War - a wide spectrum of events will take place, including exhibitions, demonstrations, theatre plays, academic conferences etc., in order to place a the occupation and the millions suffering under its yoke on the public agenda. June 9 and 10 had been declared as International Days of Protest Against the Israeli Occupation, and we will hold The main march and rally on Saturday, June 9.

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